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Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash Soup

Make and share this Roasted Chicken and Butternut Squash Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: DrGaellon

Gordon Ramsay's Sticky Lemon Chicken

I found this recipe on a youtube video of Gordon Ramsey making this on one of his British cooking shows. These turned out pretty good and the flavors are fantastic! You can watch the video if that would...

Author: LDSMom128

Baked Mushroom Chicken Thighs

Make and share this Baked Mushroom Chicken Thighs recipe from Food.com.

Author: Krystal McDow

Fried Chicken Hawaiian Style


Author: MasakoHI

Hearty Chicken and Bean Casserole

This hearty chicken casserole is made with just a little sausage, which adds flavor and richness to a traditional home-style dinner. From Diabetic Living

Author: Gagoo

Chicken, Barley and Mushroom Soup

One of my all-time favourite soups, this is rich and very tasty. No one needs to know that it's healthy! You really should use the chicken thighs because it contributes a lot to the flavour and richness....

Author: Nif_H

Ginger Chicken and Shrimp Stir Fry

I don't remember where this one came from, then again I've changed it around so much it's nothing like whatever it was I started out with. I'm pretty happy with it, as it is now. Times and servings are...

Author: Pierre Dance

Cilantro Chicken With Ginger

This recipe comes from the little info card packed with the cilantro. It calls for skin on chicken legs, but you do what you use what you want. It is baked one and a half hours in the oven.

Author: threeovens

Apricot Glazed Chicken Drumsticks or Drumettes

You may use mixed chicken pieces in place of the legs for this recipe, also you can use about 3 to 3-1/2 pounds chicken wings, separated in half at the joint in place of the chicken pieces to serve at...

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Straight from Freezer to the Oven Chicken Thighs With Rosemary

My Mom helped me come up with this easy recipe. Great for when you need a quick dinner idea but don't have time to thaw first.

Author: rachelallen828

Chicken Thighs With Garlic and Lime

Make and share this Chicken Thighs With Garlic and Lime recipe from Food.com.

Author: Oolala

Murgh Makhani (Indian Butter Chicken)

"This is a simple home version of butter chicken, also known as 'murgh' or 'chicken makhani,' a popular dish in Indian restaurants. This is best served with naan, an Indian bread, or you can also serve...

Author: Lavender Lynn

Japanese Crispy Fried Chicken Kara Age

This is a classic Japanese Kara-age recipe. Chicken is juicy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Use dark meat such as thigh meat (and if possible skin attached) to get the juiciest fried chicken!...

Author: Ume Murasaki

Creole Oven Bake Chicken


Author: Ms. Ayons dishes

Crock Pot Thai Chicken Thighs

Make and share this Crock Pot Thai Chicken Thighs recipe from Food.com.

Author: KelBel

Coconut, Chicken and Banana Curry

Moist, tender pieces of chicken in a rich almond, coconut and banana sauce-always a dinner winner in my house. Serve with boiled rice.

Author: Lene8655

Braised Chicken Legs With Olives and Tomatoes

Make and share this Braised Chicken Legs With Olives and Tomatoes recipe from Food.com.

Author: dicentra

Southern Chicken and Yellow Rice

Total southern comfort food. Optional to add garlic powder, season salt, or crushed red pepper flakes or any other seasoning you like to broth.

Author: noahsark82306

Chicken Thai BBQ/Grilled Chicken

Marinated in a garlicky sweet and sour sauce, the chicken pieces are then easily barbecued or oven-baked to perfection.Special homemade Thai sauce as either a dipping sauce or a glaze.

Author: Timothy H.

Classic Moroccan Chicken Tagine

Make and share this Classic Moroccan Chicken Tagine recipe from Food.com.

Author: Jubes

Hawaiian Teriyaki Chicken

Got this from a friend from my church. This is not a recipe that you would make for dinner unless you have several hours before dinner time. It's well worth the wait and is excellent served over cooked...

Author: LARavenscroft

Brazilian Beer Chicken

Another recipe I found in Steven Raichlen's "The Barbecue Bible" and this is what he states about the recipe: "The United States isn't the only place where beer and barbecue are inextricably interwoven....

Author: diner524

Mediterranean Chicken Thighs

I found this recipe in my local newspaper. It is a big hit when I am having company. I usually broil it for a few minutes to brown after cooking. I hope you enjoy it as much as my family and I do.

Author: LI-Ray

Sesame Lemon Marinated Chicken

Chicken thighs get a delicious and lovely treatment from a sesame marinade and basting sauce in this mouth-watering recipe. The grilled flavor really says SUMMER!

Author: Feast Your Eyes

Coke Chicken

Growing up in South Africa, this was one of my family's favorite chicken recipes. I haven't searched for it here, so I don't know if it has already been posted.

Author: Ant5291

Japanese Mum's Chicken

We have a Japanese girl, Tomoko, living with us, and tonight she and I cooked a Japanese dinner for us and her friends. She phoned her mum,Toshiko, in Japan for this, as it's her favourite recipe, and...

