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Spanakopita (Greek Spinach Pie)

This is an authentic, really rich pie stuffed with spinach, onions, cheeses and herbs that are all enfolded by crispy, flaky phyllo dough.


Vegetarian Moussaka

This recipe always gets rave reviews from vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Easy to make, but takes time. Serve with salad.

Author: Anne Buchanan


Here is a great recipe for moussaka, a Greek dish. It includes sliced eggplant baked in a ground beef sauce and then smothered in a thin white sauce.


Authentic Greek Moussaka

This traditional moussaka is truly the best, and just as authentic as any you'd try in Greece! While it takes a bit of time, it's actually quite simple to make. Kali orexi! (Bon appetit!)

Author: Anonymous

Greek Baklava

A Greek favorite that makes everyone think you are a master chef and is sooo easy to make!! I taught a Greek friend how to make apple pie and she taught me this fabulous recipe. The phyllo dough for this...


Greek Chicken

A very good light summer dish. I serve it with sliced tomatoes, feta cheese, and garlic bread.

Author: Karen

Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce

Greek kabobs. Fantastic flavor for chicken. Marinade can also be used for pork.

Author: Tanya Petkos Schroeder

Easy Baklava

This is simple and easy. Serve it in cupcake papers. It freezes well, too.



Souvlaki is a Greek specialty made with tender cuts of meat. In this pork kebab recipe, the meat is marinated in a lemony olive oil mixture. Serve with rice pilaf and a Greek salad.

Author: Abby Benner

Greek Seasoning Blend

This is meant to substitute for that rather expensive Greek seasoning in the yellow and red can.

Author: Misty Jane Pilgrim

Greek Seasoning

Play around with the amounts and types of herbs to match your own personal taste.

Author: Margaret Havenar

Greek Lamb Feta Burgers With Cucumber Sauce

These grilled lamb burgers are served with slices of ripe tomatoes and red onion in pita bread with a fresh tasting cucumber sauce seasoned with fresh mint and garlic.

Author: USA WEEKEND columnist Pam Anderson

Homemade Phyllo (or Filo) Dough

I'm no expert at making phyllo dough, but the good news is, despite that, I still managed to achieve some fairly excellent results, and suspect you will as well. And it's way more fun than buying it frozen...

Author: Chef John


Greek spinach pie.

Author: Bea Gassman

Spinach Feta Casserole


Author: ROMDI

Greek Island Chicken Shish Kebabs

This is a nice change from the ordinary grilled chicken. This is excellent served with pita bread, a garlicky tzatziki, and a Greek salad. Lamb can be substituted for the chicken, and many variations on...

Author: Dolce Cuoco

Greek Pasta with Tomatoes and White Beans

An easy, quick, and tasty recipe. The flavors are wonderfully different as they are combined and meld together.

Author: Joelene Craver


Pastitsio is a layered Greek casserole of macaroni and seasoned ground lamb, topped with a thick cream sauce. This version substitutes beef in place of the lamb to suit American tastes.

Author: Ben S.

Greek Pizza with Spinach, Feta and Olives

Sun dried tomatoes, spinach, and Kalamata olives boldly flavor this easy pizza.

Author: USA WEEKEND Pam Anderson

Greek Shrimp Dish From Santorini

An authentic Greek entree that is easy to make and makes you feel like you are in the Greek islands. My sister and I originally ate this dish at a restaurant in Santorini, Greece and went back 3 days in...

Author: Lisawas

Briam (Greek Baked Zucchini and Potatoes)

Briam is a traditional Greek roasted vegetable dish with potatoes, zucchini, tomatoes, and red onions with lots of olive oil. It is a typical example of Greek cuisine where a few simple ingredients are...

Author: Diana Moutsopoulos

Fasolakia (Greek Green Beans)

Fasolakia are Greek green beans stewed with olive oil and tomato, with a few pieces of potato added for good measure. This is a main dish in Greece, not a side dish, and a prime example of plant-based...

Author: Diana Moutsopoulos

Traditional Gyros

I absolutely love being able to make my own gyros at home! You have to try them!

Author: BetterCookingForSingleFathers

Steamed Mussels with Fennel, Tomatoes, Ouzo, and Cream

Pick good fresh and alive mussels for this dish, preferably Penn Cove. The fresher the better. This recipe is simply amazing in flavor. You will love it. Serve with a slice of bread.

