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Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

This tasty appetizer seasoned with thyme, oregano, and savory. Choose good sized mushrooms, about 2 inches across. When cleaning mushrooms, don't run them under water. They are like little sponges, and...

Author: Wilma Scott

Stuffed Cream Cheese Mushrooms

Delicious appie with a kick. Always a party favorite when we make them. I usually double the recipe.

Author: Lindsay Smith

Easy Garlic Escargots

These tender escargots in mushroom caps are smothered with wine sauce and cheese. Nothing big and fancy, but I liked how it turned out, so I thought I'd share. They're easy to make too!

Author: CraZee A

Perfect Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

These little goodies are the perfect addition to your next holiday gathering or even the perfect appetizer to serve before a cozy dinner at home. Everyone will be dazzled by every delicious bite (they...

Author: Lisa Felton Nash

Easy Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

We have these at most of our neighborhood gatherings. Everyone always asks for them.


The Best Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms were created to impress my boyfriend when we first started dating. These are now his absolute favorite.

Author: Leslie Ann

Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms

Mix together spinach, pepperoni, and cheese for delicious easy appetizer.

Author: jen22

The Best Seafood Stuffed Mushrooms

If you're a stuffed mushroom connoisseur, this is a must try! These practically melt in your mouth and are always a hit when I've served them to family and friends. The filling can also be used to stuff...

Author: Terri Benson Carroll

Stuffed Portobello Mushroom Caps

I couldn't find a mushroom recipe that I liked, so I started playing around with my own creation. You can make these with salad shrimp, crab, sausage - practically anything you think would be a good meat...

Author: rocklighting

Mouth Watering Stuffed Mushrooms

These delicious mushrooms taste just like restaurant-style stuffed mushrooms and are my guy's absolute favorite.

Author: Angie Gorkoff

Bacon and Cheddar Stuffed Mushrooms

Crimini mushrooms (also known as portabellini mushrooms) are stuffed with Cheddar cheese and bacon. This appetizer is an impressive and irresistible accompaniment to any meal.


Pesto Stuffed Grilled Portobellos

Pesto-stuffed grilled portobellos make for the perfect summer outdoor meal. It stands alone as vegetarian fare if you serve it with fresh fruit (such as watermelon chunks and blueberries); I love it with...

Author: Larry Short

Artichoke Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms are a combination of my favorite things. They are a hit among all crowds. There are never any left!

Author: ChicagoCookie84-Anita

Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

The melted cheese and bacon make these irresistible! These mushrooms are simple and delicious! Add some of your diced favorites! Omit bacon for vegetarian version.

Author: auntfanny

Spinach Stuffed Mushrooms

A recipe I put together for a bridal shower. Everyone enjoyed them and I hope you will too

Author: farmgirl

Amazing Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms

My mom makes these mushrooms every year for the holidays and there are NEVER any leftovers! They are the best stuffed mushrooms I have ever had. I now make them any time I go to a holiday party.

Author: Kara Smith

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Mushrooms

A classic favorite stuffed mushroom is taken to new heights by wrapping in a slice of bacon. Simple, but will melt in your mouth!

Author: Jaida

Savory Crab Stuffed Mushrooms

Baked mushroom caps filled with a deliciously cheesy crabmeat mixture. Serve hot with lemon wedges.

Author: lavaun

Garlic Herb Cheese Stuffed Mushrooms

These are the best stuffed mushrooms I have ever eaten. These are easy to make and crowd pleasing.

Author: Amy Neiter

Stuffed Mushrooms with Spinach

Stuff large mushrooms with spinach, bacon and Parmesan cheese, and you have the perfect appetizer!

Author: MOLSON7

Portabella Nirvana

Roasted portobello mushrooms are stuffed with a savory crab stuffing like a gigantic appetizer. If this isn't Heaven, your taste buds will be there anyway!


Crab and Lobster Stuffed Mushrooms

This is the result of trying to duplicate a seafood chain's recipe. Comes close enough, they're gone the minute they hit the table!


Roasted Portobello Mushrooms with Blue Cheese

Meaty portobellos are topped with blue cheese. Great for appetizers or as a burger on a toasted bun.

Author: Dianne

Stuffed Mushrooms IV

An 18th Century recipe that I have altered slightly. Better make a double batch because these go fast. Sausage can be substituted for ground beef if you'd like.

Author: Jennifer

Stuffed Mushrooms II

Mushrooms stuffed with crabmeat. You can substitute chopped dill for the chopped parsley.

Author: Judy

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms

These are delicious mushrooms my boyfriend's father made that I tweaked into my own. You can play with different cheeses and sauces including salad dressings. I have found these to be my favorites. I have...

