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Old Fashioned Sweet Cucumber Pickle

These are wonderful pickles that probably go back several generations. I love them and so does everyone I serve them to. Be warned - they take 2 weeks to complete but they only need a few minutes attention...

Author: Toadflax

Pear Crumble

This easy, comforting pear crumble is sure to please. Serve it as is or with low-fat ice cream. Substitute all-purpose gluten-free flour and gluten-free oats in the filling and AP gluten-free flour in...

Author: kitty.rock

Homemade Kahlua !!

If you are looking for a tasty homemade gift, a lower-cost version of the brand-name liqueur or just a fun cooking project, try making your own Kahlua at home. This easy to follow recipe produces a rich,...

Author: Motivated Mama

Crock Pot Cornbread Dressing

This is absolutely the best dressing I have ever had and so simple to make. Put it in the crock pot and forget it. Hope you enjoy (Update) I have also made this with Rita's Corn Bread with Jalapeno & Cheddar...

Author: Nimz_

Simple Crockpot Boston Butt

I had a 4 1/2 lb. Boston Butt and didn't want to use it for the usual pulled or BBQ pork. So, this is what I came up with.This is a very plain pork recipe, so if you feel like adding other seasonings or...

Author: Chef shapeweaver

French Canadian Head Cheese

Make and share this French Canadian Head Cheese recipe from Food.com.

Author: queenbeatrice

Old Fashioned Southern Cornbread Dressing

Make and share this Old Fashioned Southern Cornbread Dressing recipe from Food.com.

Author: Kaykwilts

Chicken Empanadas Colombia Empanadas De Pollo

Now it is time for a party! My middle son got married to a most wonderful girl and we are welcoming them home from their honeymoon with a small family get-together. As a family favorite, my empanadas will...

Author: Fabio

Nancy Silverman's Rustic Sourdough Bread

This recipe is from Nancy Silverton of La Brea Bakery. Nancy is well known for her baking expertise and particularly for her sourdough. You can find the recipe for Recipe #316306 here; you will need it...

Author: Brandess

Homemade Coffee Liqueur

Make and share this Homemade Coffee Liqueur recipe from Food.com.

Author: DaHomeCooker

Springfield Tavern Style Chilli

Make and share this Springfield Tavern Style Chilli recipe from Food.com.

Author: C. Rhoades

Pepperoni Dip

This was given to my Mom from a friend, she made it whenever she had friends over for a home based party. Just put it in a crock pot and let it heat up.

Author: Misti_Country_Girl

Marmie's No Cabbage Fat Burning Soup

This is a very easy recipe that I have changed over the years, but originally it came from a hospital I worked at and was used to help overweight patients lose weight before surgery. I make it because...

Author: Marmies

Southern Style Baked Beans

I have several recipes for baked beans, and they all seem to suit a particular time of year or occasion. These are the baked beans I traditionally make on Super Bowl Sunday. They go very well with my pulled...

Author: JackieOhNo

South Carolina Pound Cake

This is a moist pound cake.Sometimes I substitute the vanilla for almond,lemon.or any other flavoring. Be sure to beat the butter ,Crisco and sugar 15 to 20 minutes .When the sugar is no longer grainy,then...

Author: Chef LINDA JEAN

Barbecued Pork Shoulder for 50 (Pulled Pork)

Here is my recipe for barbecued pork sandwiches that will feed approximately 50 people. When I used to cater, this is how I made it for Graduations, Anniversaries, Family Reunions and company picnics!...

Author: Wildflour

Toffee Bugles

These are very similar to the Caramel Bugles you can get at the quick stores, but not as expensive. Place in one of those little clear bags, tie with a ribbon, and you have a cute little present. You can...

Author: Sunshynetoo

Bread and Butter Jalapenos for Canning

My brother asked me to make these after eating some that a friend had bought commercially prepared. I found this recipe on recipecircus and had to modify due to some problems with the recipe. Once I tried...

Author: messystation

Dad's Beef Heart Stew

Am posting this recipe in memory of my dad who passed away Oct. 14, 2009. He made this every year when we butchered a beef and we always looked forward to him making this. This is time consuming, but makes...

Author: sklhczech

Crab and Shrimp Casserole

Make and share this Crab and Shrimp Casserole recipe from Food.com.

Author: semo233_417632

Pomelo Marmalade

Make and share this Pomelo Marmalade recipe from Food.com.

Author: P.Q. Butterfat

Homemade Dog Food in the Crockpot

Nutritious, economical, easy food to make for your dog! (About $1.30 for a one cup portion which is enough for a 12 pound dog/day.)

Author: msmia

Amazing Thin Crust Pizza

I finally mastered pizza making at home! It was a day to celebrate, since this pizza is actually better than you often go out for. When I make this my husband says it's always the best part of his day....

Author: Claire de Luna

Coney Hot Dog Sauce

Make and share this Coney Hot Dog Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: grandma2969

The Lady and Sons Beef Vegetable Soup ( Paula Deen )

*The chuck roast will yield more meat, but the bones from the short ribs give the soup an incredible flavor.

Author: zoe85

Pork Loin Chili

Make and share this Pork Loin Chili recipe from Food.com.

