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Mexican White Cheese Dip/Sauce

This dip is similar to white cheese sauces served in many Mexican restaurants. The amount of heat can be adjusted by adding your favorite chili pepper or crushed cayenne pepper to taste. As is, it is kid-friendly,...

Author: leahnwells

Simple Artichoke Dip

Serve with sliced baguettes or pita chips.

Author: Dawn

Authentic Chile con Queso

This is a true chile con queso that can be eaten with tostadas or in a warm corn tortilla. This is not like the Americanized version of chili con queso that we have become used to that is a cheese dip,...

Author: Melony1976

Queso Dip

Otherwise known as cheese dip, this is a great recipe for any get together. Cheddar cheese is melted into a smooth, thick mixture. Bring along a couple copies of the recipe, people will ask for it!!

Author: Heather

Mary's Roasted Red Pepper Dip

This is a HUGE hit at all of my parties!!! With kids, as well as adults...and it is very easy to make!!! Serve this flavorful dip with tortilla chips. Roasted red peppers and two kinds of cheese create...


Easy Sausage Cheese Balls

These are great for appetizers or for breakfast! Sausage cheese balls may be frozen before or after baking.

Author: Michelle

Cheese Dip with Beer

This is great for football gatherings when you want to serve something hearty and filling. It gets lots of compliments. Serve with bite-size pieces of bread and vegetables.

Author: PJ's kitchen

Basic Fondue

Your fondue party won't start hopping until the cheese starts melting. Get busy with this easy, basic Cheddar cheese fondue! It's perfect with pieces of bread or vegetables.

Author: KATKRO

Cheesy Artichoke Dip

Loads of cheese and artichoke flavor make this dip a favorite. Serve hot from the oven with white tortilla chips, and don't expect any leftovers!

Author: Leanne Hockenberry

Chili Dip

I've had this recipe for a long time. It's great for parties and football get-togethers. With just three ingredients, it's very easy to prepare. Serve it hot with your favorite corn chips.

Author: Judy H

Hot Mexican Bean Dip

Warm, spicy bean dip that will be a hit with everyone!

Author: Drubee

Best Cheese Dip


Author: brookeharris

Pizza Dip

Great dip for parties or for snacks for the family. Easy to prepare. Serve with pita bread chips, crackers, or even a thin sliced baguette.

Author: PJ's kitchen

Vidalia Sweet Onion Dip

Creamy, cheesy, yummmmy dip. Use a potato peeler to get the onion very thin. Serve with your favorite cracker.

Author: Jenn

Slow Cooker Reuben Dip

A wonderful, easy, creamy hot dip that even sauerkraut haters love. I often take this to work potlucks because I can assemble it at work. Just throw everything in and stir a few times. Also, it's delicious...

Author: C Ella Church

Nacho Cheese Sauce

Here's a simple cheese sauce to spread over tortilla chips. Add some jalapenos to spice things up a bit.


Hot Onion Dip

This is the first thing to be eaten at every party, and it's sinfully easy! If you are not a big onion fan, don't be afraid. Onion is not the dominant flavor of the dish, and it adds just the right touch....

Author: Tracie Smothers Stephens

Outrageous Warm Chicken Nacho Dip

This is my jazzed up version of classic queso dip taken to a heartier level, perfect for football games, tailgating or for taking along to pot lucks in a slow cooker! This is a serious crowd-pleaser that...

Author: brightlightz

Hot Sausage Dip

This spicy sausage dip is great with tortilla chips or crackers. It's so thick and tasty, it could be a meal in itself!

Author: Carey

Cheese Dipping Sauce

A wonderful cheese sauce perfect for dipping chips or vegetables in.

Author: Jackie Smith

Reuben Dip

This is a party favorite. Everyone fights over the pan as soon as it comes out of the oven! Serve it with wheat crackers or small pieces of rye bread.


Beefy Cheese Dip

This dip is wonderful. I put it in a slow cooker after it's done to keep it warm. Serve this with tortilla chips.

Author: Stephanie S.

Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip

This hot dip is perfect for a tailgate party or anytime! Shredded chicken, cream cheese, hot sauce and lots of melted cheese create a wonderful buffalo wing flavor on a chip or with veggie sticks.

Author: MLALAK

Hanky Pankies

These rye slices topped with sausage and cheese are so easy and so delicious that they are sure to please. In fact, my husband loves them so much that I sometimes make them on regular-sized rye bread for...

Author: RENE1959

Vidalia® Onion Dip

A cheesy dip for the onion lover in all of us. I serve it with crackers but you can also use breadsticks. Be careful about over-baking as the cheese will harden and be difficult to dip crackers in.


Hot Artichoke Dip with Green Chiles

Green chile peppers and garlic spice up this easy and delicious hot dip. It's great to serve while your guests are enjoying wine and waiting on the main course. It goes very well with tortilla chips.

