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Provided by Mommy Diva

Categories     Beverages

Time 5m

Yield 1 serving(s)

Number Of Ingredients: 4

1 ounce gin
1 ounce sweet vermouth
1 ounce campari
1 orange, sliced for garnish


  • Fill a highball glass with ice cubes.
  • Add equal parts of gin, sweet vermouth and campari.
  • Garnish the glass with an orange slice.
  • Enjoy! ;).


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Legend has it that this ruby-hued cocktail was developed in the early 20th century for an Italian count, Camillo Negroni, who, according to one account, picked up a taste for British gin while traveling in England to indulge his passion for horse racing.

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Provided by Martha Stewart

Categories     Food & Cooking     Drink Recipes     Cocktail Recipes

Number Of Ingredients: 4

1 ounce gin
1 ounce Campari
1 ounce sweet vermouth
Orange twist, for garnish


  • Pour all ingredients into an ice-filled mixing glass. Stir well. Strain into a cocktail glass. (Alternatively, combine ingredients in a tumbler and serve in the same glass.) Garnish with an orange twist.


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Master the classic negroni with our easy recipe, or try a tasty variation, such as a summery pink version or a festive negroni sbagliato.

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Number Of Ingredients: 1

Negroni recipes



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To make the perfect classic negroni cocktail all you need is balance: use equal parts gin, vermouth and Campari, and choose the best products you have in reach

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Provided by Dustin Macmillan

Categories     Cocktails, Drink

Time 5m

Number Of Ingredients: 5

25ml gin
25ml sweet vermouth
25ml Campari
slice of orange
Calories131 calories
Carbohydrate4 grams carbohydrates
Sugar4 grams sugar
Sodium0.03 milligram of sodium


  • Pour the gin, vermouth and Campari into a mixing glass or jug with ice. Stir well until the outside of the glass feels cold.
  • Strain into a tumbler and add 1 large ice sphere or some fresh ice, and garnish with an orange slice, using a blood orange when in season.


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This is the classic Italian way to open a meal: the Negroni, a bittersweet palate cleanser that makes way for the evening's delights. Adding a bottle of Campari to the liquor cabinet opens up a world of cocktail possibilities. In any case, drink this cold. This version came to us from Jim Meehan, a bartender and an owner of Please Don't Tell, a speakeasy in the East Village. (The New York Times)

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Provided by Jim Meehan

Categories     for one

Time 5m

Yield 1 drink

Number Of Ingredients: 4

1¼ ounces gin
1¼ ounces Campari
1¼ ounces sweet vermouth
Orange twist, for garnish
UnsaturatedFat0 grams
Carbohydrate1 gram
Protein0 grams
Sodium3 milligrams
Sugar0 grams


  • Stir all liquid ingredients with ice. Strain into chilled rocks glass filled with ice. Garnish with an orange twist.

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Apr 12, 2015 - Another great cocktail idea for the holidays - straight from RR. ... Show details

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