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Kentucky Bourbon Burgoo

Author: Albert W. A. Schmid

Kentucky Burgoo

Author: Jean Anderson

Rum, Caramel, and Banana Bread Pudding

Author: Sarah Patterson Scott


Author: Maggie Green

Deviled Quail Eggs

Author: Sheila Lukins

Peach Cobbler

This cobbler is wonderful after the chipotle-honey glazed pork (frankly, it's wonderful after anything).

Kentucky Bourbon Sirloin Steak

Author: Michael Lomonaco

Mint Julep

A classic whiskey cocktail made with bourbon and mint is even more fragrant when you flavor your simple syrup.

Author: Cindy Kebbell

Ham Biscuits

Author: Jessica B. Harris

Bourbon Pecan Tarts

Author: Scott Peacock

Bourbon Ice Cream

Author: Melissa McClure

Agave Sweetened Orange Orange Pekoe Tea

Sweet tea recipe from Bryant Terry, boosted with fresh orange and lemon juice.

Author: Bryant Terry

Mint Julep Spritzer

The original Kentucky cocktail makes a great sipper for any warm-weather afternoon. We've added a splash of club soda to make the drink a little lighter and more refreshing.

Orange Mint Julep

Author: Bobby Flay

Pimento Cheese Toasts

Author: Scott Peacock

Ham Biscuits

Author: John Martin Taylor

Tandy Ellis's Burgoo

Author: Marion Flexner

Derby Mint Julep

This Derby-ready julep doubles down on the mint flavor with a bright Mint Simple Syrup and fresh mint leaves. The julep cup is essential to the presentation. This recipe yields about 1 1/4 cups mint simple...

Author: Tommy Werner