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Lazy Cabbage Pierogi

Make and share this Lazy Cabbage Pierogi recipe from Food.com.

Author: majakete

Polish Kopytkami Potato Dumplings

My Babcia (Polish Grandma) made these every new year. They are inexpensive, easy to make and very tasty. They are certainly not a "healthy" dish, but for special occasions or a nice reminder of childhood,...

Author: Ohio Margaret

Polish Applesauce Cake

Use homemade or store-bought apple sauce to make this easy Polish cake. I make applesauce with cinnamon, which then in turn flavors this cake, but if you're using plain applesauce, simply add 1 teaspoon...

Author: Magpie

Chrusciki II

These are strips of sweet dough fried , and dusted with confectioners' sugar.

Author: shirleyo

Drozdzowka (Polish Yeast Plum Cake)

Pronounced dhroz-djoo-vka, is a typical Polish yeast cake, usually enjoyed on Sunday afternoon with a cup of tea or coffee. Different variations of it are also being eaten during Christmas and Easter....

Author: Cooking Monster

Potato and Lovage Soup

I purchased 5 lovage plants because the man at the garden center praised its use in potato salad. When I planted them my Polish neighbor, who was surprised to see "Lubczyk" as she had never seen it growing...

Author: Chef GGina

Polish Noodles

This recipe combines sage sausage, cabbage, and noodles. Simple and DELISH! This is my husband's grandma's recipe, and my husband's favorite. I couldn't ask for an easier favorite. It's better when served...


Romanov Piroshki

This is a traditional Russian dish that can be filled with pretty much whatever you like. Delicious served with sour cream.

Author: Alexandra Romanov

Zupa Ogorkowa (Dill Pickle Soup)

This is from the book "Polish Cooking" by Marianna Olszewska Heberle. She decribes it as "A favorite of pregnant Polish women..." I thought it definitely sounded interesting and unusual. Posted for ZWT...

Author: ElleFirebrand

Old German Polish Recipe for Lebkuchen (Christmas Cookies)

This is a family recipe that I received from my mother-in-law. They were German-Polish farmers in the early 1900s on the eastern Germany-Poland border. This is a chewy, honey-based Christmas cookie. Melt...

Author: Steve Mitchener

Polish Horseradish With Beets (Ćwikła)

A typical Polish condiment, served with roast or any kind of smoked meat or sausage. It is a must on the holiday table, regardless if it's Christmas or Easter. Ćwikła basically consists of grated...

Author: John 11-44

Pierogies with Meat

Make and share this Pierogies with Meat recipe from Food.com.

Author: truebrit


Make and share this kwas recipe from Food.com.

Author: LikeItLoveIt

Polish Chicken Soup

This is my Polish family's chicken soup recipe which has been a Sunday tradition in our family forever. I only serve this with homemade noodles, and if you have the patience to make your own noodles, this...

Author: steve in FL

Gluten Free Cheddar Bacon Perogies

This is a combination of several recipes I have tried over the years. My family prefers these to the perogies bought in Polish bakeries. I also use a rice based "cheddar" to make it dairy free.

Author: Az B8990

Rogaliki (Polish Jam Filled Crescents)

Similar to Russian rugelach, rogaliki are a traditional Polish sweet, a mixture between a pastry and a cookie. You'll love the soft texture and jam filling. Try using different jams in the same batch to...

Author: Jola

Pickled Herring (Sledzie Polish)

Pickled Herring in Sour Cream -- This recipe could be used as part of a 12- course meal known in Polish as Wigilia, or on its own. Wigilia is eaten after sundown on Christmas Eve.Serves 4-6.

Author: evelinagrossberg


Bow shaped pastries that are fried and dusted with confectioners' sugar. So good!

Author: Danielle

Polish Chicken Noodle Soup

Make and share this Polish Chicken Noodle Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: ElaineAnn

Polish Cabbage Soup

This recipe has been in my family for many years. It was passed down from my Great-grandmother who emigrated directly to the US from Poland in 1907, to my grandmother, to my mother (the irishman in the...

Author: Babybuttons

Kielbasa and Veggies

Veggies, potatoes and Polish sausage topped with melted Cheddar cheese make this a delicious casserole. This recipe is so simple, it's the one thing my husband makes himself! When I do it, I like to add...


Halushki (Vegetarian Fried Cabbage and Noodles)

Also called haluska and haluski, this simple fried cabbage and onions with noodles arrived in America along with the immigrants from central Europe whose descendants still enjoy it as comfort food.

Author: Jolly Vegetarian

Polish Babka Cake

This traditional Polish babka is a cake perfect to enjoy with an afternoon cup of tea or coffee. My version is made without yeast. It's a moist and dense cake flavored with hints of vanilla, almond, and...

Author: Magpie

Homemade Chocolate Babka

This recipe is the next best thing to a bakery babka!

