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Easy 100% Whole Wheat Bread

This is a foolproof, beginner 100% whole wheat bread, easy to make with a stand mixer like a Kitchenaid®.

Author: Mme Rocha

Simple Whole Wheat Bread

Simply a great-tasting and easy-to-make whole wheat bread.

Author: Nita Crabb

Real NY Jewish Rye Bread

For thousands of years man has been enjoying bread. This rye bread recipe will add to this ancient enjoyment. Having lived in northwest Connecticut for over 35 years, in close proximity to NYC with its...

Author: Dad's world famous

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

Honey whole wheat bread for a bread machine. This bread is very tasty.

Author: Kathy Nowell

Pumpernickel Bread II

This may not be New York Pumpernickel, but it is the one we use at home.

Author: Clem Zulinski

Dark Rye Bread

Very good!!! The extra sugar makes for a better rise.

Author: knowell

Russian Black Bread

I have been looking for a good Russian Black Bread recipe. This one is the closest I have come. The vinegar adds a bit of a bite, but believe me, with cheese it is marvelous.

Author: Mary

Flax and Sunflower Seed Bread

This is a great bread for seed lovers, one of the tastiest I've tried.

Author: Erna Walmsley

Honey Wheat Bread I

This is a county fair blue ribbon winning loaf - it is delicate and soft.

Author: Kristin Zaharias

Steakhouse Black Bread

This is a steakhouse bread recipe that I obtained many years ago from a friend. It makes a very dense and flavorful bread. If you like, brush the rolls or bread with beaten egg, then sprinkle some uncooked...


Seven Grain Bread II

A delicious and wholesome bread. I buy the 7-grain cereal in the bulk section of the supermarket.

Author: Pat

Oatmeal Bread I

Dough needs to rise overnight.

Author: DeeDee

Sourdough Rye

This bread takes a bit of time, but your effort is repaid with two chewy, flavorful loaves.

Author: JACLYN

Swedish Limpa Rye Bread

Wonderful dark bread.

Author: Anonymous

Bread Machine Pumpernickel Bread

This is a hearty, good-tasting bread. Just put all the ingredients in the bread machine and walk away.

Author: Ann Davis

Totally Rye Bread

This flavorful rye bread is heavier than most rye breads because it has no wheat flour. It also takes some time but its worth the wait!

Author: Andi

High Flavor Bran Bread

This was given to me by a friend who also uses a bread machine.

Author: Jennifer Meakings

Bread Machine Honey Oat Wheat Bread

Although dense, this bread is very flavorful and has a nice old-fashioned, homemade taste. This recipe yields a 2 1/2 pound loaf.

Author: notajenny

German Rye Bread

Nothing smells better than home-baked bread--this is a hearty bread, great with mustard, corned beef, Swiss cheese, and sauerkraut.


Pumpernickel Rye Bread

This is a hearty bread. Mix it in the bread machine (or stand mixer) but bake it in the oven. I recommend baking in the oven instead of the machine because the loaf is fuller and the top is much nicer....

Author: Rodney

Dutch Oven Caraway Rye Bread

No-fail and easy to make, no kneading, no double-rise. Caraway rye bread the way you like it! Perfect every time.

Author: chalkie

Oat Whole Wheat Bread

My Danish great grandmother made a bread very similar to this when my dad was a child. Going off memories my dad helped me recreate her recipe. This bread a deep golden brown on the outside and moist on...

Author: twistedsisterl

Rustic Whole Wheat Bread

Much quicker than the usual recipes, these loaves of whole wheat bread can be ready to eat in a little over an hour. Easy, quick and delicious.

Author: Jan Mowbray

Easy Whole Wheat Bread

An easy basic recipe for whole wheat bread that is great for sandwiches and for toasting!

Author: Petal

Bread Machine Almond Bread

I wanted a bread with some extra protein for breakfast, so I came up with this. This is an excellent very faintly sweet breakfast bread with an unusual but satisfyingly 'bread' texture. The crust has a...

Author: Jennifer Mervine

Fabulous Homemade Bread

Best Homemade Bread - 6 loaves in less than 3 hours! This is a variation of my mother Elaine's recipe. She is 75, and still makes hers by hand. I cheat and use a Bosch mixer, that's my time saver.

