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Pineapple Cheese Pie ~ Easy

Such an easy, yet yummy pie. I make my own crust, but if pressed for time, by all means use a store bought. Enjoy!

Author: Cassie *

Baked Blueberry Pudding

This is a good blueberry pudding cake with lemon sauce.- I got this recipe from my friend Rosalie over 40 years ago- still a favorite around here!

Author: Pat Duran

Berry Pavlova with Lemon Whipped Cream

This classic berry pavlova recipe filled with the easiest lemon whipped cream filling and garnishes with assorted summer berries. This beautiful, rustic, yet elegant dessert is great for summer or year...

Author: Laura / A Beautiful Plate

Easy Pear Cobbler

Had an abundance of pears this year and I wanted pear cobbler but I had to change the recipe so I could eat it. Family loved it and my husband's coworker ask for the recipe. Yum!

Author: Dana Jenkins

Pineapple Cream Angel Food Cake

Found this on another recipe site, just made a few changes to accomodate my family. The kids love this cake. I love that it has fewer calories and taste great! You could always top with blueberries and...

Author: Tammy McGee

Just Plain Good & Easy Peach Cobbler

I got this from a friend, her daughter's recipe. I've tweaked the recipe just a bit. It's no hassle to make and just plain good.

Author: Gail Welch

Strawberry Heaven

This recipe is so simple and delicious!! The recipe is one that I got from The Georgia Farm Bulletin. When my sweet Mother was alive she got their bulletin each month. They have such good recipes. Strawberries...

Author: Pat Morris

The Best Peach Cobbler / Double Crust

An old-fashioned cobbler just like Grandma used to make. It's not one of those dump and go recipes. This one is made with love. The beauty of a cobbler is the crust doesn't have to be perfect like a pie...

Author: Cassie *

Cupa, Cupa, Cupa Cobbler

One of my favorite movies is "Steele Magnolias". In the movie Truvy talked about her Cupa, Cupa, Cupa recipe. My mother made this for us all the time when I was growing up with either fresh peaches or...

Author: Paula S. @louegirl

Cherry Torte

This is my dad's favorite dessert. My grandma used to make it for her family. Whenever we'd have it at their house my grandpa would eat the cherries for me. Now dad does. Lately though I've split the recipe...

Author: Jenny Unternahrer

Blueberry & Peach Cream Tart

Whip up this yummy Blueberry & Peach Cream Tart. Fresh blueberries look (and taste) terrific on top of this sweet, easy-to-make peach cream tart.

Author: My Food and Family

Strawberry Daiquiri Drunkcups

Sweet and super strawberry-y, you can most definitely taste the flavor of the daiquiri mix. The rum flavor is very subtle, so don't be deterred by that. I can't wait to serve these at my next party!

Author: Nicole Rust

Eggless Orange Cake

This recipe was a request for a bride to be who was struggling because of her allergy to eggs. After making it for her bridal shower, she loved it so much she requested this recipe be used for her wedding...

Author: staticwater900

Kolacky Polish Christmas Cookies.

You can use any preserves. They are all good!


Creamy Fruit Salad

While this fruit salad may be too much for some people, we love the concept. It is almost like a rich and creamy dip made into a fruit salad. The mixture of fruit is delicious. But, there's enough creamy...

Author: Edith James

Pineapple Orange Sunshine Cake

This citrus cake is cool and fluffy! It's a lightened up version of a cake that was popular in the 1980's. The mandarin oranges are blended into the fluffy spongelike cake. Then, it's frosted with Cool...

Author: Wanda Vance

Grandma Helen Searles' Apple Grunt

A favorite fall dish which brings back so many memories of my early childhood in Middle falls n.y. visiting my dads mom, Sitting at her kitchen table "helping" make meals.Nobody knew where the "Grunt"...

Author: sherrie parnell

Rebecca's Tropical Granola Grabbers

Made these as an alternative to chocolate chip cookies and the kids loved them! You can mix and match the nuts and dried fruits you prefer. Store tightly covered.

Author: Miss Green

Cherry Congealed Jello Salad

This recipe was shared with me over 20 years ago. It's a wonderful dessert that can be used at holidays but yet still great for any family dinner.

Author: Jenny Morrell

Sinful Peach Enchiladas

A lady brought these to work one day, and I knew I had to try them out. The butter seems like a lot, but I tried it with less-no good. That's why I only make them once a year for my husband, who is a fan...

Author: Paula Todora

Easy Apple Pecan Cake

I love the simplicity of this recipe, and it's oh so good! Best served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. A wonderful Fall treat! Enjoy!

Author: Cassie *

Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

This is a great recipe using "Little Debbie Strawberry Rolls". So delicious and ready in minutes. So easy even the kids can help make it! Little Debbie rolls are Nice to have on hand- keep them in the...

Author: Pat Duran

Pie Filling Coffee Cake

This is a good coffee cake just change it up with your favorite pie filling.

Author: Nancy Allen

Caramel Apple Cake (Bisquick)

This is a recipe by Bisquick that I can't take credit for but is so good. It has an old fashioned taste of caramel and satisfies your craving for apple pie at the same time. Enjoy!

Author: Anna Sciancalepore Antoniello

Pineapple Pistachio Dessert (watergate salad)

I got this recipe from Aunt Pat around 35 Years ago , Its really good and Sooo easy to make !

Author: Karla Everett

Fruit Crisp

What a great, basic fruit crisp recipe. In the Test Kitchen, we used a 16 oz bag of frozen berries and it turned out delicious. The topping is buttery. There's a slight cinnamon flavor but that's not overpowering....

