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Chicken Shawarma

Awesome Lebanese sandwich served in most Lebanese restaurants. Can be served with Tahini sauce or Toum.

Author: Wendy

Aunt Louise's Baked Kibbeh

This is the variation of beef and lamb kibbeh that I grew up with in a very ethnic Lebanese family. My Aunt Louise was the bomb!

Author: Russ Neimy

Lebanese Seven Spices

The secret for good Middle Eastern food. Actually it's a mix of 8 spices.

Author: orayeena

Ma'amoul (Lebanese Date Cookies)

After a few phone calls with my mom and grandma, I managed to write a detailed recipe for one of my favorite Lebanese sweets, ma'amoul. They take time to make, but are not very difficult. Wooden ma'amoul...

Author: LauraF

Homemade Za'atar

This za'atar spice recipe is easy to make at home from scratch with just four ingredients. While in Lebanon wild thyme is used, regular thyme from the supermarket or your garden makes a fine substitute....

Author: Serena

Lamb Shawarma

This is a wonderful Middle Eastern dish that I was introduced to by a friend of mine from Lebanon. This recipe yields an absolutely amazing tasting and tender final product. Shawarma can be used in pitas,...

Author: jwagner

Mediterranean Meat Pies (Sfeeha)

These savory little meat pies are a takeoff on a recipe from my Lebanese mother-in-law (who is one of the very best cooks I know). She makes the dough from scratch, but I use puff pastry instead to save...

Author: LauraG

Lebanese Donair

This is a Lebanese donair recipe, a traditional dish made with seasoned meat and tahini sauce that's enjoyed in many parts of the Middle East.

Author: ROSE90

Lebanese Chicken Shawarma

This is a flavorful chicken dish, which I first tasted at a little Lebanese restaurant. While normally shawarma is sliced off a rotisserie, it can be made at home with just a few changes. Be warned, it...

Author: Christopher Walters

Kibbee Lebanese Style

Simple Lebanese style lamb kibbee. It's a traditional basic recipe. Kibbee is to Middle Eastern cooking what a meatball is to Italian cooking. If you can not make it, stay out of the kitchen. I am not...

Author: MikeP

Kafta (BBQ)

The yummiest preparation mixture for ground beef EVER! I have made this Lebanese Meat for all of my friends and family and have HAD to leave the recipe with everyone! Meat mixture can be used for everything......

Author: Lebanese Cuisine

Lebanese 7 Spice Blend

This in an incredible spice blend used in Lebanese cooking. It is great as a rub for meats and poultry.

Author: Sommer Clary

Lebanese Chicken and Potatoes

A traditional Lebanese dish of baked chicken and potatoes, which I learned from my mum. Unbelievably simple, but ever so delicious.

Author: guyworldwide

Fatayer (Lebanese Meat Pies)

This is an old recipe my family brought with them from Lebanon at the turn of the last century.

Author: Russ Neimy

Lebanese 7 Spices

Homemade mixture of Lebanese 'Seven Spices' recipe is really easy to make at home and to have fresh at hand when you need it.

Author: BigDaddy

Lebanese Easter Cookies

These cookies are made in my mom's home village of Baalbek, in Lebanon's Bekaa Valley, a week before Easter. They are such a hit, everyone asks for the recipe. They taste good and they're not hard to prepare,...

Author: Arlette Therese Abdallah

Lebanese Stuffed Zucchini (Coosa/Koosa)

Zucchini cored and stuffed with meat and rice then cooked in tomato sauce. Holy smokes, this is truly Lebanese comfort food! Serve these with tabbouleh, fatayer and stuffed grape leaves.

Author: Russ Neimy

Middle Eastern Lebanese Fattoush Bread Salad

Fattoush is a rustic country salad of Syria and Lebanon which is on the standard menu of Lebanese restaurants. Arugula (Eruca vesicaria), also known as rocket, garden rocket, rocket salad, rugola, rucola...

Author: Olha7397

One Pot Lebanese Chicken and Rice

This is a simple chicken and rice dish from Lebanon that is eaten regularly in the region.

Author: KitchenDude

Shanklish Salad

Recipe from Andrew McConnell of Circa, The Prince, Melbourne. Shanklish is a Syrian or Lebanese cheese made from goat's or cow's milk, formed into orange-sized balls and coated with the tangy spice mixture...

Author: AmandaInOz

Mahalabia (Lebanese Cardamom Pudding)

This delicious Lebanese milk pudding is flavored with cardamom, which gives it a unique taste. If you cannot find cardamom extract, let a few crushed cardamom pods steep in the hot milk for several minutes...

Author: DeuxDilettantes

Lebanese White Coffee

The non-coffee, after-meal drink. White coffee isn't coffee at all. It is a simple mixture of hot water, orange blossom water, and flavored honey.

Author: Buckwheat Queen

Classic Arabian Kabsa Spice Mix from the Spice Route

This is just one variation of the classic Arabian spice mix which is used in the ancient Saudi Arabian dish called Al Kabsa or Al Kabsah; a chicken and rice dish which is fragrant and lightly spiced -...

Author: French Tart

Lebanese Green Beans, Lubie

My grandmother was from Syria and she always made these green beans for family gatherings. I have cut the oil to one tablespon, while dieting and left out the pine nuts, and they are still awesome. They...

