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The Best Blueberry Bread Pudding

Fresh blueberries, tangy sourdough bread, and a creamy custard make this blueberry bread pudding a definite crowd-pleaser! It's got the perfect amount of sweetness, the perfect level of richness, and the...

Author: Chef John

Cinnamon Coconut Chocolate Chip Banana Bread

This is a riff on a super popular and delicious recipe from the site: Cathy's Banana Bread. This version incorporates other reviewers' suggestions to use a mix of white and brown sugar and to use butter...

Author: Nicholio

Banana Bread Mug Cake in a Minute

If you like banana bread, cakes that take only about a minute to cook, and things that sound too good to be true, you're really going to enjoy this! Garnish with sliced banana, a dusting of cocoa, or shaved...

Author: Chef John

Easy Oven Finished Fried Chicken

Beautifully juicy, tender, and crispy chicken fillets are perfect for sandwiches, or for serving alongside your favorite sides.

Author: Rebekah Rose Hills

Classic Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwich

This very simple ice cream sandwich is exactly like the ones you remember from childhood. It tastes just like the ones purchased from the ice cream truck with a soft, sticky, chewy cookie around soft,...

Author: Chef John

Braised Flank Steak in the Oven

This is one of my family's favorite recipes. We pair it with mashed potatoes and use the leftover sauce from the pan as gravy. So good, and it makes the house smell amazing as it cooks!

Author: LaurieLoo

Oven Roasted Corned Beef for Sandwiches

Oven-roasted corned beef to slice for sandwiches. Easy. Tasty. You can just put a pile of meat on some nice pumpernickel with good mustard or make delicious Reuben sandwiches.

Author: Crockpot Carlo

Grandma Sally's Swedish Rusks

Swedish rusks are an old family recipe. These are great crisp cookies for dipping in coffee, tea, or hot chocolate.

Author: Jasonh61

Homemade Condensed Cream of Chicken Soup

Easy substitute for condensed cream of chicken soup in recipes. Change the broth, change the soup.

Author: mrjonesv2

Smoked Salmon Mac and Cheese

This is a simple mac and cheese that includes smoked salmon.

Author: thedailygourmet

Teriyaki Steak Tips

This was my first attempt at making teriyaki steak tips. Awesome! Used elements from several different recipes.

Author: vpecchia

Rosé Wine and Berry Sangria

Make sangria your way with red, white, or rosé! This easy formula lets you pick your favorite wine and punch it up with juice, brandy, and fresh fruit and herbs.

Author: Juliana Hale

Corned Beef and Coleslaw Sandwiches

Corned beef and cabbage, but in sandwich form.

Author: TJ Lombard

Whole Shrimp Potstickers

There's nothing wrong with the traditional method of making potsticker filling with ground or finely chopped meat, but something wonderful happened when I experimented with whole shrimp. A minimal approach...

Author: Chef John

Creamy Israeli Style Hummus

Creamy, smooth, and tasty hummus that uses a hint of peanut butter.

Author: Sonya Sargent

Sarah's Citrus Spritzer

I'm a Florida girl who is adjusting to the Oklahoma heat, and on days when I miss my home state (and need a refreshing drink) I turn to this incredible beverage. It's got a perfect balance of zing and...

Author: thedailygourmet

Easy Slow Cooker Vegetarian Minestrone

This minestrone is yummy, full of good-for-you veggies, and made in the slow cooker. What could be better?

Author: singlemomcooking

Wine Poached Chicken with Mushroom Sauce

This simple but full-flavored poached chicken recipe bursts with freshness. I suggest serving this delicious dish over a bed of buttered egg noodles.

Author: Howard Lavitt

Coconut Rice Krispie® Treats

A coconut twist in the classic school lunch treat! Perfect for kids and if you snag some for yourself too, we won't tell. One thing I love about these is how customizable they are. Lemon coconut? Chocolate...

Author: BlipBlop Bloop

Instant Pot® Lamb Stew

My family is usually not one for lamb but we do eat it for Orthodox Easter. This is our recipe for a hearty stew.


Crab Cake Remoulade

My husband is a commercial fisherman, so I am able to do a lot of experimenting with crab. I have perfected my crab cake recipe but everyone said I needed to make a sauce to go with it... So this is what...

Author: Bernadette M.

White Wine and Apple Sangria

Make sangria your way with red, white, or rosé! This easy formula lets you pick your favorite wine and punch it up with juice, brandy, and fresh fruit and herbs.

Author: Juliana Hale

Greek Inspired 7 Layer Dip

This dip tastes like you're eating a Greek salad. It is so fresh and light. A new twist on the Mexican 7-layer dip. Serve with pita chips.

Author: Anne Z.

Red Wine and Orange Sangria

Make sangria your way with red, white, or rosé! This easy recipe formula lets you pick your favorite wine and punch it up with juice, brandy, and fresh fruit and herbs.

Author: Juliana Hale

Summer Peach Caprese Salad

Does anything say summer more than a ripe, luscious peach? This caprese salad highlights a juicy peach with heirloom tomatoes.

