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Top recipes for "Asparagus"

Crab and asparagus salad

light tangy and sweet side salad to go with any meal or just by itself

Crustless asparagus mushroom quiche

this is a variation on a crustless quiche i found here at recipezaar. since my boyfriend is a picky eater i used asparagus instead of spinach and we were very pleased! feel free to add sausage, or pour...

Crock pot lamb chops dinner

i only recently discovered lamb, but we found we love it. here is my first attempt to 'create' my own dish using lamb chops. hope you enjoy it as much as we did!

East west asparagus salad

from dom deluise. serve this on a bed of lettuce.

Cornmeal crusted oven fried catfish ww core

this was distributed at my ww meeting this evening and i came to the site fully expecting that it had been posted and i could save it to one of my cookbooks. lo and behold, i am the first and while i...

Cool asparagus and salmon salad

as we go into summer in the southern hemisphere, with temperatures already in the 30 degrees celsius some days, a cook's thoughts lightly turns to thoughts of salad, to paraphrase keats or shelley! i am...

Creamed asparagus and mushrooms

this is a decadent way to enjoy sauteed mushrooms with your asparagus. the tastes go together beautifully.

Asparagus cream cheese fettuccini

only 5 ingredients and just a few minutes to prepare if using fresh pasta. i guess you can use regular pasta but it will take a few more minutes. in the recipe, it's moutarde a l'ancienne. recipezaar...

Turkey leftover creamy potato and asparagus soup

this is so quick and simple and taste soooo good. comfort food! great for cold winter nights/days. be creative, experiment with yours that is exactly how i ended up with this recipe.

Cream of white asparagus soup

white asparagus is more mild and less fibrous than the green. it is white because it hasn't been exposed to light.

Cl sichuan shrimp stir fry with broccoli or asparagus

entered for safe-keeping, adapted from cooking light by betsy burtis

Roasted chicken new potatoes asparagus

a complete meal in one recipe. simple, delicious goodness! from "quick from scratch one-dish meals"

Cream of asparagus soup

this soup is wonderful served hot or cold. half & half or milk may be substituted for the cream if fat content is a concern, although it won't taste quite as good.

Australian crab and asparagus soup

from low fat one dish recipes from around the world.

Emeril lagasse garlic roasted asparagus

this is simple and terrific. recipe courtesy of food network.

Asparagus chicken wild rice casserole

we are growing asparagus, can't wait for it to be coming out of our ears!!! tweaked this recipe from "a taste of country," reducing salt,and changing some other ingredients. baking time total is 1 hour...

Asparagus bruschetta

nice cool appetizer from chatelaine magazine

Eggs oscar

i love this. the first time i had this was at a pub in kentvile ns and i was hooked on all things oscar. i don't know where the term oscar came from but it always includes crab meat, asparagus and bearnaise...

Asparagus with saffron mint sauce

makes a fresh and flavorful sauce for spring asparagus.

Salmon asparagus pie

this recipe sounds very good and uses fresh asparagus. again, it is a recipe from betty crocker bisquick cookbooklet, october 1998. if you are like me and do not like to debone and pick thru canned salmon...

Orzo with peppers and asparagus

really easy and fast for a great weeknight dinner for two. can easily be cut in half for one or as a side dish. substituted spinach for asparagus one's a pretty forgiving dish.

Asparagus steamed with lemon butter

a nice light side dish.

Roasted asparagus prosciutto cherry tomato pasta

a little asparagus goes a long way in this seasonal supper dish.

Asparagus peas and basil piselli con asparagi e basilico

a simple, spring-time umbrian recipe from ursula ferrigno published in this month's gourmet magazine. peas can be shelled and asparagus cut 1 day ahead and chilled, covered.

Risotto soup

we used to have to wait for spring to get lovely asparagus, now it seems to be available all year round.

Smoked salmon with poached eggs and asparagus

a complete light meal (great for brunch!) from "the farmstead egg cookbook" by terry golson. it's a simple dish to prepare with a lovely presentation.

Apricot glazed roasted asparagus

i found this recipe some time back in a magazine. it is very tasty.

Venetian apricot chicken

this is from the olive garden, i had this for lunch and was so impressed i went on to the olive garden website, and there it was. delicious and low in fat and calories. og does not serve pasta with...

Garlic chicken with asparagus and mushrooms

baked chicken breast with asparagus spears rolled inside and topped with sliced mushrooms and whole garlic cloves. suggestions: if you really like garlic, double the amount. to make the chicken spicy,...

Springtime asparagus

i love asparagus any way they are prepared.

Rice regal and asparagus

good comfort food and one of mom's best party dishes. everyone raves about it!

Asian asparagus

the asparagus should still be crunchy when you serve them. if you use very thin asparagus cut the cooking time back. you can also use this recipe for broccoli

Crab and asparagus soup

excellant spring-time soup with a creamy base. courtesy of wegmans.

Cold asparagus with walnuts

this is so easy and elegant. a friend that does not cook served it at a luncheon! i believe the recipe is from the houston chronicle food section. i have used crushed pecans instead of walnuts with good...

Asparagus pizza

perfect for an easy, spring lunch, this uncomplicated pizza just says "spring!" from the may 2010 issue of canadian living.

Chicken asparagus roll ups

we love fresh asparagus. combined with chicken, this is a terrific main dish that can be made the day before and popped into the oven after work.

Lemon hoisin glazed chicken on roasted asparagus cherry rice

first place winner of the third annual foster farms fresh chicken cooking contest. "lemon-hoisin glazed chicken on roasted asparagus and cherry sesame rice"

Asparagus tofu noodle stir fry

this healthy, absolutely delicious vegetarian dish comes from mollie katzen's great cookbook "still life with menu." you can do steps 1 and 2 well ahead of time. if you cook the noodles ahead, store them...

Shrimp asparagus pasta sauce

one we use a lot when fresh asparagus is available.

Citrus glaze on asparagus or broccoli

this glaze is great on asparagus but also on any other "bitter" veggie or even on meats. everyone here goes nuts over it and it is soooo easy!

Rotelle primavera

from vegetarian times, february 2007

Quinoa risotto

quinoa is an ancient grain unusually full of nutrients. very nutty flavor.

Roasted prosciutto wrapped asparagus

my husband clipped this recipe from a magazine about 7 years ago, which is something he had never done before. when he brought it home, i agreed to make it for him, and it was great. since then, i have...

Lemon shrimp with fresh vegetables

asparagus, cucumbers and tomatoes are very tender vegetables with sweet fresh flavour, especially when cooked oriental style. to make lemon chicken, substitute cubes or strips of chicken breast for the...

Asparagus strudel

if only thick stalks of asparagus are available, peel the stalks. blanch in boiling water for 2 minutes, drain and run under cold water until cold. if you have thin stalks, do not peel them, and blanch...

Rich and cheesy ham and asparagus noodle casserole

whipped this up yesterday and it turned out so good i thought i'd share! a great way to use up that leftover christmas or easter ham lurking in the freezer! easy to make, and sinfully delicious if i do...

Fiery grilled asparagus

this is a perfect side dish recipe for the grilling season. it's can be served at any temperature and it goes with most anything.

Greek asparagus salad

this is such a yummy salad, especially in the summer! it will keep several days in the refig. and seems to get better and better. after trying one something like this at a restaurant, i came home and tried...

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