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Caramel Bread Pudding

When rich, custardy bread pudding is matched with bittersweet caramel, it's doubly delicious.

Author: Martha Stewart

Chocolate Bread Pudding with Bourbon Pecan Sauce

A friend shared this recipe with us years ago and we have enjoyed it many times since. It's always a treat.

Author: JACLYN

Croissant Bread Pudding with Rum Sauce

This recipe is exceptional and so easy to make! Every time I make it, I get asked for the recipe. It is by far my most requested dessert. Enjoy!

Author: mangolie03

Capirotada (Mexican Bread Pudding)

This dish was served by my mother every Christmas. It was a big hit! This bead pudding is lovely with the texture of walnuts and the taste of cinnamon. This may be served warm or cold.

Author: Gloria A.

Commander's Palace Bread Pudding Souffle with Whiskey Sauce

Adapted from "Commander's Kitchen," by Ti Martin and Jamie Shannon,Copyright 2000by Commander's Palace, Inc. Used by Permission of Broadway Books, a Division ofRandom House.

Author: Martha Stewart

Brioche Bread Pudding

This brioche bread pudding is an impressive holiday dish that pleases the palate!

Author: Renate

Apple Bread Pudding

Baked apples in sweet, soft bread is a sweet snack for fall. You can leave the skin on the apples for more color.

Author: SandyG

Spiced Cranberry Bread Pudding

I feel this is the best bread pudding. Very moist. Family and friends just love it and are always asking for the recipe. One piece is never enough, so cut it big! Enjoy. Topped with a drizzle of caramel-flavored...

Author: Treasures of Food

Butterscotch Bread Pudding

A versatile bread pudding that is easy to make. You can also use chocolate milk and any candy bar of your choice for another version.

Author: Margaret Burger

Best Ever Bread Pudding

Let's face it, bread pudding is wildly underrated. And I honestly believe it's because so often, the bread pudding we've experienced in restaurants or even at potlucks more closely resembles a sweetened...

Author: Darcy Lenz

Outstanding Rhubarb Bread Pudding

I don't like rhubarb. But oh, how I have tried to like it. I have a patch of it growing in my yard and I wanted to find a way to use it. I've tried it in cakes, pies, cobblers, crisps, etc. This recipe...

Author: Angela Jones Jursik

Old Fashioned Southern Bread Pudding

Excellent, satisfying, and smells delicious.

Author: sal

Cinnamon Roll Bread Pudding

A twist on a classic recipe. I've made this for breakfast and dessert and my family loves it!

Author: Amy Lawler

Easy Cinnamon Roll Casserole

Garnish this cinnamon roll casserole with powdered sugar and serve with additional maple syrup, if desired.

Author: savta

Beth's Blueberry Bread Pudding

I love bread pudding. I am a fanatic! I go everywhere to just to try the bread pudding. This is one of my favorite bread pudding recipes!

Author: Amanda F.

Strawberries and Cream Bread Pudding

I love all things strawberry so when I was asked to make bread pudding I decided to try adding strawberries. The results were heavenly. I have never liked bread pudding... until now that is. I will definitely...

Author: TGAGNE

Steamed Cranberry Pudding

Author: Martha Stewart

Trishie's Chocolate and Orange Bread Pudding

A classic dessert with a chocolate and orange twist!

Author: Trishie

Coconut Bread Pudding

This dessert can also be baked in an eight-inch square dish; the cooking time will be the same. Serve it warm, at room temperature, or chilled.

Author: Martha Stewart

Chocolate Almond Bread Pudding

A slight twist on the traditional bread pudding. Almond flavor adds a really nice aroma.

Author: raisedoncoffee

Pineapple Bread Pudding

This is our family recipe (Grandma Mel's) side dish for Easter dinner, served alongside ham and green beans. It is very sweet and great for a holiday meal accompaniment.

Author: Amy W

Maple Caramel Bread Pudding

This cinnamon bread pudding is topped with warm caramel sauce. It's quick to prepare and incredibly delicious.

Author: WebsByMegan

Cranberry Maple Bread Pudding

This bread pudding is a delicious (and beautiful) way to use a week-old loaf. The crowning glory is the sweet-tart cranberry-and-maple compote.Recipe and image reprinted with permission from Tartine Bread,...

Author: Martha Stewart

Pineapple Bread Pudding

This comforting dessert is prepped in just 10 minutes before it bakes in the oven.

Author: Martha Stewart

Bourbon Bread Pudding

Use day-old bread in this decadent dessert recipe from Cheryl and Griffith Day, owners of Savannah's Back in the Day Bakery, for best results. If you don't have any on hand, dry out fresh bread in the...

