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Top recipes for "Raspberries"

Christmas life

very simple, yet delicious fruity champagne cocktails, the great thing is you can really experiment with just about any fruit, also you can mix several together. i just made mine with strawberries and...

Cranberry fruit jam

this doesn't use pectin. the recipe comes from ball canning products, and assumes you know and follow safe canning procedures.

Dutch baby

i've had these a lot at b&b's, probably because they're delicious and dependable if the right technique is used. this dish is puffy around the outside and flat in the center offering the perfect nest for...

Frozen raspberry dessert

i got this recipe from my mil. it is a nice dessert for a bridal or baby shower. freezing times vary, so plan ahead of time.

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake pie

this chocolate topped raspberry cheese pie looks very elegant and yet it is so easy to make. why not impress your friends &/or family? you won't be sorry. i found this

Cran raspberry vinaigrette

delicious twist to a raspberry dressing. adjust the amount of oil according to your taste and if you want a low-fat dressing.

Pikelets with berries

i haven't ever made pikelets but i've eaten them - long ago. this recipe, when i chanced upon it, evoked nostalgic memories of carefree 1950s australian after-school afternoon teas at friends' houses,...

Chocolate raspberry waffle pudding

this recipe is really sensational and no-one would believe how you made it. good enough for guests. from super food ideas july 2005.

Chocolate raspberry clafouti

gourmet magazine march 2009.

Cranachan with raspberries

a simple but tasty scottish dessert sometimes called tipsy oats or cream crowdie. have your own robert burns night. :) cooking time includes chilling.

Linzer torte

this is based on a jacques pepin recipe of the same name. it's an elegant and scrumptious dessert that's simpler to make than it looks.

St tropez

serve in a martini glass

Raspberry liqueur

if you love chambord as i do but suffer sticker shock when buying it, here's a good substitute. it doesn't taste exactly the same when drinking it straight up, but when mixed in cocktails you won't be...

Raspberry tapioca with vanilla sauce

fruit tapioca with sauce.

Triple fruit jam

i went a little crazy this summer and fall making jam. this one is is a little different and i won a first place ribbon with it at our county fair!! alot of people will be getting jam for gifts this...

Berry blast protein shake fruit smoothie

this delicious smoothie is a great way to start your day and is a great breakfast option for people on-the-go. high in fiber, potassium and antioxidants this low sodium smoothie is perfect for the healthy...

Raspberry cream trifle

a beautiful dessert from taste of home. cooking time is chilling time.

Very berry spinach salad

another good spinach salad, using a raspberry dressing. the recipe comes from fresh express.

Dangerously red smoothie

delicious berry smoothie with only 4 ingredients. this smoothie is great to drink in the winter time because it provides one and a half times your recommended daily allowance of vitamin c. it's healthy...

Cran raspberry sauce

this is from i am going to try this on thanksgiving.

Berry mint smoothie

a refreshing, non-dairy smoothie from the lcbo magazine.

Balsamic syrup over strawberries

from atco blue flame kitchen - calgary's gas company always has some awesome recipes. this looks really different as a syrup to put over strawberries or any other kind of berry.

Berry coffee cake

a friend gave me this recipe awhile back and i converted it to gluten free this morning. it is a nice and tasty gluten free cake. the conversion is easy so i'll post the recipe as written and the gluten...

Berry whizz

a healthy and refreshing drink adapted from murdoch books' 'whizz it'. if you want a redder look, omit the kiwi fruit. i added that because i love the flavour of kiwi fruit. if omitting the kiwi fruit,...

Berry blast smoothie

a quick smoothie to make. the recipe came with my smoothie maker.

Crunchy yoghurt and raspberry pears

begin the day with a really quick to make, energy-injecting, healthy low gi breakfast. if there's one meal a day that you'll really feel the benefits of its being low gi, it's breakfast. great for shaking...

Yum o smoothie

purple colored happiness in a cup! berry explosion in your mouth!

Cranberry raspberry trifle

from good food magazine, december 1988. does not include 2 hours chilling time.

Swirlberry ice cream

a recipe from rachael ray. it's delicious. i made it but i think i didn't wait long enough before adding the fruit jam. so i didn't get a swirl. but it's still yummy :)

Raspberry jalapeno jelly

you would be surprised at how good this tastes and how versatile it is.


a drink from the bar eclipse, at le cap, south africa. taken in a book.

Chocolate raspberry cheesecake supreme

this is prize winning cheesecake.

Cranberry cooler smoothie

a copy cat of jamba juice's cranberry cooler.

Homemade blackberry wine

this is a very sweet wine that is so very popular here. to me it tastes like communion wine or mogan david! we grow blackberries so we always have a bunch to make the juice. just rinse them well and shake...

Watermelon basket fruit salad

since these are basic instructions, the number of servings will depend on the size of your fruit. it can serve a big crowd.

Cold cherry raspberry soup

cherry season will soon be upon us! if you can't get your hands on fresh cherries, frozen ones will do the job too. wonderful dessert soup to serve on a hot summer evening. luscious and complex! time to...

Black raspberry margarita

for cinco de mayo! yum! *note: cooking time is blending time. enjoy!

Duck breasts with raspberry sauce

this is from a local cooking class that i took. the fruity, slightly tart sauce really complements the rich flavor of the duck breast. use the rendered duck fat to fry some tiny new potatoes for a decadent...

Lower carb healthy breakfast parfait

this is our five-days a week breakfast and it has it all: it's low carb, hi-protein, a good source of fiber, dairy and antioxidants. it's creamy, sweet, crunchy and has great flavor. ant it'll last you...

Fruit gratin

this is a wonderful dessert, i love it with vanilla ice cream! change the fruit to what is available or to what you prefer. i also like to make this in the winter with canned plums and then serve it with...

Chocolate raspberry triple decker cake

perfect for valentine's day or anytime you need a special cake.


so quick and easy to make. absolutely yummy!

Cran raspberry waldorf salad

this is a great side dish to any meal. works well with most meats and is fantastic in the summer as a cool treat. pretty holiday dish anytime of year. cook time is chill time.

Cosmopolitan raspberry twist

we were making cosmos and came up with this by adding raspberry vodka. this has a nice amount of raspberry flavor and its all from the vodka. serve in chilled glasses.


this is a lovely raspberry liqueur. it's easy to do, just takes a lot of "sitting" time. i've given it as holiday gifts before and it has been well accepted! this is good for sipping, mixes well for a...

Ginger berry brew

i'm having fun making new drinks with ginger brew! this mixes raspberry syrup with a touch of lemon juice. i use reed's ginger brew. enjoy!

Deer hunting gourmet sandwich

my brother don submitted this for our family reunion cookbook; he's quite the hunting food aficionado--as you can see!

Peach salad with cumin dressing

coooking light magazine, jan/feb 2005. posted for safekeeping; i have not tried this recipe. notes: thaw the peaches and pat them dry with paper towels to remove excess moisture. pairing the fresh raspberries...

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