Author: DJFoodie

Pork Souvlaki

Seasoned bits of pork or lamb are allowed to season in a Mediterranean marinade for as long as you can stand it! Wonderful with rice and a cucumber and tomato salad. Serve with lemon slices and chopped...

Author: alsoanurse

Marinated Greek Chicken Kabobs

This is a chicken kabob recipe that I would love to share! Plan to marinate for 3 hours. Serve with Greek rice!

Author: katplusgoll

Grilled Greek Chicken

The secret to this simple grilled chicken is a very powerful marinade and 'roasting' it slowly over semi-indirect heat on the grill.

Author: Chef John

Greek Style Garlic Chicken Breast

This recipe was passed down through my family for years. If you're looking for a great tasting, tender chicken breast, this is what you're looking for - Greek style.

Author: Michael

Branzino Mediterranean

This simple, healthy, and delicious Mediterranean fish, also known as 'Greek Sea Bass', should be cooked whole. The cavity of the fish can be stuffed with lemon and other ingredients for added flavor....

Author: Christala

Greek Chicken Pasta

This pasta dish incorporates some of the flavors of Greece. It makes a wonderfully complete and satisfying meal. For extra flavor, toss in a few kalamata olives. Use whatever pasta you have or prefer.

Author: Althea

Greek Seasoning Blend

Make and share this Greek Seasoning Blend recipe from Food.com.

Author: Poppy

Greek Honey Cake

Very moist cake, often found at Greek food festivals.

Author: Jan O'Leary Merzlak

Feta Cheese Turkey Burgers

Ground turkey makes a great burger. It makes an even better one with feta cheese and kalamata olives. Serve these tasty treats with sun-ripened tomatoes and Greek-style pita.

Author: Althea

Roasted Greek Chicken

Juicy, flavorful chicken meat with a crispy skin. Tastes wonderful and is super simple to make.

Author: GatorJess


Make and share this Tzatziki recipe from Food.com.

Author: evelynathens

Greek Penne and Chicken

This is one of my favorite 'stand by' recipes. I keep the ingredients on hand to make a quick, delicious, satisfying meal.

Author: Jennifer

Stuffed Greek Leg of Lamb

Roasted boneless leg of lamb, stuffed with artichoke hearts, feta cheese, and sun-dried tomatoes.

Author: poker playing chef

Greek Style Stuffed Peppers

One of the few dishes that is better served cold rather than hot. Absolutely delicious and very Mediterranean!!! It can be made vegetarian by replacing meat with soya.


Greek Cheese Pie

This is an authentic recipe for "tyropita", or Greek feta cheese pie. Layers of crispy phyllo and a simple filling of feta cheese. You don't need anything more!

Author: Diana Moutsopoulos

Beef Gyro

Gyros is a Greek dish consisting of meat, tomato, onion, and tzatziki sauce and is served with pita bread. YUM!

Author: jennifer_russell

Greek Lemon Chicken and Potato Bake

I love one-pan meals, especially when no measuring and exact ingredients are involved. I made this one Sunday when I didn't want to babysit my food in the kitchen! Turned out great, and I served it with...

Author: Chef V

Easy Mediterranean Fish


Author: mleiland

Spinach and Feta Pita Bake

This is great as a party appetizer or a full meal. Tasty, full of flavor and good for you. The crunchy crust is what I really like! You can play with the veggie toppings and cheeses for a great meal that...

Author: Heatherbee

Greek Chicken Burgers with Feta

These Greek-style chicken burgers surprise with a feta cheese filling.

Author: DCKatie


This is a recipe that my mom got from a coworker and would make regularly when I was young. Galaktoboureko is a traditional Greek dessert made with a custard in a crispy phyllo pastry shell. After all...


Yia Yia's Avgolemono

It took some time to get my mother-in-law to share her coveted Greek recipes. This is a family favorite. Serve with freshly ground pepper and warm, crusty bread.

Author: deuxbebes

Greek Couscous

Greek style Israeli couscous. So delicious!

Author: KenzieKook

Gyros Burgers

This is a Greek/American lamb and beef mixture version of the traditional Greek pork or lamb Gyros (or Gyro). Serve on warm pita bread with tzatziki sauce, and thinly sliced onion, tomato and lettuce.

Author: Anonymous


I have seen many versions of this recipe. This is my mother-in-law's, and she is a great cook.

Author: Maine_diner


Fried Greek honey puffs.

Author: JOANNA