Author: Martha Stewart

Apple Cider Bread Pudding with Caramel Bourbon Pecan Sauce

This apple cider bread pudding is always the first dessert to vanish during Thanksgiving dinner! It also won me first place in a pecan dessert cooking competition a few years ago!

Author: Ashley Holman

Pineapple Bread Pudding with Raisins

A yummy bread pudding that can be served hot or cold.

Author: jcizek

Raisin Bread Pudding I

A delicious, easy to make Bread Pudding. Enjoy!

Author: Monica

Cider Donut Bread Pudding

A delicious use for day-old doughnuts. Serve with a glass of apple cider.

Author: TheChicGeek

Martha's Bread Pudding

Cozy up to this simple, comforting recipe for bread pudding. Martha layers pillow-y slices of brioche into a deep-dish casserole, and tops them with a custard made from a base of eggs, sugar, and cream....

Author: Martha Stewart

Bread Pudding III

This is a delicious yet no frills bread pudding. My mom always made this and we always really enjoyed it.


Pumpkin Bread Pudding

Pure pumpkin purée makes this challah bread pudding super moist and creamy. The mixture gets plenty of warm, spiced flavor from cinnamon, ginger, allspice, dark brown sugar, and bourbon (yes, really!)....

Author: Martha Stewart

Louisiana Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce

A pan of warm bread pudding transforms day-old bread -- plus eggs and cream -- into an indulgence. This version has Creole roots, with cubes of baguette and a sauce that's flavored by a healthy dose of...

Author: Martha Stewart

San Francisco Sourdough Bread Pudding with Amaretto Sauce

After trying numerous bread pudding recipes, I attempted to create my own, using flavors that I love. The sourdough adds to the recipe without being overwhelming, and the amaretto brings a light almond...

Author: slfortson

Bread Pudding with Whiskey Sauce and Fruit

A great dessert for a Sunday dinner.

Author: Suzanne

Slow Cooker White Chocolate Bread Pudding

Love this white chocolate bread pudding recipe. It is delicious, decadent, and does not require a water bath!

Author: JenM08

Double Chocolate and Spice Bread Pudding

A rich, moist chocolate bread pudding flavored with cinnamon chips, and drizzled with a cinnamon glaze.

Author: Sally Sibthorpe

Pina Colada Bread Pudding

Using up coconut milk, canned pineapple juice, and stale bread products. Serve hot with ice cream, slightly warm with whipping cream, or plain.

Author: Elaine Leithiser

Bread Pudding

This is one of my favorite desserts. The sauce makes the dessert! I don't use raisins, but a lot of people like to add them in.

Author: MIEN

Apple Bread Pudding III

Awesome bread pudding with fresh apples and cream! Best served hot with ice cream.

Author: Veroncia

Cornbread Pudding

Serve this decadent bread pudding as a Thanksgiving side, or as breakfast the day after.

Author: Martha Stewart

Challah Bread Pudding with Peanut Butter and Jelly

A wonderfully scrumptious challah bread pudding with all the comforts and tastes of a PB&J sandwich. Delicious warm or cold. Enjoy by itself or with milk, ice cream, or whipped cream!

Author: GGinVA

Walnut Banana Bread Pudding

My mom has been making this recipe since I was little. This dessert is a big hit at every barbecue and potluck I bring this to! Sometimes I use pecans instead of walnuts. This is great with coconuts, raisins,...

Author: LoavesofLuv

Eggnog and Apple Bread Pudding

What to do with some Christmas party leftovers. Cooking times are approximate, so keep an eye on it. This recipe was created after party leftovers yielded a pan of homemade rolls and over a gallon of leftover...

Author: Esther Y. Smith

Butterscotch Raisin Bread Pudding

This recipe is reduced in fat but sinfully delicious! I use butterscotch rum topping.

Author: jdorrance

Spiced Chocolate Bread Puddings

These rich, chocolatey individual desserts can be made in ovenproof ramekins, mugs, or cups. The recipe also works in a nine-inch round cake pan, although you will need to increase the baking time to 35...

Author: Martha Stewart

Belizean Bread Pudding

Absolutely love this dish. Wonderful dish for a dinner party. Very rich and aromatic! Serve warm with vanilla ice cream!

Author: Monique Jeffery

Campfire S'Mores Bread Pudding

Delicious recipe your family and friends are sure to love.

Author: RMason84

Old Fashioned Rhubarb Bread Pudding

Rich and creamy, with just a touch of tartness from the rhubarb. Serve warm with whipped cream.


Banana Oat Bread Pudding

One time I had a lot of oats leftover so I made up this concoction in 40 minutes. You can add more sugar or bananas to your sweet delight.

Author: azalia