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national antiguan dish (caribbean)

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Time: 60 minutes

Number Of Ingredients: 6

Ingredients: sugar,allspice,flour,sweet potatoes,cinnamon,raisins


  1. preparations for making ducuna
  2. first grate
  3. the sweet potatoes and add sugar
  4. leave for a while it will spring water from mixture so
  5. you do not have to add water at anytime
  6. add spices and raisin , mix in the flour
  7. you may proceed to add a little bit of water , if the mixture seems to be too watery add a bit more flour
  8. spoon some of mixture in the foil paper
  9. you maybe able to make about 5 individual ducuna from the above recipe
  10. wrap the ducuna and place right into boiling water and boil for 45 minutes until they are firm
  11. it will be hot
  12. carefully unwrap and enjoy
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