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Top recipes for "Chili"

Dinosaur chili

some types of dinosaurs eat plants (zucchini), others eat meat (beef) and the not-yet-discovered mole dinosaurs prefer chocolate! a fast, affordable one pot meal for kids of all ages. you can use any canned...

E z chili

this is a very simple recipe that tastes like you spent all day on it.

Cin chili

this recipe is from cindy wilkins, 2 time national chili cook-off winner. this is a true texas chili, no beans....just meat and "gravy". it was featured on throwdown with bobby flay. cindy said she...

Carnivore chili

courtesy of the oregonian- we make two chilis at my house: one for the vegetarians and one for the meatetarians. omnivores can just mix. this is also good with the addition of some veggies, such as zucchini...

Crock pot chicken taco chili

the perfect slow cooker dish because you just dump all the ingredients in, turn it on and come back to the best tasting meal!

Cranberry chili

i love both chili and cranberries...but i'm not to sure if i want them together. i'll have to try this some day.

Davies bourbon chili

this award winning chili is easy to make and contains a nuanced balance of bold flavors sure to electrify your taste buds and keep you craving more.

Christmas chili

from u of alabama's

Easy chili

this recipe is very spicy! i got this from a friend.

Cowboy spaghetti with cheese sauce rachael ray

i saw rachael ray make this on her show and i thought it looked delicious. i made it tonight and it was outstanding. the jalapenos definitely add a lot of spice to the cheese sauce, so if you have little...

Incredible turkey chili

this is a recipe a friend made for me when i just had my daughter. ever since then, my husband doesn't want any other chili.

Cowboy chili

everyone should have a good chili recipe and here's mine!

Easy crock pot chili

paula's easy crock pot chili

Crock pot belly burner chili

this is a "man's" chili--really spicy and full of flavor. my husband really likes it.

Crock pot white chicken chili

super easy & super delicious. you can spice this up or spice it down. freezes & warms up very well!

Easy chili mac

very easy and qucik the kids love it.

Chunky chicken chili

found on the website - a great alternative to traditional chili

Cowtown chili

the best chili i have ever had. straight from the heart of fort worth, texas.

Classic chili

from my mom. amounts are estimates

Delicious chili

you can also serve over macaroni noodles and make it chili mac if you want. just don't forget the cumin, this is the key ingredient! i usually serve the finished product with some crackers, cheddar cheese...

Dried cherry chili

this recipe, which i haven't made yet, comes from the cherry marketing institute and is loaded with antioxidants. they recommend that you garnish with corn strips, red onion and avocado. it could be made...

Argentine chili

an argentina influenced chili by rachel ray topped with a spicy chimichurri, give it a try. top with chimichurri sauce and you've got it

Easy chili size

this is one of my kids' favorite meals...and good thing too, it's soooo easy!!! we like chili with beans. and i like mine with a little ketchup! hehe

Classic simple chili

easy to make and tastes great.

Crock pot vegetarian chili

i think i like this better than chili made with meat. plus it is low fat.

Chorizo chili

when i first got married my husband didn't like the chili i made (my mom's recipe), so i have changed it until i found what he likes. now he loves it. about and two hours before it's done, i add cheese...

Chunky beef chili

from southern living.

Crock pot mexican chili con carne

excellent mexican chili with chocloate! it's delicious!

Instant pot turkey chili

using dark meat turkey ensures a perfect chili.

Crock pot chicken chili

simple chicken chili.

Crock pot chili with sausage

i hate chili, but this one is good.

Smoky kentucky chili

a uniquely kentucky take on what is in my opinion the best winter recipe. if you can't find bourbon-smoked spices, you can substitute any kind of smoked spices. the bourbon barrel aging process adds a...

Joe appadacca

my whole family loves this recipe right down to brothers, sister, nieces and mom use to make it when i was a kid and now we all make it for our family's. this dish makes great left overs.

Red bean chili

from taste of the caribbean. a flavorful meatless chili. i've added some more tomatoes to the original recipe - it was quite thick as written - but of course if that's the way you like it, just use 14...

Bison chili

i am not too much of a soup maker, in fact this recipe was created from my first attempt at ever making chili. it's simple with some room open for improvement, so please post suggestions and let me know...

Quorn chili

after my inital surprise that there were either very few or no recipes with the versatile vegetarian ingredient quorn. i thought i should introduce you americans to this great product. i believe it can...

Chicken berbere

once, when i was about to make the ethiopian national dish zigni, i couldn't find any beef. i used frozen chicken breasts instead, and slightly modified the recipe. i must say that i was stunned at the...

Vegan chili

a warm and flavorful, easy to make vegan dish. for a chunkier chili, drain the beans and rinse. for more liquid, empty the can directly into the saucepan. it has been pointed out that traditional worcestershire...

Cheapo gourmet a la college

i got this out of a college magazine. it's not the best if you're into taste and health. but it's fast, it's cheap, it's college!

Vegan east coast chili

i modified this recipie from the 'vegan planet' cookbook. i was looking for a decent chili that was reletively light so that i could have seconds :-d anyway. i don't feel that this is particularly spicy...

Tequila chicken chili

dh and i made this chili from normal kolpas' "the chili cookbook" and really enjoyed it. we served it over basmati rice. while the recipe calls for masa harina, i really didnt think the chili needed...

Very easy chili

makes about 8 servings of reasonably spicy chili. i like it because it easy to cook and stores well.

Woolworths frito pie

we love this recipe at my house...but i've never had the original "woolworths" frito pie, so i can't compare the two. it's really good though. :-)

Spoon bread chili pie

this recipe tops a basic chili with a corn meal cheese biscuit.

Jims big batch slow cooker chili

in researching many recipes to achieve the perfect, awesome chili that i could make in a large batch by using my 6 qt crock pot (slow cooker), i came across 3 different ones that i deconstructed and then...

Turkey and black bean chili

this is the chili for those who don't normally eat chili. i originally found this recipe in a cooking light magazine. i make it all the time as it has only a few ingredients, is quick and easy and tastes...

Dad's venison chili

this is my dad's awesome chili recipe. he got a deer this year so i actually got to make it tonight with some ground venison he had given us. this one puts together quick, with just an onion and a pepper...

The best quick cincinnati chili

a traditional recipe with all the greek spices adapted to 20 minute cooking time. (even tastier as leftovers!)

Chuckwagon chili

my kid's favorite chili.

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