Author: David

Broccoli and Cheese Dip

This hot, rich dip is always a hit. Bacon and broccoli are blended with a tasty cheese mixture.

Author: MOLSON7

Chutney Baked Brie

This round wheel of Brie is dusted with curry powder, then spread with a mango chutney, studded with chopped cashews, and baked until the cheese inside the rind is melted. The sweet/savory combination...

Author: Hillary Quinn

Zesty Bean Dip

You can't go wrong with this fast and easy bean dip. It's perfect with tortilla chips.

Author: MOLSON7

Baked Pepperoni Dip

This is a great dip for a football party. If you don't like the spicy stuff, omit them. I have also used just red pepper flakes and added more pepperoni. Serve with baguettes or crackers

Author: Jennifer Snyder

Cheesy White Pizza Dip

This recipe is a party favorite! Everyone always requests I make it. Feel free to substitute chicken, veggies, etc. for the pepperoni. Enjoy!

Author: Tracy Smaldino

Mexican Cheese and Hamburger Dip

Addictive, cheesy nacho dip with hamburger and just the right amount of spice, that makes plenty for a crowd. Serve on nacho chips with sour cream and additional jalapenos, if desired.

Author: Angellina

Baked Brie with Caramelized Pears, Shallots and Thyme

Brie baked in a round sourdough bread bowl makes this ultimately easy! You could substitute a sweet chutney for the topping for even easier prep. I microwaved the final product for a few minutes to speed...

Author: Heidi T

Baked Onion Dip II

This dip is fast, easy and delicious! Whenever there's a potluck, I'm always asked, "Are you bringing the dip?" I can't go anywhere without it! Try experimenting with different types of cheese. Serve with...

Author: DANCOX

Hot Baked Reuben Dip

The classic sandwich is converted to dip form, but I used pastrami instead of corned beef which is a little spicier. No matter which you use, you're going to enjoy this truly delicious hot dip, which is...

Author: Chef John

Pepperoni Dip II

Cut plain bagels into bite-sized pieces and dip them into this simple hot dip.

Author: TEEJAYE72

Chicken Enchilada Dip

This spicy baked chicken and cheese dip is a real crowd pleaser, and tastes great with chips or crackers.

Author: Kelley

Hot Chicken Wing Dip

This is an easy way to enjoy your hot wings and ranch dressing!

Author: Shauna

Hearts of Palm Dip

This is a rich dip, and easy to make! Serve with water crackers, as you want to taste all the goodies in the dip. A good variation from the same old artichoke dip.


Best Football Dip Ever

This dip is made for 3 to 6 men, sitting together on a Sunday, enjoying football and eating every manly thing possible. Of course, my girlfriend and her friends love it too -- but this stuff doesn't last...


Blue Cheese Chicken Wing Dip

This is an absolutely addicting wing dip recipe. I have had countless requests for the recipe. The whole is greater than the sum of the its parts.

Author: Michelle Westrich

Chili Bean Dip

Everyone loves this dip, and I'm always being asked for the recipe. It's a simple blend of chile with beans and cheeses.


Chorizo Fundido

Bake this creamy chorizo fundido for an easy and impressive party snack. Garnish with chopped tomato and green onion and serve with tortilla chips.

Author: Chef John

Spicy Chicken Dip

I came up with this dip when I was in the mood for Buffalo chicken dip, but didn't have the necessary ingredients. It is a creamy cheesy dip with a nice bit of back-end heat. I don't usually measure when...

Author: MANDM1995

Hot Asiago Dip

A low-fat version of my favorite dip, this is full of flavor and a great snack. I love it over a toasted bagel or with pita chips!

Author: Jenny

Nacho Dip II

This is a quick and easy chili cheese dip. I often double the recipe, it's so good and a crowd pleaser. Enjoy.

Author: Mary

Warm Mexican Corn Dip

This is a delicious, easy, and creamy corn dip. You can adjust the spicy level according to the type of tomatoes with green chile peppers you buy. Serve with tortilla chips.

Author: Jamie Beth

Chef John's Hot Sloppy Joe Dip

For me this checks all the boxes for a hot party dip. It's relatively cheap and easy to make, but maybe more importantly, it's great hot, warm, or room temp. And it's also incredibly versatile.

Author: Chef John

Mexi Cheesy Chip Dip

A definite crowd pleaser, and not too spicy for those who usually shy away from chili or salsa dips. Served with tortilla chips. Best served warm, but still retains a good dipping consistency when cold...

Author: jujube

Cheesy Jalapeno Dip

AKA 'Diablo Dip,' this is creamy, spicy, gooey, crunchy, and so tasty! Great served with chips or spread on a bacon cheeseburger. I make mine with low-fat cream cheese and sour cream, and no one can tell...

Author: KimberlyClaire79