Author: cooking kimmy

Anise Sugar Cookies

These anise cookies take me back to my childhood... They're crispy, sweet, and full of flavor! Serve with tea.

Author: Dianashh

Lebanese Baked Eggplant

This is a tangy main course that can be served with tabbouleh, hummus, and flatbread.

Author: Russ Neimy

Mock Hummus Bi Tahini (Chickpea & Sesame Seed Paste)

An adaptation of the famous Middle Eastern favorite called "hummus bi tahini". This is a more convenient and quick, yet equally tasty, garlicky, pureed vegetarian dip served as an hors d'oeuvres eaten...

Author: Tiomarrano

Mellas Family Lamb Stuffed Zucchini (Koosa)

This recipe is a great way to use up that giant zucchini lurking in your garden. Early-season squash are best, as the skin is tender and the flesh is delicate. Older zucchini still taste great, you just...

Author: blancdeblanc

Lebanese Laban Bil Bayd (Eggs in Yogurt Garlic Sauce)

This is usually a first course dish. If you wish do the eggs in individual dishes just make sure you divide the yogurt and garlic sauce evenly The cooking time includes the time to make the cooked yogurt....

Author: Bergy

Rose Water White Coffee

Lebanese white coffee isn't coffee at all. It is hot water, rose water, and a touch of crystallized sugar. This is a beautiful after-meal drink for anyone who doesn't like coffee or for who may have over...

Author: Buckwheat Queen

Lebanese Eggplant Salad (Salatit El Batinjan)

Eggplant lovers! Baked or grilled eggplant salad is very healthy and tasty. Try it! very simple and easy.

Author: Middle Eastern by M

Fattoush Recipe (Lebanese Summer Salad)

From SBS Food Safari a recipe creditted to Fouad Sayed. A typical cold Lebanese salad. A must to use fresh herbs in this salad

Author: Jubes

Sfouf (Lebanese Turmeric Cake)

This Lebanese cake flavored with anise seeds was one of my favorite treats growing up. It's a beautiful bright yellow thanks to turmeric powder. My grandmother shared her recipe with me so I can finally...

Author: LauraF

Lebanese Carrot and Orange Salad

Make and share this Lebanese Carrot and Orange Salad recipe from Food.com.

Author: morgainegeiser

Za'atar or Zahtar Spice Mix of Jordan, Syria, Lebanon

Entered for safe-keeping. From June 2012 Vegetarian Times. Lemony from sumac, grassy from thyme and oregano, nutty from sesame... perfect served with olive oil and bread for dipping. Sumac powder is available...

Author: KateL

Middle Eastern Cabbage Rolls

This is a Middle Eastern or Arabic version of cabbage rolls stuffed with rice, almonds, and spices and served with a mint-flavored yogurt sauce.

Author: Afiyet_olson

Layali Libnan (Lebanese Nights)

This is a cold semolina pudding with caramel syrup sauce and pistachio nut topping. The recipe is from my mother. If you do not wish to use rose water, you can substitute with 2 teaspoons of vanilla.

Author: Laila Baker

Kibby (Kibby Bel Saneeya)

This recipe has been in my family for over 75 years. It's a wonderful Lebanese dish that everyone will love. Even if you have never tried it before, I'm sure you will enjoy!

Author: sexxxi_shawty

Lebanese Laban Mutboukh (Cooked Yogurt)

Cooked yogurt is used in Lebanese cooking much the same as we use sour cream in the western world. If you can get goat's milk yogurt it is the best.

Author: Bergy

Arabic Cookies

These cookies are very good and I got this out of my mother's personal recipes. This recipe is from a Lebanese woman who was a friend of my mother's.

Author: Carol

Hummus Casserole

For this delicious dish, we layer a little hummus on the bottom of a casserole dish, then add the pita pieces, then the rest of the hummus with toasted pine nuts, lemon juice, and parsley. We don't make...


Mazza's Hummus

Mazza is a Lebanese restaurant here in Salt Lake that has some of the most amazing food! The hummus is to die for and Mazza's owner was kind enough to share the recipe with the Salt Lake Tribune.

Author: darthlaurie

Mashed Potato With Tahini

Make and share this Mashed Potato With Tahini recipe from Food.com.

Author: lemoncurd

Curry Currant Hummus

This is such a fantastic spin on traditional hummus. Try to make this several hours in advance if possible, the flavors will be much brighter and the currents will soften. Serve this with tortilla chips...

Author: kelycarter_

Yogurt Cheese 'Labanee', in Arabic

This recipe provides a great non-fat replacement for sour cream or cream cheese. It will easily keep for a couple of weeks in the refrigerator. We usually make a big batch and use it for a lot of different...

Author: Toby Jermain

Baba Ghanouzh Arabian Style Roasted Eggplants

Baba Ghanouzh is a popular Arabic dish of eggplant mashed and mixed with various seasonings. The eggplant is roasted over an open flame before peeling, so that the pulp is soft and has a smoky taste. Baba...

Author: udita

My Tabouleh

Love this stuff; not quite the authentic because I have only the ingredients my family likes,but I'm sure you will really enjoy it with some pita bread.

Author: Sageca

Eggplant Hummus Sandwich

Make and share this Eggplant Hummus Sandwich recipe from Food.com.

Author: Dienia B.