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Top recipes for "Freshwater-fish"

Crispy catfish

basic baked fish. flounder works well in this recipe also.

Cilantro tilapia

i created this dish in my own kitchen when trying to come up with a tasteful, low-calorie dinner. it's delicious!

Sushi salad

great side dish for sushi lovers! low fat, low calorie salad that goes with anything. try it out you will be bound to fall in love with it.

Cioppino seafood stew

what makes this distinctive is the mediterrianean-style mixture of tomatoes, basil and oregano with plenty of red wine and garlic-a base which makes the finished dish very strong and heady indeed.

Broccoli tuna rollups

my mother-in-law gave me this recipe many years ago. it makes a quick and tasty meal for those busy weeknights!

Clay pot catfish

delicious catfish in tangy sauce. serve with warm baguette or rice. source: mai pham, san francisco chronicle

Door county style fish boil

although an authentic fish boil is served with melted butter, the simple dill sauce in this recipe is a little healthier. serve with coleslaw and dinner rolls. some fish boils also serve corn on the cob...

Crispy catfish fillets

this recipe can also be used for other kinds of fish. it's lowfat, and i got it from cooking light magazine several years ago.

Coconut tilapia

i created this recipe in an attempt to add some flavor to tilapia. i enjoy eating tilapia, but other ingredients are usually needed to make it worth eating. this recipe is fairly quick and painless....

Crusted tilapia

this is a great quick mid week recipe!

Crabmeat crusted chilean sea bass

my boyfriend and i just finished having this for dinner -- wonderful!! i had to tweak the original recipe, and what follows is the end result. i'm sure the crust could actually be used on all kinds of...

Cornmeal crusted oven fried catfish ww core

this was distributed at my ww meeting this evening and i came to the site fully expecting that it had been posted and i could save it to one of my cookbooks. lo and behold, i am the first and while i...

Creole tilapia

when it's too cold to grill, this makes a fantastic fish dish!

Canned carp

this is a historical recipe not one to be made now. always follow ball book. this is how they did fish here in nebraska. always can meat under pressure.

Deep fried catfish

bring on the coleslaw!!! you'll love this one!

Easy bacalao puerto rican fish stew

mmmm...serve with crusty rolls to soak up the juices! this quick version of puerto rican stew from eating well magazine uses tilapia or any white flaky fish. the traditional dish uses bacalao, or salted...

Tilapia wraps

super easy and diet friendly, these saved me from food boredom on my low-carb, low-fat, low- calorie diet! they also happen to be fabulous.

Trout gremolada

i ran across this recipe at the canadian living site. chose it for ease of prep and because i love gremolada. i chose well. this is delicious. great fish, cooked simply, sings on its own. and, because...

Crappie fish fry

for those of you living in the midwest and lucky enough to snag those delicious crappie fish, here's a recipe that will do justice to those wonderful little fellas!

Amazon catfish

recipe submitted per a request for amazon fish. source of recipe is the turtle bay cookbook. cook time is frying time.

Coconut fish fillets

this is a fabulous way to serve fish! crunchy coconut mixed with cereal crumbs make for a delicious texture to an otherwise blah fish dinner! it's great on sole, perch, or just any fillet! it's great with...

Zuppa di pesce cioppino or fish stew

whatever you may call it this italian named fish stew or soup or as rachael ray would say "stoup." you can use any kind of white fish your fish monger has fresh like cod (my favorite), catfish, flounder...

Sea bass with sicilian pepper sauce

this is a very satisfying fish entree, good for company as well. serve over recipe #253389 or potatoes.

Dolly partons pan fried catfish

in this recipe from from “dolly´s dixie fixin´s,” she says “there was always catfish at the all day singing gatherings and it was mostly pan-fried.” she suggests you serve this delicious and...

Crispy tilapia

crispy! serve with tartar sauce. you can cut into small pieces before breading so the kids can eat like nuggets. you can also deep fry! stays crispy for packing in a lunch or picnic! a major importance...

Citrus honey tilapia with roasted corn wraps rsc

ready, set, cook! reynolds wrap contest entry. i like the recipe because its light and healthy i think a lot of people will enjoy it. i say less fat more flavor.

Baked salmon with mustard dill sauce

very easy and wonderful if you like mustard-dill sauce. one of my favorites.

Crab haddock bake

this recipe is from one of my 3 ingredient cookbooks.

Smoked trout pat

a scandinavian-style paté, attributed to clare ferguson, which i found on huey's website, and have adapted for the 2005 zaar world tour. huey (iain hewitson) is a well-known australian chef whose popular...

Catfish creole

this is from the sunset seafood cookbook (1981). we make it frequently. it's quick and tasty. feel free to spice this up if you'd like to. the original calls for the lemon to be sliced thinly and laid...

Fried gefilte fish

an alternative to the old standby this is quick and easy

Grilled catfish with coffee butter

an interesting new way with catfish that i found in the paper. i'm anxious to try this one out! from one of my favourite places, the catfish institute!

Crispy fish with sweet and sour sauce

i made this today and was delighted with the great flavour and the ease of this recipe. but what i loved most was that my kids, notoriously fickle fish eaters, gobbled it down. definitely a keeper. adapted...

Easy cheesy baked fish

an incredible recipe, and my fish is never overdone and a definite kid pleaser

Tilapia corn chowder

this light soup is a great way to slip corn and tilapia(of course)into your late-summer menu. make it a meal; enjoy with a green salad & tomatoes a nice vinaigrette and of course oyster crackers. we made...

Creamy norwegian fish soup

when we lived in norway we used to eat lots of fish...this recipe reminds me of a fish soup which was very common there. you can use other fish and shellfish. the potatoes and tomatoes are ingredients...

Healthy baja fish tacos

from oxygen magazine - may 2009

Crunchy pecan salmon

wonderful and so easy!

Cornmeal crusted tilapia with black beans and salsa

from "everyday foods" no. 29 (jan./feb. 2006).

Crusty catfish delight

a delight in many ways: very easy to make - a put all together and bake recipe. tasty combination of fish, tomatoes and orzo pasta. and it can easily be adopted to your needs. it presents the white, firm...

Grilled catfish with homemade salsa

a fast, easy, cookout favourite. serve with grilled potato and veggie kabob, and mexican cornbread, or tortillas.

Homemade authentic gefilte fish

gefilte fish is the traditional first course of the passover seder meal in ashkenazic homes. horseradish is the accompaniment. the combination of fish listed is only a suggestion, and other proportions...

Trout filets la zug

recipe from my switzerland.

Tilapia for company

this is an easy yet "fancy" look for tilapia. the original recipe called for 1 1/2 lbs. shrimp instead of fish fillets. i served this w/cheese grits, yellow squash and green salad.

Baked catfish dijon

this is such a nice change in eating catfish. i really loved this one!! (deck o'meals)

Fish exotica

one fine day, i sat down and wondered to myself how i could create a colorful dish, using fish fillets with refreshing ingredients, spicy yet appetizing. here it is; hope you like this. i have created...

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