Author: ladygiggles67

Hibiscus Jelly

Hibiscus is slightly acidic making this a vibrant red sweet and tangy jelly. Can be used to ice tea, top toast, pancakes, ice cream added to margaritas, martinis or drinks that calls for simple syrup try...

Author: Rita1652

Frozen Summer Lemonade Pie

This recipe was given to my husband and myself after we fell in love with the result during a summer vacation to visit his family in North Carolina. The only thing better than eating a wonderful dessert,...

Author: queenofeats

Italian Appetizer Bites

When my friend raved about this appetizer recipe I had to have it. It really does get rave reviews and everyone wants to know "what's in it?".

Author: mer5901

Best Ever Chocolate Zucchini Cake

I've been making this recipe for ions now. It was a collaboration between myself and a friend about 25 years ago. I haven't found one I like better. I hope you will agree. These loaves also freeze very...

Author: Diana 2

Pistachio Torte

This is an easy to make torte. There aren't any pistachios actually in it. The flavor comes from pistachio pudding. For the nuts in the crust you can use pecans or walnuts. You can change the torte by...

Author: Teaspoon

Mustard Cucumber Pickles

This is a great tasting mustard pickle recipe for those cucumbers that get away on you! Large is good, seedy and bitter no! Recipe from a friend's family collection. A family favorite and one that is especially...

Author: Gerry

Dijon Mustard (From Sara Moulton)

This recipe is from Sara's book "Sara Moulton Cooks at Home". Homemade mustard needs to be stored at least 6 weeks before using, as it will mellow with age. A special thanks to Chef #17803 for locating...

Author: 2Bleu

Garlic Dill Pretzels

I've seen a ton of seasoned pretzel recipes here on "Zaar but none are exactly like the recipe that my sister and I developed. This is our favorite version. the original recipe called for a cup of Orville...

Author: Margie99

Grand Marnier Truffles

Make and share this Grand Marnier Truffles recipe from Food.com.

Author: AshleyP

Classic Mexican Shrimp Cocktail

Make and share this Classic Mexican Shrimp Cocktail recipe from Food.com.

Author: Dirty Bird

California Dip

This dip is addictive! Serve at your next party with corn chip scoops. I got the recipe from "Oh My Stars" a Junior League Cookbook of Roanoake Valley Junior League. Cook time is chill time.

Author: MarieRynr

Bourbon Franks

A good friend, we used to have a lot of parties and would have lots of hors d'oeuvres. This one was a favorite of everyone. We always doubled the recipe and all would be eaten. Easy to make and you can...

Author: Freespirit-05

Julie's Cornbread Dressing or Stuffing

This is an old family recipe that I have altered just a little with some advice from Paula Deen. You can use my cornbread recipe recipe #200737 or make your own, but make sure it's not sweet cornbread....

Author: puppitypup

Knorr's Vegetable Dip WW 1

Make and share this Knorr's Vegetable Dip - WW 1 recipe from Food.com.

Author: CyndiCB

Tuscan Italian Blend Seasoning

This is a great way to use fresh herbs from the garden. It can be used to season Italian sauces, salad dressings, marinades,and as a dipping sauce for hot, crusty bread. The proportions are easily changed...

Author: Miss Fannie

Soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookies

Make and share this Soft Sour Cream Sugar Cookies recipe from Food.com.

Author: TristaD

Navy Bean and Ham Soup

My fovorite comfort food on cold wet days. My wife, ( a bean hater) ate 1 1/2 bowls the first time I made this soup. I hope you enjoy it as musch as we do.

Author: Chef David Marional

Easy, Oh so Amazing, Mrs. Cubbison's Turkey Stuffing, My Way

i've been making stuffing like this ever since my mom taught me how. this stuffing is perfect for those who don't like all the "extra stuff" people put in their stuffing (ie. sausage, apples, cranberries,...

Author: catalinacrawler

Slow Cooker Stuffing

From Allrecipes. This is the best stuffing I've ever tried! And it's perfect during the holidays... since it's done in the slow cooker there's more space on the stove/ oven for other things!

Author: bcfdwife

Pepperoni Pizza Football Cheese Ball

Found on Mom on Time Out blog, easy to make and looks so cute, a fun appetizer for football season, cook time is setting time, serving is just a guess. I printed the recipe as I found it, but I did make...

Author: Bonnie G 2

Chocolate Stout Cake

This recipe was featured in an email today from the www.kingarthurflour.com website in regard to a recipe for St. Patrick's Day. NOTE: This is NOT for us dieters! LOL :-) "Stout and other dark beers are...

Author: senseicheryl

100% Whole Wheat Bread, Plain and Simple (No Knead)

This is the 100 percent whole wheat bread from the cookbook "Healthy Bread in Five Minutes a Day" by Jeff Hertzberg and Zoe Francois. It makes enough for four 1-pound loaves. If you are familiar with the...

Author: Wish I Could Cook

Hot or Cold Mississippi Sin Dip

I have found a few variations of Mississippi Sin Dips, but this is the one I get the most requests for. It is equally good cold or hot, and is one of the first goodies to disappear at gatherings! For really...

Author: Panakanic

Baked Catalina Chicken

Make and share this Baked Catalina Chicken recipe from Food.com.

Author: rocket_j_dawg