Author: J Drury

Fabulous Homemade Bread For the Food Processor

Best homemade bread -- 2 loaves in about 3 hours! This is a variation of Allrecipes' Fabulous Homemade Bread by J. Drury to allow mixing in a food processor for only 2 loaves.

Author: George R. Kasica

Steakhouse Wheat Bread for the Bread Machine

I modified this recipe from a 'copycat' recipe which made mini-loaves as served at a local steakhouse chain restaurant. They no longer serve their mini-loaves, but I can have this delicious bread at home...

Author: * Jennifer *

High Protein Bread

A very good high protein bread. I use it for sandwiches and toast.

Author: LDJP

Bread Machine Ezekiel Bread

In Ezekiel 4:9 in the Bible, there is a description of bread that Ezekiel was to live on for 390 days. I have tried another recipe on Allrecipes which did not turn out for me; however I have developed...

Author: CHARANN2

Wheat Bread with Flax Seed

This is a standard 1 pound bread machine recipe which I altered to suit my taste and nutritional needs.

Author: Sandra Woodall

High Fiber Bread

This dense, chewy bread has a good dose of fiber and is great toasted in the morning with my oatmeal.

Author: blazing belilah

Classic Whole Wheat Bread

A tasty, nourishing whole wheat bread that's easy to make.

Author: CHEWLY

Multigrain Bread

No-knead bread recipe.

Author: Boosayky

Honey Wheat Bread II

Everybody loves this never fail recipe! It is lovely served with any meal.

Author: Meghan Monahan

Honey and Flaxseed Bread

A delicious whole grain bread. It is my favorite bread of all time! It is for bread makers. You may substitute vegetable oil for flaxseed oil if flaxseed oil is unavailable.

Author: Susan Crowe

Ezekiel Bread II

This bread is also known as Bible Bread or Fasting Bread. This version does not use beans; instead it contains cooked lentils and several whole grain flours. You may have to visit a health foods store...


Bread Machine Honey Whole Wheat Bread

A really great soft bread that we make in our bread machine. Perfect for kids, no preservatives, and can be made in the oven, too.

Author: Live Life Farm

Buttermilk Honey Wheat Bread

A very nice whole wheat bread with the taste of honey. Great right out of the oven.

Author: Tom Denney

Winnipeg Rye Bread

Famous Winnipeg style rye bread which uses cracked rye and white flour instead of rye flour. This makes a light colored, richly flavored bread. Adapted for the bread machine.

Author: Golova

Rye Beer Bread

The beer adds another layer of flavor to this rye loaf. Try a varity of types of beer.

Author: Kitty

Bittersweet Pumpernickel Bread

This is my own version of brown bread, and it is very wholesome. Its deep brown color is attributed to the molasses, cocoa powder, and wheat germ in it. Enjoy with lots of apple butter or cream cheese...

Author: Sweettoothgirl

Honey Oatmeal Bread I

A tasty and healthy toasting bread for cold winter mornings.

Author: Frank De Lisi

Heavenly Whole Wheat Bread

This bread-machine recipe for whole wheat bread is best served a day after it's prepared.

Author: Ed Canipelli

Oat N Honey Bread

You can make a tasty loaf of oat-and-honey bread quite easily with your bread machine and this recipe.

Author: Kathy Nowell

Danish Rugbrod (Rye Bread) for the Bread Machine

My mother in-law's recipe. From Denmark, with love.

Author: Ray Earhart

Good 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Some wheat bread recipes are hard to make, but this isn't one of them, thanks to the use of your bread machine.

Author: Anonymous

Danish Rye Bread

This popular bread (Smørbrøds Brød) is used in Denmark for open-face sandwiches; it should be sliced about an inch thick. It can be made without the wheat flour; the wheat flour helps the loaf rise...

Author: KNUDR

Whole Wheat Zucchini Herb Bread

This bread is very light and rises high.

Author: Karen Hartman

Buttermilk Wheat Bread

A very soft bread. I love how it smells right when it comes out of the bread machine.