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Make Your Own Jell O Jam

This is a quick and easy recipe for making jam. Try it ! You will be making jam all the time.

Author: Pat Duran

Pear Preserves (Old Fashioned)

My mother-in-law's step mother (her biological mother died when she was a baby)was an excellent cook and taught her how to cook good food at an early age. After she became my wonderful mother-in-law and...

Author: Jewel Hall

Wild Muscadine Jelly


Author: Janice Ross

Quebec's Spiced Crabapple Jelly

This recipe is posted for play in Culinary Quest - Quebec. The recipe is from "Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook". A well loved book with many treasured recipes. Our early Canadian cookbook suggests that...

Author: Baby Kato


This recipe was given to me from Grandma. I made a many a time, but it never tasted like Grandma made.

Author: Eddie Jordan

Apricot Pineapple Freezer Jam

This recipe was given to me by a friend. We have not made it ourselves yet, but tasted hers; and it was divine. She used jelly sized jars; about 1 cup.

Author: Amy Alusa

Simple Steps for "No" Cook Freezer Jam

These instructions come from a leaflet found in Ball Pectin packages. These instructions along with other recipes and instructions can also be found on Balls Canning website: www.freshpreserving.com

Author: Julia Ferguson

Jalapeno Raspberry Jelly

I have made jalapeno jelly for years, one year I added raspberries - and will never again make it any other way. It's great on turkey or ham sandwiches. I also melt it slightly and spoon it over cream...

Author: Teagen Lefere

Peach Habanero Jam

Hubby brought me home 2 big baskets of peaches on Friday so Saturday I started to can them and this is one of the things I came up with to can. We love hot pepper jelly and I thought hmmmmm wonder what...

Author: Dana Ramsey

Lemon Balm Jelly

from Facebook friend of Canning Granny. Sorry, I can't even claim the pictures. It belongs to the original poster..ErickSari Just had to keep a copy to save the label idea. If you plant lemon balm, it...

Author: Linda Lehman

Alice's Christmas Jam

This lovely jam does take a bit of time, but it's very easy to make. The hardest part is smashing the berries. We love the sweetness of the jam from the strawberries, but then it's slightly tart from the...

Author: Alice C

Pineapple Jelly

I was looking around in an old Farmers cookbook and found a recipe for Pineapple Jelly with a friend. At first I thought ewww! Then as we thought about it, it sounded really good! So I decided I would...

Author: Valerie Butler


You know how occasionally you go out for breakfast. You get toast in your breakfast and they bring you the jellies. My favorite has always been the Mixed Fruit Jelly. It is getting harder and harder to...

Author: Valerie Butler


When I was young Mayhaw berry bushes grew in the woods on the farm. I used to pick them off the tree and eat them. Now Mayhaw Trees are spring up and the berries harvested to make and sell jelly on line....

Author: Jewel Hall

Sugar Free Strawberry Freezer Jam

This is incredibly easy to make with the benefits of being sugar free too. We have quite a few family members including ourselves that have to watch their sugar intakes so this sugar free freezer jam is...

Author: Kimberly Biegacki

Jalapeno Apple Jelly

OK I looked here and all over the internet and couldn't find a Jalapeno Jelly recipe I really liked so I made up my own. I was short on pectin so I added fresh apples an the peel of an orange to make up...

Author: Judy Kaye

Homemade Tomato Preserves

I love old fashioned preserves (tomato, watermelon, green grape). They taste wonderful and remind me of my mother's kitchen.

Author: Carol Lattier

Apple or Grape Jelly made with Canned Juice

I got these recipes from the Kerr canning pamphlet I have made them for years and its really easy and delicious and it is made with commercially canned juices.

Author: Karla Everett

Blueberry Jalabanero Cilantro Jam

This jam is WOW! My oldest son calls it well-balanced with the sweet and hot. The in-laws loved it on crackers with cream cheese. I loved it on a bagel. It's just plain yummy goodness. The original source...

Author: Kathleen Hagood

Cinnamon Apple Jelly

I was asked about this recipe many years ago by a stranger when shopping for canning jars. I looked it up (don't know where) and it has been a favorite since and asked for many times. I especially like...

Author: Joey Urey

Amish Rhubarb Jam

This was taken from an Amish bookbook sent in by Mrs. David Miller and Mrs. Sam Whetstone. This recipe takes easy to an all new level

Author: Stormy Stewart

Jello Jelly & Kool Aid Jelly

Jelly couldn't be any easier than to make it with Jello or Kool-aid pkg's. You can get some really pretty colors of jelly. I got these recipes from the net along time ago and have no idea from where.

Author: Karla Everett

Candy Apple Jelly

This is SO good and SO easy! If you like apple jelly, this is a nice twist on the "usual" apple jelly. The red-hots cinnamon candies give it a little extra flavor boost that you will surely love! Also,...

Author: Janice G

Monkey Butter

Well by now, it is clear I have fallen in love with canning and when I happened upon this recipe I just had to try it out. It sounded delish and easy enough to make that I couldn't go wrong. Not only will...

Author: Kimberly Biegacki

Scuppernong jelly

Scuppernongs were new to me. I had a neighbor give me some. When I took a bite of one knew by the very tough skin that jam was not an option. They are a white grape, slightly sweet and delicious.