Author: JustJanS

Chicken Goulash

Mouth-watering Hungarian goulash brimming over with chicken, onions and mushrooms. Paprika gives color and adds a spicy bite to the dish. Goulash originated in Hungary, and one of its most important ingredients...

Author: English_Rose

Chicken Thighs With Roasted Apples and Garlic

From Cooking Light The apples create a flavorful chunky sauce. Feel free to leave bits of peel on the apples to make this rustic dish even more colorful.

Author: Phil Franco

Grilled Pesto Stuffed Chicken Thighs

An economical, yet tasty meal. Chicken thighs are flavored with pesto, grilled and then served on Italian bread. For the pesto, I use my favorite, Recipe #220704.

Author: threeovens

Chicken, Potato and Avocado salad

This salad is good served warm, although it can be served cold too. Sometimes I like to throw a few croutons over it if I have them.

Author: JustJanS

Crock Pot Cajun Chicken and Shrimp

Make and share this Crock Pot Cajun Chicken and Shrimp recipe from Food.com.

Author: Miss Diggy

Chicken Ragu

Make and share this Chicken Ragu recipe from Food.com.

Author: Dancer



Author: Kana K.

Chicken and Dumplings for Two

I think I saw this in Cooking Light - the library's copier was broken, so I scribbled down the ingredients and directions on a slip of paper. I don't usually have celery, so used green beans and added...

Author: duonyte

Delicious Drumsticks

Make and share this Delicious Drumsticks recipe from Food.com.

Author: Abby C

Fried Chicken Legs Done My Way!

DH and I love chicken legs better than the other sections of the chicken. I just add my special touch of seasonings to the basic flour mixture. Everyone loves them legs!!

Author: Marsha D.

Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken

Make and share this Slow Cooker Garlic Chicken recipe from Food.com.

Author: Papa D 1946-2012

Chicken Oreganata

I love the combination of lemon, garlic and oregano common in so many Greek recipes. Naturally, I had to save this one found on the Cooking Light website. Have not tried it yet but will do so soon.

Author: justcallmetoni

Greek Chicken With Orzo

This tastes of summer... really nice served with a glass (or two) of Red wine and a crisp salad. You need to use the ripest, juiciest reddest tomatoes you can find, so if only anemic looking Toms are on...

Author: SugaredAlmond

Honey Bourbon Chicken

Once upon a time I swear I had a honey bourbon chicken wing recipe in this cookbook, but I seem to have lost it, so I had to make it up again as best as I could remember. Needed a BBQ meat dish for a Christmas...

Author: BeckyMonster

Baked Chicken With Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil

Inspired by http://ancestral-nutrition.com/20-minute-meal-tomato-basil-chicken/ and http://www.cookthestory.com/2014/04/07/baked-chicken-tomatoes-basil-red-chillies/.

Author: insulin resistant c

Creamy Chicken With Vegetables and Noodles

This creamy chicken dish is so comforting on a cold night. It is the perfect winter dish. Would be nice to serve at a Christmas buffet. Also, a great one-dish meal....Always feel free to adjust ingrediants...

Author: neona503

Country Baked Chicken

This recipe is a slightly modified version of one from the Mama Dip's Kitchen cookbook. We enjoyed it very much. DH, who is used to rating new recipes, said "give it a 7"! The chicken has a crispy, and...

Author: PanNan

Big Daddy's Baked BBQ Chicken

Make and share this Big Daddy's Baked BBQ Chicken recipe from Food.com.

Author: David04

Mom Mom's Secret Good Seasons Oven Baked Chicken

We always look forward to Mom Mom's chicken at each at family gathering and we found out her secret: it's an adapted version of the oven-baked chicken recipe you find on the Bisquick box, which I am sharing...

Author: TheDancingCook

Chicken Confit (Emeril Lagasse 2005)

Confit (meaning meat, such as duck, that has been salted and then cooked and preserved in its own fat) is similar to braising. We watched Emeril make this on Emeril Live and so we made it using half goose...

Author: 2Bleu

Oven Fried Chicken Thighs With Panko and Parmesan

Make and share this Oven Fried Chicken Thighs With Panko and Parmesan recipe from Food.com.

Author: Pinay0618

Braised Chicken Thighs in White Wine

This is an absolutely delicious dinner!! Its easy and uses low-cost ingredients, but looks and tastes like a million bucks. I usually double the sauce ingredients because the sauce is outstanding! Great...

Author: Tee Lee

Honey Ginger Chicken

This is different from any other honey-ginger chicken recipe I have seen on here. It has 1/3 cup hot sauce in it...so it has a little KICK! The sweet and the hot work fabulously together and always impress...

Author: AJsMOM

Kashmiri Curry Chicken

Make and share this Kashmiri Curry Chicken recipe from Food.com.

Author: Member 610488