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Top recipes for "Cupcakes"

Double dunk chocolate coconut cupcakes

moist cake is dunked in a syrupy frosting. then, it takes a roll through crisp, toasted coconut for a layer of crunch. from "retro desserts". prep times are guesstimates because i didn't time myself.

Devils food cupcakes

based on a recipe from cook’s country magazine, february/march 2006. makes 24 cupcakes, although it can be easily halved. the editors say, “if you don’t have bar or block chocolate on hand, use semisweet...

Coconut fudge filled cupcakes

anything with a fudgy filling is tops in my book, and these definately fit the bill!

Chocolate cup cakes with fluffy peanut butter marshmallow frosti

this is a wonderful recipe that was given to me by a friend years ago. the cake and frosting are easy to put together in less than an hour. the cake is moist and chocolatey and the frosting complements...

Coconut cupcakes

the barefoot contessa cookbook.

Cocoa cupcakes

these are light and fluffy and the cocoa powder adds the special touch.

Chocolate surprise muffins

these muffins are filled with a creamy chocolate chip cheesecake filling. from the cake mix doctor's chocolate book.


these are delicous cupcakes.

Double chocolate chunk cupcakes

very good and chocolatey! i've included notes for buttermilk substitution and for high altitude baking. from pillsbury.

Double chocolate cocoa cupcakes

this is a never-fail, moist chocolate cupcake recipe, one that i have been making for years.

Chocolate pumpkin cake and cupcakes

i found this recipe in country living magazine about 4 yrs ago. i tried it out when my ex's job had a contest requiring you to decorate, and use a pumpkin. i actually gutted, and carved a pumpkin. lined...

Decorated football poke cupcakes

another cool football tailgate recipe. i, of course, choose green and gold as the only good colors to use for this recipe. you may use any other colors you wish. go pack go!!!

Dark chocolate fudge cake

i know there are hundreds of chocolate cake recipes on here, but you can never have too many to choose from! this is a dark, rich, moist cake with a touch of orange. mmm... delicious!

Coconut cream cupcakes

from ladies home journal june 07. recipes for a bridal shower.

Deceptively delicious angel food cupcakes

this is from jessica seinfeld's book. she serves it with a carrot cream cheese icing (posted separately)

Dolly mixture cupcakes

perfect for young children, and at parties or a bake stand. they are simple to make, so don't let all the writing put you off.

Creamsicle cupcakes

inspired by the ice cream bar, light and summery. from woman's day on line.

Coconut blizzard cupcakes

i found these cupcakes in a family life magazine. they are kind of like a hostess cupcake only they are white cake with a dab of raspberry in the center and topped with coconut.

Cinnamon vanilla cupcakes

delicious and moist cupcakes that have a little something special with the cinnamon. great with vanilla, chocolate or cream cheese frosting. the amount of flour is optional, depending on how dry you want...

Cranberry lemon cupcakes

from 125 best cupcakes recipes.

Microwave treats in seconds

these are simple ,quick, easy, yummy and very popular

Rice krispies muffins

this is so easy to make and yet delicious. even tough i do not like rice crispies at all i enjoy these muffins. i was acctually looking for a recipe like this here but could not find it so i posted my...


traditional lamingtongs made with your own home made sponge. my mum used to make these all the time yum!

Chocolate zucchini cupcakes

great way to sneak veggies into a dessert. these freeze well unfrosted.

Vegan cupcakes

a simple cupcake

Christmas snowman cupcakes

a fun and easy christmas treat, a hit with kids and adults! i used "giant buttons", "rolo"s, "matchmakers"

Crumble swirls

this is a wonderful and very easy recipe, which makes for a delicious and very impressive looking batch of crumble swirls. great when having company or as a treat for yourself. ;)

Easter bunny cupcakes

these little bunnies are sure to make kids smile! easter is coming up and these would make an excellent addition to any buffet. use any kind of small candy for decorating (jelly beans, mini m&ms, sweet...

Caramel apple cupcakes

two all-time favorites, caramel and apples, combine to make moist, delicious cupcakes. i found this recipe in my monthly email from land o lakes and it sounded so good that i am posting here for safe...

Sour cream cinnamon cupcakes

makes 12 moist cupcakes

Maple cupcakes

these cupcakes are from the cookbook "vegan cupcakes take over the world." but don't shy away thinking that they aren't going to be the most deliciously maple cupcakes ever -- they are! though the recipe...

Berry topped white cupcakes

"guests love these yummy white cupcakes topped with a cream cheese frosting. the garnish of fresh berries makes them perfect for a patriotic-themed party on memorial day or the fourth of july." submitted...

Chocolate cuppies

small batch of simple, healthy, chocolate cupcakes.


my mom was a newlywed in the 1950s when she found this recipe. it's been my favorite dessert as long as i can remember. since i've never seen the exact recipe anywhere else, i have copies stashed all...

Chocolate avocado cupcakes

satisfy your chocolate cravings while benefiting from the heart-healthy goodness of avocado. this easy and delectable cupcake will surely become a favourite with your friends and family!

Caramel cupcakes

only makes 12..good without frosting..the caramel syrup is absolutely divine!

Little ginger cakes

if you are ginger fan like me - you'll love these little cakes with chunks of ginger in them. ice with lemon icing if you wish.

Cupcake cones

kids love these cupcake cones! just watch their faces light up when you bring these out. great for any kid's party.

Citrus chocolate cupcakes

very soft decadent, yet low-fat cupcakes. these do not contain egg and can easily be made vegan. un-iced, they are still extremely good cake-like muffins. note: these cupcakes had a very mild citrus...

Rolo cupcakes

a twist on an average chocolate cupcake. easy to make when you use your favorite chocolate boxed cake mix.

Buttermilk chocolate cupcakes

moist chocolate cupcakes that are always a hit! cooking time will vary according to the size of your muffin pans and oven. the cupcakes between 15 and 18 minutes to bake.

Cream cheese cupcakes like a cheese cake but soooo easy

these are outrageous!! my girfriend pam sent these to me all the way from south beach one year for my birthday - i had one then immediately called her & begged for the recipe... i recommend using foil...

Chocolate peanut butter surprise cupcakes frosting

i'm submitting this to find out the nutritional content. i got it from the local paper. it looks good, but i'm going to change it slightly to try and make it a little healthier. the prep time is just...

Orange cupcakes

i double this recipe, you can ice them if you want, a lemon butter icing is rather nice, don't overdo the lemon juice though.

Flourless chocolate raspberry cakes

140 cal, 3 g pro, 11 g carb, 11 g fat, 4 g sat fat, 53 mg chol, 2 g fiber, 80 mg sodium from msn. i haven't made these yet, but i will soon. i have a nephew who isn't allowed to eat gluten, so hopefully...

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