Copycat Shakey S Mojo Potatoes Recipe

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Time: 50 minutes



  1. russet potatoes
  2. canola oil
  3. eggs
  4. flour
  5. season salt
  6. cayenne
  7. thyme
  8. milk
  9. butter


  1. place eggs in bowl and beat add milk and butter & mix
  2. place flour , thyme & cayenne in second bowel
  3. place oil 3 inches deep in frying pan
  4. cut each potato into 6 mojo rounds
  5. place mojo rounds in egg mixture covering completely
  6. then roll mojo potatoes in flour mixture
  7. place mojo potatoes on cookie tray while others are battered
  8. once all mojo potatoes are battered drop in frying pan
  9. make sure oil covers the mojo potatoes completely
  10. if needed add more oil
  11. once golden brown , and cooked , drain oil and add all season salt
  12. serve

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