Author: debbie lachance

Orange Cookies II

A plain soft cookie with finely grated carrots and a delicious orange icing.

Author: Allrecipes Member

Aplets, Cotlets, Grapelets and others

Anyone who grew up in the Northwest is familiar with Aplets & Cotlets from Liberty Orchards. In the 70's they introduced Grapelets which didn't last long, and my Great Aunt Mary found a recipe for them....

Author: Anna Vandenhazel

Family Favorite 24 Hour Fruit Salad

This old-fashioned fruit salad can be made any time of year. Cool, creamy, and fluffy, you'd never guess it's made with canned fruit. The combination of fruit gives it a tropical feel. Sweet and creamy,...

Author: Cecelia Anderson

Creamy Banana Pudding Recipe

Steeping sliced bananas in fresh milk infuses this creamy banana custard with flavor from the inside out.

Author: Stella Parks

Strawberry Pie with Glaze

I miss Shoney's. They still have them in my hometown, but not where I currently live. One of their signature desserts is Strawberry Pie, using whole strawberries with a delicious glaze, then topped with...

Author: Fran Miller

Gooey butter peach cobbler

The best of two worlds. I love cobbler and was trying to come up with something different. I also love gooey butter cake and make them often. So I put some of both along with a little imagination into...

Author: Robin Lieneke

Aunt Joshia Mae's Blackberry Doobie

Now I like the strange and unusual when it comes to things. And when I read this recipe, I had to do a double take cause I was wondering to myself, "What the hell is a blackberry doobie?",lol. But this...

Author: Jamallah Bergman

Ma's Mincemeat Bars

My mom loved to bake, the problem was my 4 brothers that ate everything as soon as it came out of the oven. My sister and I were lucky enough to at least get the recipes, and this was one of her favorits...

Author: kathy kingsley

Fried Mini Fruit Pies

I had leftover pie filling from the campfire pies we made last weekend so I decided to do this with them. So good and super easy, I just drop them in the fry daddy a few at a time and drain on paper towels!...

Author: Amy H.

Magic Lemon Pie (1952)

This was part of the hand written notes that my niece, Stephanie, retrieved from her Grandmother's (my Mom's) recipe drawer. As I looked for pictures, I found that it is a recipe from the Eagle Brand Milk...

Author: Marcia McCance

Oatmeal Mincemeat Cookies

My Mom was a fan of mincemeat... pie or cookies, either one. If you are, too, here's a nice old fashioned oatmeal cookie recipe for you that has mincemeat in it. If I remember correctly, she used "None...

Author: Marcia McCance

French Sweet Custard Apple Cake

This recipe from America's test kitchen. If you microwave the apples until they are bendable but not completely soft when cooked, but if snaps in half, it's too firm. Cook for 30 seconds more and test...

Author: Pat Duran

Sparkling Jello Dessert

This jello may be the hit of your next party or buffet. It may take a little time and patience to make -but believe me it is well worth it! I am ask for this recipe whenever I bring this to family gatherings...

Author: Pat Duran

Lemon Fluff

One day my son asked me to make him a Watergate Salad. After getting all my ingredients together I realized I had no pistachio pudding....all I had on hand was lemon pudding. I decided to substitute the...

Author: Sandy Griffith

Cuppa, Cuppa Peach Cobbler

This is so easy! It isn't my Granny's old fashioned cobbler (which is wonderful), but its really sweet and delicious! When you view the ingredients and amounts, you see where the name came from.

Author: ginger nix

Fluffy Tapioca Cream and more

This is a great dessert and you will love that is is so easy to make from scratch. This is the recipe from Kraft's quick cooking Minute Tapioca. This can be made with fruit juice using the second recipe...

Author: Pat Duran

Chocolate Cherry Cobbler Recipe

Enjoy a big bowl of this Chocolate Cherry Cobbler for dessert tonight. A sweet layer of homemade pie filling under soft, fluffy, chocolate biscuits is so good. Serve it with vanilla ice cream or whipped...

Author: Jocelyn @ Inside BruCrew Life

Mom's Easy Lemon Meringue Pies

Karla's mother's lemon meringue pie is easy to prepare and delicious. It's sweet with the perfect amount of lemony tartness. You will definitely want to make both pies ... they will get eaten up fast.

Author: Karla Everett

Nectarine and Peach Cobbler

Had nectarines and peaches left over and didn't know what to do with them, so I decided to take a leap of faith and try something new. So I made this recipe, and it was a HUGE hit!!!!!! Hope you enjoy...

Author: Elizabeth Lancaster

Impossible blueberry pie

I made this at work the other day. I really need to start bringing a camera. This turns out sort of a cross between a buckle and a pie. Soooo Goooood

Author: Stormy Stewart

No Brainer Apple Crisp

You can make this in your sleep but it's oh so good!

Author: Susan Whitley

Ice Box Fruitcake

My stepmother made this fruitcake when I was a girl (that was a long,long time ago!)And I asked her if she would send me the recipe some years ago. So the recipe you see if from her to me. She is still...

Author: Shirley Makekau

Nantucket Cranberry Pie

I came across this in my cook book "A Pioneer Woman Cooks"...I love her recipes...This will make a fantastic Holiday Pie...It is tart and Sweet at the same time to include the nutty flavor of the pecans...I...

Author: JoSele Swopes

Taffy Apple Salad

Soooo easy to make. Tastes exactly like a taffy apple. When you want a quick & easy Salad or dessert, this is the one.

Author: Teri Zenere