Dutch Oven Beef Stew Recipe

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Time: 180 minutes



  1. beef stew meat
  2. salt
  3. ground black pepper
  4. all-purpose flour
  5. butter
  6. olive oil
  7. white pearl onions
  8. diced tomatoes
  9. water
  10. beef bouillon cubes
  11. dried parsley
  12. dried thyme
  13. red wine
  14. carrots
  15. baking potatoes
  16. bay leaves


  1. some
  2. cheap red wine works just fine
  3. baby carrots work , too - just guesstimate how many would add up to 6 big ones
  4. the trick with peeling pearl onions: cut off the stem ends , throw in boiling water for 1
  5. 5 minutes , drain and rinse with cold water
  6. you should be able to squeeze the onion and pop them right out of the peel
  7. real instructions start now:
  8. throw the flour , salt and pepper into a bowl or bag with the beef cubes and coat completely
  9. in the dutch oven combine the butter and oil , and saute the beef and onions over medium-high heat until beef is browned on outside
  10. stir in the tomatoes , water and bouillon cubes
  11. add parsley and thyme
  12. stir in the red wine
  13. cover soup and simmer for 1 hour , stirring occasionally
  14. add bay leaves , carrots and potatoes
  15. continue to simmer until potatoes are tender , about 1 1 / 2 hours

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