Diabetic Low Fat Special Buckwheat Pancakes Recipe

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Time: 27 minutes



  1. all-purpose flour
  2. buckwheat flour
  3. baking powder
  4. sugar substitute
  5. egg
  6. water
  7. margarine


  1. blend flours , baking powder , and sugar substitute in bowl
  2. mix in egg , water , and melted margarine
  3. let batter stand for 10 minutes
  4. melt 1 teaspoon margarine in a 10-in nonstick skillet over medium heat
  5. drop batter by the tablespoonful onto hot skillet
  6. allow pancakes to cook until bubbles form around the pancakes
  7. thin remaining batter with additional water if necessary
  8. turn pancakes over with a spatula
  9. continue cooking until pancakes are done
  10. place on heated dish and continue cooking until all the pancakes have been prepared

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