Cranberry Apple Ginger Compote Recipe

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Time: 70 minutes



  1. cranberries
  2. apple
  3. fresh ginger
  4. clementine juice
  5. water
  6. sugar
  7. salt
  8. cinnamon stick


  1. if you have or can get clementine juice , skip to step two
  2. otherwise -- put about 4 or 5 peeled and seeded clementines into a blender
  3. blend on low speed until juice is extracted
  4. place this into a saucepan
  5. place clementine juice , water , sugar and salt into a saucepan
  6. add cranberries , ginger , and apples and stir well
  7. turn heat on to medium
  8. add cinnamon stick and stir gently
  9. cover and simmer , stirring occasionally until fruit is soft and cranberries have exploded', "uncover and simmer until thick , stirring occasionally , but please don't walk away at this point ! it may burn --", 'turn heat off and let cool , then carefully remove cinnamon stick
  10. serves well either warm or cold', "it's ready to eat !"]

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