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Top recipes for "Ecuadorean"

Crazy corn

corn-on-the cob with a twist. was given to my family from a friend who was from el-salvidor. we love it and eat it all the time.

Ranchera steak with fried egg bistec a caballo

braised beef with juicy gravy and fried egg on top. if you can't find ranchera steaks, try a latin meat market. if you use another kind of steak, try a very thinly sliced chuck steak. you may have to cook...

Corvina cacerola ecuadorean fish casserole

this is an odd little gem of a recipe, not at all untypical of the way ecuadoreans use plantains. corvina is a saltwater fish very common in latin america. sea bass is a good substitute, though most...

Aguado de gallina or chicken rice soup

this soup looks delicious. i found the recipe at posted for zwt 2008.

Oven baked sweet plantains

mmmm! i love plantains, especially sweet ones. this is a lower fat method of making "maduros" without the use of oil and frying in a pan.

Ecuadorean ecuadorian tamales de navidad for christmas

this is our family recipe for traditional christmas tamales. they are nothing at all like mexican tamales. the dough is smoother and slightly sweet. the filling is also completely different from any other...

Flan de coco ecuadoreana

there are a couple of good coconut flan recipes here, but none that are as easy or as fool-proof as this one, which i learned in ecuador. not only is it easy, but it minimizes use of utensils and so forth...

Fanesca spring soup

plan ahead for your easter feast! i read an article in the new yorker magazine regarding a letter from ecuador by calvin trillin about a spanish soup that he adores called fanesca, a thick and hearty...

Bean and banana dip

this is an ecuadorian recipe which i got from the book, "south american cooking". the author suggests that it is good for tailgate parties. unusual and maybe even a little "weird", but one of those combos...

Mango avocado and arugula salad

warning this is hot! enjoy!

Slow cooked lamb shanks seco de chivo

this dish is generally known as seco de chivo. goat or lamb is used interchangeably, though in america, lamb is much more commonly eaten and it is easier to find in the supermarket. when made with lamb,...

Llapingachos potato cakes stuffed with cheese

llapingachos are popular in the highlands of equador. potato patties filled with cheese and fried to a golden brown. yum. they can be used as an appetizer, a snack or as a side dish. they are often...

Morocho de leche or spiced hot milk with corn

last summer when i was in ecuador it was always a treat to have this drink for breakfast. breakfast carts on the street and roadside stands keep this hot on the stove and serve it up in tall glasses all...

Palmito salad

i love hearts of palm so i made up a salad. hearts of palm are usually packed in salted water so this recipe is for ones packed in salted water.

Pork with lime ecuador

received this recipe via email - sounds good so am stashing for cooler (much cooler) weather to have with big thin sonoran style tortillas, cilantro rice & a fresh bright salsa.

Ecuadorean churrasco

this is a simple ecuadorian steak dish. according to laylita of (where i found the recipe), this is traditionally served with a fried egg, rice, french fries, ripe plantains, a...

Stuffed avocados ecuador

an appetizer, salad or light entree. think spring and summer!

Ceviche de camarones ecuadorean shrimp cocktail

this great twist on shrimp cocktail is delicious and refreshing appetizer for your latin themed meal, or makes a tasty snack right out of the fridge.

Incredibly easy lemon curd ecuadorean style

i couldn't believe this recipe until i saw it made, so i wrote it down. these ecuadorean chefs sure know how to use a blender.

Aji ecuadorean hot sauce

there many ways to make aji in ecuador, but one thing is certain, there is always aji on the table. this is a recipe i learned while i was there. cayenne or similar small red peppers are decent substitutes...

Encebollado de pescado fresh tuna soup with pickled onions

entered for safe-keeping for zwt. an ecuadorean recipe from, sometimes used as a hangover cure. yuca or cassava or cassaba should be available at latin supermarkets. the pickled red...

Blue footed booby

this sweet, creamy drink is named after the long-winged seabirds that breed off the pacific coast of south america. i found the recipe on the website. it uses a sugarcane-based liqueur...

Ecuadorean potato cakes with peanut sauce llapingachos

unlike the other recipes for this, the peanut sauce makes it very different. in this month's gourmet oct o8, haven't tried it yet but can't wait to. (there is a recipe for annato oil on zaar too)

Canelazo spiced cinnamon rum drink

canelazo is a drink that will warm you up on a cold night high in the ecuadorian mountains. it's made from brown sugar, cinnamon and cloves, orange and lime juice, and the fiery concoction known as aguardiente...

Llapingachos potato cakes filled with cheese

llapingachos are potato patties filled with cheese, then sauteed to a golden brown for an appetizer or snack in ecuador. if your not in a hurry they will fry better if the patties are chilled for about...

Shrimp rice

a south american recipe from "arroz con camarones or shrimp rice is a classic ecuadorian and south american dish from the coastal areas consisting of rice cooked in a shrimp broth...

Shrimp and corn chowder

the grated plantain in this coastal ecuadoran soup gives the dish a wonderfully light and creamy body. tiny and virtually flavorless, annatto seeds, also known as achiote seeds, are commonly used throughout...

Ecuadorean avocado tomato salad over white rice

tangy salty but delicious lots of flavour

Ecuadorean beet salad

this is meant to be eaten with plain white rice. no one ever believes me but as soon as they try it they are hooked. my dh loves it. last time i was lazy and i made it with canned ingredients it was almost...

Camarones guayaquil

a great grilled shrimp popular from the coast of ecuador up through the southern pacific coast of mexico. serve it with fluffy rice, lime wedges, pureed avocado and, of course, some 'aji' - the ubiquitous...

Ecuadorean potato soup

here is a nice, simple recipe for traditional ecuadorian potato soup. i have not tried this yet & am posting for zwt 4.

Quinoa soup from ecuador

my friend from ecuador made it for us and i tried to replicate it with much success. it's now one of my favorite soup to make. if you like a creamier soup, you can make it with 3 cups soy milk and 1 cup...

Ecuadorean potato cakes llapingachos

from gourmet sept. 07 - yum!

Chicken marinade ecuadorean

i rub it all over 3-4 pounds of chicken pieces, leave it in the refrigerator for a couple of hours to marinate and then grill it. you could probably bake it, but i haven't tried that. you can substitute...

Ecuadorean arepas

these wonderful corncakes are served at bolivar with a little creme fraiche and salt and pepper. such a treat!

Pollo en salsa de mani

a peruvian/ecuadorian dish given to me by a dear friend.....wonderful!!

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