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Top recipes for "Strawberries"

Christmas life

very simple, yet delicious fruity champagne cocktails, the great thing is you can really experiment with just about any fruit, also you can mix several together. i just made mine with strawberries and...

Chocolate drizzled pineapple strawberry pizza

recipe for a strawberry pizza made with strawberries, cream cheese and sweetened condensed milk,topped with sliced pineapple and drizzled in chocolate. i would take this delight over pepperoni pizza any...

Cranberry fruit jam

this doesn't use pectin. the recipe comes from ball canning products, and assumes you know and follow safe canning procedures.

Chocolate strawberry slab pie

this sexy slab pie is packed with chocolates and strawberries.

Dutch baby

i've had these a lot at b&b's, probably because they're delicious and dependable if the right technique is used. this dish is puffy around the outside and flat in the center offering the perfect nest for...

Daufuskie freeze

i found this recipe in an old copy of family circle. we have been enjoying this drink at barbeques for years. try it and i'm sure it will become a favorite of yours as well.

Crimson strawberry sundae topper

this is great as a topper to ice cream or even cheesecake.

Double berry super sodas

a special drink for a warm day.

Cupid cookies

i havent tried these yet. i just got this recipe today from a friend but since tomorrow is valentine's day i thought it was a good occasion. they do sound really good though.

Creamy fruit dip

this is a fantastic tasting thick fruit dip that is enjoyed by everyone i know! i got it from my mom and have no idea where she got it from. warning: this dip is very addicting!! (don't say i didn't...

Pikelets with berries

i haven't ever made pikelets but i've eaten them - long ago. this recipe, when i chanced upon it, evoked nostalgic memories of carefree 1950s australian after-school afternoon teas at friends' houses,...

Easier than you think strawberry shake a k a the mistake

like the title states, this recipe is easier than you think. the original recipe called for a frozen banana but in the morning when i took the banana out of the freezer, it was no good. having all of the...

My mercy strawberry cake

this cake came from my grandmother's best friend. she has made it for our family christmas and birthday dinners for years.

Delicious easy spinach and strawberry salad with feta

this is a simple salad to put together but big on flavor! --- you can also make this using salad greens mixed with fresh spinach, i just purchase a smaller bag of prewashed spinach for this, prep time...

Berry banana blast smoothie

a little sweeter than some of the other berry smoothie recipes i've tried. i was a little generous with the yogurt and probably used nearly a full cup.

Diabetic strawberry shortcake

i found this in an advertisement for splenda.

Easy elegant strawberry shortcake

i love strawberry shortcake but sometimes you don't want to bake homemade sweet biscuits or have all the fat of whipping cream!! i created this quick strawberry shortcake with a yummy store-bought pound...

No bake pie

this pie is really good to serve during the spring and summer. being a person who does' t like yogurt, this pie is definitely an exception, and very easy to make. enjoy! :)

Jewel jam

from darlene kosmman very old recipe has cherries and strawberries

Fresh fruit with rose water syrup

this will leave your guests wondering what the mystery flavor is. posted for zaar world tour iv- greece.

Cottage cheese clafouti

top this delicious custard with fresh berries, sour cream, brown sugar and a little cinnamon for a delicious souffle like dessert.

Rhubarb smoothies and shakes

a verstatile rhubarb sauce that is good to keep in the refrigerator to whirl with fruit and milk or frozen yogurt for a fast breakfast on the run. recipe for a pick-a-fruit rhubarb milkshake, using this...

Big fruit salad

after an overly hearty, boring, rich, oily meat and potatoes kind of meal i really truly feel that everyone only wants one thing; something that's not overly hearty, boring, rich, and oily! that is why...

Strawberry mice

mischievous little mice that make a great (and healthy) snack for kids! from the may 2007 issue of family fun magazine.

Frozen berry and pineapple smoothie

although this recipe has been slightly tweaked, the original of it was found in the 2010 cookbook, smoothie heaven.

Divine strawberry cheesecake ice cream

this ice cream is so rich and creamy! this recipe is for the custard base which then needs to be processed in an ice cream maker, but it is more than worth it! a lighter version can be made with half and...

Berry blast protein shake fruit smoothie

this delicious smoothie is a great way to start your day and is a great breakfast option for people on-the-go. high in fiber, potassium and antioxidants this low sodium smoothie is perfect for the healthy...

Strawberry rhubarb parfait

the rhubarb shoots emerging in my garden prompted me to post this recipe from christine cushing. i haven't tried it yet - but very soon! christine suggests sprinkling crushed amaretti cookies between the...

Coconut banana and strawberry smoothie

recipe courtesy of bon appetit, may 2006.

Strawberry pastries with lemon cream

from meals for you newsletter,

Very berry spinach salad

another good spinach salad, using a raspberry dressing. the recipe comes from fresh express.

Dangerously red smoothie

delicious berry smoothie with only 4 ingredients. this smoothie is great to drink in the winter time because it provides one and a half times your recommended daily allowance of vitamin c. it's healthy...

Strawberry holiday tree

christmas trees are so much better when they're edible.

Strawberry guava jam

this jam can keep in the fridge for at least a month. time does not include 2 hours chilling in the fridge. recipe from vegetarian planet by didi emmons

Passion strawberry fruit leather dehydrator roll ups

once you know how to plug your dehydrator in, you're limited only by your imagination regarding how many different "recipes" you can come up with for fruit leather. these simple snacks are healthy and...

Veal amaretto

this dish is so simple, and has such an amazing flavor to it that permeates the nostrils and the taste buds. the sauce works well with chicken too, though i advise against using it with pork or other red...

Strawberry kiwifruit jam

a different combination...

Blueberry cheese danishes

i got this recepie from my sister and it is just so versatile. we loved these danishes and they were so easy to make. you can also substitute the blueberries for any other berry of course ( we love it...

Berry blast energy smoothie

i love having this as a snack, dessert, or even for breakfast. i have at least one a day. it gets me energized and ready for the day. i use one scoop of ground flaxseed that i purchased from

Balsamic syrup over strawberries

from atco blue flame kitchen - calgary's gas company always has some awesome recipes. this looks really different as a syrup to put over strawberries or any other kind of berry.

Sugar free freezer strawberry jam

i have been searching everywhere for a good sugar free strawberry jam recipe...i finally found one...this turned out cannot tell the difference. where it says sugar, i mean splenda.

Smoothie king lemon twist copycat

this is a copycat recipe of smoothie king's lemon twist smoothie with strawberries. i haven't tried sk's banana lemon twist, but i assume that half a banana substituted for the strawberries would be about...

Strawberry bottom cheesecake pie

this is a cool and refreshing no bake pie. super easy and delicious...chill time not included in time.

Berry coffee cake

a friend gave me this recipe awhile back and i converted it to gluten free this morning. it is a nice and tasty gluten free cake. the conversion is easy so i'll post the recipe as written and the gluten...

Star spangled muffins

i have yet to try this- they look great though! it is the quaker oats recipe of the month!

Berry whizz

a healthy and refreshing drink adapted from murdoch books' 'whizz it'. if you want a redder look, omit the kiwi fruit. i added that because i love the flavour of kiwi fruit. if omitting the kiwi fruit,...

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