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Top recipes for "Tuna"

Tuna melt

this tuna melt is as good as the melts we remember from our childhood, but fits into a healthy diet. serve with a green salad for a quick, satisfying supper or by itself for an easy weekend lunch.

Broccoli tuna rollups

my mother-in-law gave me this recipe many years ago. it makes a quick and tasty meal for those busy weeknights!

Cucumber tuna boat

this is nice for a change on a hot summer day. easy to make, i made this ahead and just put into the fridge until we were ready to eat. this came from taste of home magazine.

Deli tuna salad

this is my favorite way to prepare tuna salad for lunch. tastes great on a bed of fresh spring salad or homemade buns. hope you like it.

Crunchy tuna walnut salad

i got this from a co-worker. haven't tried it yet, i'm putting it here for safe-keeping.

Curried salmon and rice slice

this is very very good, my aunty's recipe--we love this in my house. this may seem like a lot of ingredients, but it is too good to miss out on.

Creamed tuna in toast cups

my mother's quick and easy recipe. this recipe uses ingredients you always have on hand in the pantry. it's great when you're in a rush.

Croquetas de atn tuna fish balls

this is a simple recipe based that most of children will like. these fish balls can be served as appetizer with a salsa sauce or as starter with the suggested vegetable mix (salad). i used potatoes that...

Copycat jimmy johns tuna salad receipe

similar to jimmy john's tuna.

Confetti tuna

combining the need to stretch food farther and the desire to eat more healthily, i developed this recipe which was very happily eaten by my large family.

Curry tuna fish sandwiches

i like this recipe because it's simple and good. also, it can be made quickly. i made it up out of items that were already on hand.

Classic tuna salad

this is great if you're looking for the perfect recipe for traditional tuna salad. i got it from one of my favorite cook's illustrated cookbooks. the texture is perfect and not watery, which is one of...

Tuna mornay special

if i would stop procrastinating, i could tell you what this is like!! :-) it looks good though.

Creamy tuna tart

as my ds does not like tuna, i take any chance to try something different when he is not home and usually want something that is quick and so easy. ahh well, when the kids are ;-) found...

Easy avocado salad

incredibly basic, yummy avocado-based salad; it's one of my new favorite dishes now that i'm on a restricted diet. dairy-free, yeast-free, wheat-free, and low carb. i like this recipe because the avocado...

Cold tuna salad

tuna noodle salad! it's pretty simple easy and straight forward. great for the summer, pot lucks, a complete meal or a side.i've been making this for about ten years it was one of my girlfriends recipes...

In the pantry tuna rice casserole

my 2 sons grew up on this casserole. young children, especially like this. not spicy, but creamy. the ingredients are usually in everyone's pantry, hence the title. lol

Medallions of tuna with papaya chutney and cilantro pesto

this is one of a series of recipes i have from a winery. they unfortunately do not put the chef on the recipe page but on the tasting notes which i did not keep. so for lack of a better source, i'll...

Creamed tuna

this is a quick way of fixing it and one that i have used for years as a quick lunch or supper. add a salad and drink and it equals a good meal.

Creamy tuna pasta bake

this is the tastiest tuna casserole that i have ever had. its sure to please everyone.

Make it cheesy tuna bake

this can be made ahead, refrigerate and pop into the oven for a wonderful comfort meal. serve with steamed broccoli and french bread for an easy weekday. adapted from one dish meals. prep time does not...

Southwest tuna macaroni and cheese casserole

i made this recipe last night with things that i had on-hand, i must say that i had no leftovers -- from my kids to their friends, me and pube....we all loved this! it's so easy that i'm a bit embarrassed...

Cottage tuna spread

something different for a change ,simple too.good on toasted hamburger buns. from home cooking magazine.

Crock pot chinese cashew tuna

very easy and very good!

Tuna pasties

i'm not sure where i found this one but this is a great variation on a pastie, even hubby was impressed. goes great with recipe #383104

Tuna tempter

mom carried this recipe in. was shared with her by one of her co-workers at prc. i omit the pimiento and the bread crumbs. i always add mushrooms. my husband and grand daughter request sliced water chestnuts....

Delicious tuna mushroom noodle casserole

this recipe goes back years, it is a family favorite that i still make to this day, and i have also make it using cooked chicken or cooked turkey in place of the tuna, is a easy basic casserole, but it...

Cheesy tuna and rice dish

inexpensive recipe from carnation evaporated milk.

Easy and tasty tuna salad

great for sandwiches, serving on greens, or halves of ripe tomatoes. the capers and roasted peppers give a really nice flavor that is great for a change from the ordinary.

Freezer tuna sandwiches

of course you could just make them and eat them, but i like to freeze up a batch for lunches. i got the recipe off of remember, you can't freeze mayo, but miracle whip is fine.

Tuna melt with avocado on english muffins

this tasty tuna melt uses italian dressing and fontina cheese, broiled until bubbly.

Clean eating tuna casserole

from an old copy of clean eating magazine. we really enjoy this, i no longer have to feel guilty making tuna noodle casserole for the kids! i've made a few alterations to the original recipe

Greek style tuna casserole

my mom was cleaning out one of her closets and came across several folders full of recipes that she had clipped from magazines and newpapers over the years. i'm not sure what publication this one came...

Low carb tuna melt

i got this recipe from my aunt who found it i believe on she had started atkins and has lost 93 pounds so far...well, i just started atkins and found this recipe to be one of my favorite...

Tuna hobos

this is a marvelous tasting hot sandwich with a convenient make-ahead feature. prepare the sandwiches early and wrap them in foil; bake just before eating. they do require baking; the crockpot or microwave...


this is a traditional omani summertime favorite, a light tuna with rice lunch, that needs heat and sun to turn out just right.

Pedestrian salad nicoise

this salad nicoise is definitely not traditional, but darn is it ever tasty!! it's cheap to make, super healthy, and addictively delish. makes a lot and is a great next day lunch.

Tuna pomodoro

eatingwell; 349 calories, 8 g fat

Soy ginger seared ahi tuna

we had something similar to this on our honeymoon! i love the pickled cucumbers! found on posted by bride&groomfirst! prep time does not include marinade time which is either 30 minutes or...

Tuna stuffed avocado

this is a simple dish with wonderful flavour. enjoy as a light meal or as a starter to a larger one.

Easy and tasty tuna salad for one

i made this up all by myself. my mom and i are big tuna eaters. i eat tuna everyday and i find this to be the easiest and tastiest way i can possibly make my tuna salad for my lunch everyday. it's very...

Oven baked mahi mahi with orange and graham cracker crust

i was having a thank you dinner/get-together at a friend’s house and was doing 3 courses. i bought the mahi because i thought it would have been interesting to serve, but i had no idea what to do with...

Tuna steaks with pineapple sauce

a caribbean inspired recipe that goes well with either tuna or swordfish steaks. perfect for the grill too. serve with an island style rice pilaf. prep time does not include marinating time.

Cream tuna on toast

my mom gave me this recipe. it is different from most of the cream tuna on toast recipes i have seen because it has lots of cheese.

Crisp tuna balls

make ahead and freeze these appetizers

Lebanese tuna tahini salad

i've recently discovered tahini and absolutely love it! in this healther adaptation of tuna salad, tahini replaces mayonnaise as the emulsifier and adds unique flavor along with the middle eastern spices....

Sea bass steaks with orange salsa or tuna

this is great under the broiler, wonderful taste! from the local newspaper

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