Author: Jane Whittaker

Coconut Lime Jelly

We plain LOVE the flavors of this jelly! We've been coming up with so many fun ways to use it: with graham crackers, on a warm biscuit, with muffins... and on ice cream!

Author: Annemarie Fussell

Thumb Print Cookies The Ultimate best!

Reminiscent of pecan sandies, these gorgeous cookies are as tasty as they are festive.

Author: Deb Crane

Cinnamon Jelly

This is a very good jelly for around Christmas time , I like to pour this over a block of cream cheese and serve with crackers but its great for breakfast too.

Author: Karla Everett

Watermelon Rind Preserves

Every summer my beautiful mother would make watermelon Rind Preserves and they were so wonderful, especially with one of her homemade buttermilk biscuits. I have been looking for her recipe for a long...

Author: Linda Griffith

Pineapple Jalapeno Jelly

I found just found this recipe and thought it was worth saving. Post a note if you try it.

Author: Sandi Morris

Habanero Apple Jelly

Original recipe called for 1 cup cranberries to help it gel and for color. I didn't have any. It is a beautiful light pink and gelled well without. I also made fruit leather out of the leftover pulp mixed...

Author: Jean Ray

Peach Habanero Basil Freezer Jam

Whoa Momma, this is a hot one! I even chickened out and only put 2 instead of 4 Habanero peppers like I wanted to. Yet, it is still a spicy/hot jam. But, it is a sweet Heat. I love the fresh taste of basil...

Author: Kimberly Biegacki

Strawberry Rhubarb Pineapple Jam

Thanks to Sharon Evans this has become a new favorite.

Author: Melissa Buchanan-Smith

Spicy Blueberry Peach Jam

I still have loads of peaches and I'm jammin today. Once you get the hang of making jam, you can come up with all kinds of combinations. This is my recipe for Spicy Blueberry Peach Jam. Hope you enjoy!...

Author: Diane Atherton

Pearadise Marmalade

This is my overall favorite of all the jams and jellies that I make - and this is the time of year for pears! The color of the cherries makes it a festive gift!

Author: Joey Urey

Cranberry Pear Jam

My pear tree is loaded this year, they aren't large pears;but there is a gracious plenty of them. I especially liked the fact that this recipe was low in sugar.....for a jam. I got this recipe from the...

Author: Joey Wolf

Mama's Pear Preserves

This is the way my mother and grandmother made pear preserves. I love the syrup in these preserves as much as I love the pears. My mother put up pear preserves every year. Her cousin provided the pears...

Author: Diane Atherton

Sweet & Tart Basil Jelly

This jelly is on the tart side. If you'd like it a bit sweeter, increase sugar to six cups. You can use more or less food coloring as you prefer. Basil jelly is a wonderful way to use up some of summer's...

Author: Tess Geer

Cherry, Rhubarb, Raspberry Freezer Jam

I have always wanted to make jam out of my rhubarb, but did not want it to sweet or to sour..and I love cherries so I went to the cupboard and revamped a recipe that I had. This may be a little on the...

Author: deb baldwin

Pomegranate Jelly

Some people let pomegranate's fall to the ground, because they don't know what to do with them. Great cooks bargain with their neighbors if they can make jelly for them and for themselves! You have to...

Author: linda O

Strawberry, mango, Jalapeño pepper jelly

My day has been crazy. But the right ingredients it the name of my day. Bought the two mangos the original recipe called for but one was bad. So I subed what I had, strawberries. I think it turned out...

Author: Stormy Stewart

Blackberry Pepper Jelly

I love making pepper jelly with fresh garden peppers. I grow them every summer, and every summer I make pepper jelly to enjoy and gift to family and friends. I thought this year I would try something different....

Author: Tammy Brownlow

Anytime Apricot/Pineapple Freezer Jam

I love freezer jam! My mother made freezer jam every year and we had it all year long. This keeps in the freezer for 1 year. It will keep in the refrigerator for 3 weeks. My Strawberry Freezer Jam is a...

Author: Tammy T

Meyer Lemon Jelly

If there anything better then a Meyer Lemon? I love Meyer lemons! I have 3 Drawf Meyer Lemon trees on my patio. Wish I had an orchard of them along with Valencia Orange. I pinch this recipe off tastebook.com....

Author: Bonnie Beck

Rhubarb Pineapple Strawberry Jelly

This Recipe is from my Great Aunt.... its Really good. Enjoy !

Author: Julie Vogel

Strawberry Habanero Jam

My husband was given some habanero peppers, so I was looking for a recipe to use them. I found this one and thought I would try it. I roasted chicken and then used this as a BBQ sauce. We had several guests...

Author: Jolayne Cooper

Soda pop jelly

My sister in law gave me this recipe and it is really good!

Author: elaine hiett

Candied Watermelon Rind

My mother made the best! As my dad use to say - I may not be the best but I am a close second! Mother would go to the local (country) grocers and get the unsalable watermelons (can't do this any more sadly)....

Author: Joey Urey

Basil Jelly

The pretty green jelly is really good with cream cheese as an appetizer on crackers. I also like to combine a jar with 1 cup of barbecue sauce and simmer cocktail meatballs in the mixture. I grow fresh...

Author: Kathie Carr

Amalgamation Cake (#9)

This recipe comes from a 1968 recipe book titled,"Favorite Recipes From Church of GOD Ladies". Each of the recipes has the ladies' name and home town and I will include this with the recipe and if you...

Author: Billie Neal