Author: thedailygourmet

Sheet Pan Blackened Chicken Strips

I really love the convenience of cooking in the oven on a sheet pan, since you can do a larger quantity than in a skillet, and there is a lot less mess. These tasty, versatile chicken strips have no breading,...

Author: Bibi

Panko Crusted Chicken with Creamy Mushroom Leek Sauce

I made this with whatever I happened to have in the fridge that night and it was a quick meal to prepare! Delicious! Serve with mashed potatoes and a side veggie. Or slice up chicken and toss sauce with...

Author: FLOLUM

Grilled Halibut with Mango Papaya Salad

This is a halibut, mango, and papaya salad recipe that is fresh and light, especially for the spring season which will soon be upon us. Doesn't take a lot of prep time with exception of marinating the...

Author: Ms.Chae916

Grilled Eggplant and Roasted Pepper Salad

This is a delicious grilled eggplant dish that people always come back for more. The Mediterranean seasoning in this recipe is very easy and goes great with couscous, my Mediterranean chicken recipe, and...

Author: Blue Buddha

Vegan Dandelion Honey

This dandelion honey is a very nice recipe that catches spring in a jar--fun to do with kids to pick the flowers. Can also be done with any other edible blossoms.

Author: tokonoma

Raspberry White Chocolate Upside Down Cake

I love coming up with variations on a recipe. I had the idea for this cake on the spur of the moment. It's easy to make; basically doctoring up a cake mix.

Author: Jessica Rupe

Microwave Chi Chi Dango

Super easy chi chi dango recipe. Mix it all together and put it in the microwave! This is a great recipe to have the kids do and an easy treat!

Author: Rella On the radio

Savory Peach Parfait

Creamy yogurt parfaits make deliciously balanced breakfasts or snacks. Use this formula: 2/3 cup yogurt, 1/2 chopped fruit, 2 tablespoons crunch, 1 teaspoon drizzle, and 1 teaspoon chopped fresh herb,...

Author: thehungryscientist

Tart Tropical Parfait

Creamy yogurt parfaits make deliciously balanced breakfasts or snacks. Use this simple formula: 2/3 cup yogurt, 1/2 chopped fruit, 2 tablespoons crunch, 1 teaspoon drizzle, and 1 teaspoon chopped fresh...

Author: thehungryscientist

Ron's Mini Taco Bites

Yummy mini taco bites! Tortilla scoop chips with taco mixture. Add some salsa if you wish.

Author: Mrs Jay

Instant Pot® Potato, Corn, and Bacon Chowder

Instant Pot® version of a combined, classic comfort soup, ready in about 1 hour!

Author: angelinamarie3

Vegetarian Lentil Casserole

This lentil casserole is so quick and easy. Put everything in one pan and bake. And it's so tasty! I've modified it slightly from my friend's recipe.

Author: Rachel Meytin

Spicy Miso and Mushroom Ramen

Spicy miso and mushroom ramen, an outstanding as well as distinguished noodle soup dish, is a national obsession in Japan. Though the dish was originally imported from China, it has been widely popular...

Author: MyNutriCounter

Vegan Layered Lentil Casserole

Beautiful layers of sliced vegetables, lentils, and non-dairy cheese make a unique presentation in this vegan lentil "loaf" casserole.

Author: Tuey

Toddler Friendly Carrot and Zucchini Muffins

These healthy, toddler-friendly muffins are packed full of veggies while still tasting delicious! You might need to double the recipe because you'll want to eat some yourself.

Author: AmyGail

Sheet Pan Eggs

Easy way to make eggs for a crowd. Add a total of 1 cup of cooked vegetables, cooked bacon, ham, chicken, sauteed onions, more cheese, sausage, or herbs to the eggs to your liking.

Author: Pokygirl

Charleston Gumbo with Shrimp and Okra

Different regions of the country have differences in cooking gumbo. In Charleston, gumbo is at its best during the shrimping season because Charleston gumbo depends more on the catch of the day as well...

Author: Geechee Girl

Asparagus With Toasted Seeds

A quick side dish that goes well with any protein.

Author: Bren

Carrot Cake No Bake Energy Bars

Made with Medjool dates, pineapples, and coconut, these no-bake, carrot cake-flavored energy bars are simple to make in your food processor. Top with additional shredded coconut, dried fruit, or raisins...

Author: giggles_06

Bacon Mac and Cheese

Oven-baked macaroni and cheese with bacon and bread crumbs on top.

Author: Hannah Casey

Jackfruit "Chicken" Salad

Vegetarian option for chicken salad using jackfruit. Serve on bread or crisp crackers.

Author: davekippen

Kari's Vegetarian Minestrone

High in flavor! Strictly vegetarian minestrone with a flavorful kick! Serve with croutons or French bread.

Author: Kari

Diabetic Friendly Mini Muffins

A diabetic-friendly recipe for mini muffins.

Author: Miriam

Keto Crab Meat Bisque

This keto-friendly, low-carb crab meat bisque is made creamy and delicious thanks to heavy cream, almond flour, and an array of spices.

Author: mybwriter