Author: Nina

Polish Poppy Seed Cookies

Polish cookies made with hard boiled egg yolks.

Author: Rosina

Polish Style Lasagna

Rich with potatoes, pasta, onion, butter and cream cheese, this pierogi-like dish is the best! It's also quick and easy to make. Serve with your favorite vegetable.

Author: Kim

Sauerkraut, Potato and Cheese Pierogi W/ Onions

I grew up in a polish neighborhood and this recipe made pierogi that taste like the 'real thing'! You have to be ready to prepare and cook for a bit, but the end results are worth it! This is a great dish...

Author: Dantana

Rogaliki Holiday Cookies

This is a Polish cookie my aunt used to make as a Thanksgiving holiday treat. Although I'm not Polish, I make them too, and serve them on a cold winter's night with hot coffee or tea.

Author: Sous Andy

Zeberka Wieprzowe w Sosie Wlasnym (Polish Pork Ribs in Gravy)

These pork ribs in gravy are made simply with just a few ingredients. Great for a pretty fuss-free midweek supper.

Author: Jola

Polish Rice Cake

An old Polish recipe made with cream cheese and rice.

Author: shirleyo

Simple Golabki

This is an extremely reductive version of the traditional Polish dish, Golabki or Stuffed Cabbage Rolls. This recipe was given to my mother by her Polish mother-in-law several years ago. Simple Golabki...

Author: Devon Doyle

Whiskey Chruscik

These are Polish deep fried bow-tie cookies.

Author: Cindy

Polish Chop Suey

Great good mood food and easy to prepare. Polish and German decedents will appreciate this blend of flavors. Try pork steaks in place of the kielbasa for a different flavor combination.

Author: jsgaidosh

Polish Style Chocolate Cake

A simple chocolate cake served with bananas and whipped topping. a different kind of chocolate cake. but a very good one.

Author: Anna Lombard

Easter Egg Cheese

This is a traditional Easter cheese, that is quite bland. In fact, it really isn't a cheese at all. The cheese that you see on the plate is 1/3 of the recipe. Even though this dish is not too popular at...

Author: Capn Ron

Babci's Pierogi

My adopted great grandmother's recipe as best as we can recreate it since she never measured anything. Mess around with the amounts and may the force be with you.

Author: Crystelle

Busia's Polish Sausage

My Busia taught me this recipe. What more can I say? This is REAL, old fashioned polish sausage. Busia always said kneading the meat by hand made the sausage more tender than using a meat grinder.

Author: cheryl wisniewski

Smoked Mackerel Pate

this is my mums recipe (sorry mum!), its something we have every Good Friday and Christmas Eve. Its absolutely delicious and ideal to take to a party or to serve as a starter. we usually have it on toast,...

Author: Belle Vix

Polish Tomato Soup

This is a tart and flavorful tomato soup that my cousin from Poland made us when she was over here visiting. She served them with kluski dumplings, I'll try to get that recipe posted, too. She had a technique...

Author: steve in FL

Polish Christmas Cookies

My mother in law has a polish name for these but my husband and brothers always just called them "Polish Christmas Cookies". They are very easy to make and have a nice anise flavor to them.

Author: Darlene


Make and share this PIEROGIE CASSEROLE (WONDERFUL) recipe from Food.com.

Author: Alan Leonetti

Kielbasa and Cabbage

This smoked Polish sausage dish is great for company, but quick enough for a weeknight! It is super good and easy, and can be prepared well in advance. Complete your meal by adding a baked potato, fruit...


Polish Pound Cake

This is a rich, moist cake. I make two in the oven at one time so the oven is not half empty.


Easter Soup My Grandmother Called Bousch

Make and share this Easter Soup My Grandmother Called Bousch recipe from Food.com.

Author: anetski1

Ultimate Jewish Salmon Croquettes

Make and share this Ultimate Jewish Salmon Croquettes recipe from Food.com.

Author: Loves Food

Polish Nothing Soup

Make and share this Polish Nothing Soup recipe from Food.com.

Author: Shawn C

Easter White Cheese, Farmers Cheese

This cheese has always been made for Easter around my house. This makes it a "special" dish that you look forward to as part of the Easter Brunch. Although it takes a bit of time, you've got to start it...

Author: Capn Ron

Instant Pot® Golabki (Polish Cabbage Rolls)

This recipe for traditional Polish cabbage rolls made in the Instant Pot® shaves a couple hours off the wait time for this amazing entree.

Author: Luette Davis Drumheller Kanas

Mom's Bean and Barley Soup

Another heart-warmer, hearty soup from my mom. Kids love it. Tastes even better on the second day.

Author: Sarah Chana

Polish Easter Butter Lamb

This is a recipe for making a butter lamb from scratch without using a mold. I can't emphasize too much that the butter MUST be the proper temperature to make the fur. Too soft and it will come out like...

Author: Capn Ron