Author: Jennifer

Crab Stuffed Mushrooms II

The Dijon mustard adds a different twist to this delicious appetizer! Water chestnuts are optional, but add a nice texture to the smooth cream cheese and crab filling.

Author: Kimber

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms II

FAST and taste great. Everyone is shocked to know there are only 3 ingredients. There are never any left over.

Author: Sam

Blue Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms

Mushrooms stuffed with blue cheese, bacon, caramelized onions and garlic make a delicious appetizer!

Author: Maggie Lopez

Grilled Mushrooms Stuffed with Basil and Blue Cheese Butter

This is simply mushrooms stuffed with the same blue cheese butter recipe I usually use to top grilled steak or burgers!

Author: BudsGurls

Stuffed Mushrooms I

Incredibly easy and taste even better! There are never any left over!

Author: J Edin

Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms

This is a wonderful dish that can be served with almost any main course. These mushrooms stuffed with shrimp and topped with melted Cheddar cheese go really will with Italian food. I love them!

Author: Tony Anderson

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Just something a little different from the clam-based stuffing(s). Basic recipe you can change to suit your personal tastes. I usually cook and stir the mushrooms in butter before stuffing, but that's...

Author: Jamie Rigsby

Chinese Style Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms with pork hash stuffing are great as an appetizer or even as a side dish. The amount of mushrooms you have on hand can dictate the amount of stuffing that goes with them.


Andie's Stuffed Mushrooms

I made this recipe up for a party I had. Now I get calls all the time from people asking how to make it. The mushrooms are stuffed with hamburger meat, and are full of flavor.

Author: Andrea Ramos

Button Mushrooms Stuffed with Crab and Shrimp

Adapted after many attempts at making the perfect seafood-stuffed mushroom. My boyfriend absolutely adores the filling and I can't blame him-delicious!

Author: Kittie Wilkinson


After having these shrimp as an appetizer at a restaurant I have been trying to duplicate them. Serve with bread to mop up the extra yummy garlic butter!

Author: ambibambi

Spicy Shrimp Stuffed Mushrooms

These mushrooms are stuffed with spicy cream cheese, then breaded and topped with shrimp. Hide half of them for you to eat secretly throughout the evening, and serve the rest.

Author: Cameron Penner

Cheddar Pecan Stuffed Mushrooms

In my husband's family, we have a tradition of making a variety of appetizers as our meal for Christmas Eve. My sister-in-law brought these one year and they have been one of our favorites ever since....

Author: Teressa DeJong Drenth

Buffalo Chicken Stuffed Mushrooms (Low Carb)

I love stuffed mushrooms and buffalo chicken dip! I made these for a party I had and they went over very well!

Author: Nicole

Gary's Stuffed Mushrooms

Chicken flavored dry stuffing mix is the secret ingredient in these stuffed mushrooms created by my cousin Gary.


Dinah's Stuffed Mushrooms

Delicious mushroom caps filled with a clam stuffing! Very easy, and even better than the stuffed mushrooms from that famous Italian restaurant chain.... Garnish with lemon wedges when serving.


Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with Mashed Cannellini Beans and Harissa Sauce

This appetizer is loaded with so many flavors and it's vegetarian and healthy. Give it a shot if you want to impress! It may sound like a ton of work, but it really is simple. If you like bold flavors,...

Author: Tanya Demeris

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms I

These sausage and cream cheese stuffed mushrooms will be the hit of any party. Every time I make them everybody wants the recipe. This is the first time I've shared with such a big crowd. Enjoy!

Author: Queen uh Cuisine

Stuffed Mushrooms III

Mushroom caps stuffed with a mixture of Italian cheeses and pesto.

Author: Lisa B

Megan's Marvelous Mushrooms

Megan's stuffed mushrooms.

Author: djjachens509

Tuna Stuffed Mushrooms

Creamy tuna tossed with Swiss cheese stuffed into button mushrooms and baked into perfection.

Author: Jessica MacClure Dermody

Stuffed Mushrooms with Sour Cream

These are great stuffed mushrooms, the recipe uses sour cream and grated cheese to hold the stuffing together, it is far and away my favorite pre-dinner snack to serve at parties.

Author: MumAndMe

Air Fryer Stuffed Mushrooms

These low-carb mushrooms are easy to make and cook in under 10 minutes in your air fryer. They make the perfect game-day snack, but also impress as a first course when having friends over for an elegant...

Author: France C

Spinach Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms with Avocado

These mushrooms are delicious on their own, or put them on toasted sourdough bread with Dijon mustard for a great veggie sandwich. Use a mixture of chopped fresh Italian herbs (oregano, basil, thyme, and...

Author: tamiru