Creamy Spaghetti With Beef And Veggies Recipe

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Time: 385 minutes



  1. onion
  2. green pepper
  3. butter
  4. tomatoes with juice
  5. mushrooms
  6. olives
  7. dried oregano
  8. ground beef
  9. spaghetti
  10. cream of mushroom soup
  11. water
  12. shredded cheddar cheese
  13. parmesan cheese


  1. saute onions and green peppers in butter in skillet until tender
  2. add tomatoes , mushrooms , olives , oregano , and beef
  3. simmer for 10 minutes
  4. transfer to slow cooker
  5. add spaghetti
  6. mix well
  7. combine soup and water
  8. pour over casserole
  9. sprinkle with cheeses
  10. cover
  11. cook on low 4-6 hours
  12. it keeps it from sticking together

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