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Cranberry Orange Scones (Barefoot Contessa) Ina Garten

Moist scones that include a sweet orange glaze to drizzle over the top. Eat some now, and freeze some for later. This is a Barefoot Contessa recipe.

Author: cookiedog

Apple Cinnamon Scones

***Updated 4/8/08 - This recipe has been adjusted regarding bake times and temperature. That seemed to correct the problems stated by the reviewer (based on her baking these again.) The reviewer did suggest...

Author: HokiesMom

Puyallup Fair Scones (Fisher Scones)

First, these scones are quick, easy, great and a perfect project for a beginning baker. Second...you need to know how to pronounce Puyallup...I wouldn't want anyone to embarrass themselves!!..."Pew-allup",...

Author: Mrs Goodall

Cranberry, Applesauce Scones

Make and share this Cranberry, Applesauce Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Bergy

Cheese Scones

Found this recipe on the internet. It's a nice twist on the traditional English scone (see recipe #133633).

Author: Kellogs

Mimi's Raspberry Scones

Make and share this Mimi's Raspberry Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Mimi in Maine

Classic Cream Scones

You're best off describing scones to a German by saying that they are like a cross between a Kuchen (cake), a Plaetzchen (cookie), and a Broetchen (roll), but are very unique and not really like anything...

Author: Barbara Heller

Cranberry and White Chocolate Scones

Washington State produces large numbers of cranberries. This delicious recipe featuring them is from the Inn at Barnum Point, Camano Island, Washington.

Author: Julesong

Real English Scones

This is SO plain and SO simple that I'm not sure if I should post it. Yet, these are the scones you get in Britain with clotted cream and strawberry jam, or in South African coffee shops and tea gardens...

Author: Zurie

Banana Scones

Make and share this Banana Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: swirlycinnacakes

Low Fat Blueberry Scones (Using Heart Healthy Bisquick Mix)

Tender little scones that mix together in a snap using Bisquick Mix. Rather than kneading the sticky dough like traditional scone recipes, I use a cookie scoop to portion out eight scones. If you use Heart-Healthy...

Author: CookinDiva

Rich Sour Cream Scones, from 1928

I have a summer job in the local museum and I have access to the exhibits. On display are some old cookbooks and I often have time to browse them. My favorite is dated 1928. This recipe comes from that...

Author: Annacia

Cranberry Orange Scones

Make and share this Cranberry Orange Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: PalatablePastime

Devonshire Cream for Scones

This goes with Recipe #230397 and is also great to serve with trifle or other desserty things instead of straight whipped cream. Excellent poured over fruit salad too.

Author: Debber

Barefoot Contessa Cheddar Dill Scones Ina Garten

After watching Ina make these to serve with her chicken salad this weekend I knew I would have to make these soon. I cannot wait to try!

Author: CindiJ

Blueberry Scones

Make and share this Blueberry Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Mimi Hiller

Easy cheese scones in a hurry.

Make and share this Easy cheese scones - in a hurry. recipe from Food.com.

Author: Ivana

Drop Scones (So Easy)

Make and share this Drop Scones (So Easy) recipe from Food.com.

Author: MizzNezz

Oatmeal Scones

Another good on the go breakfast, or enjoy with tea. Note: These are very good adding a tablespoon of orange zest along with cranberries.

Author: Barb G.

The Best Cranberry Scones Ever

Recipe adapted from http://www.joyofbaking.com This is our favorite scone recipe...the scones are very festive looking and very light in texture. Great for brunches! Another great thing about this recipe...

Author: Rosealicious Chef

Lemon Poppy Seed Scones

This recipe came from a restaurant in New Milford, CT. So easy and delicious with the use of a food processor!

Author: Bev I Am

Raisin Cinnamon Scones

I adapted this recipe from a Extra Light Biscuit recipe in a cook book called Feasting Naturally . I added more wet substances and the outcome was great.

Author: Frank Troy

Irish Dried Cherry Buttermilk Scones

I LOVE pretty, tasty, desserts! English teas and such are wonderful! I think that these scones will enhance any garden party that you are giving.

Author: tornadoes three

Cinnamon scones

Make and share this Cinnamon scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: najwa

Melt In Your Mouth Blueberry Scones

This recipe came from the Martha Stewart's web site. It is probably best to use fresh blueberries in this recipe, or if you use frozen make sure they are well thawed out. The sugar topping makes a crunchy...

Author: Marz7215

Treacle Scones

Make and share this Treacle Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Millereg

The Ultimate Coconut Scones

I'm now 32 years old and I've never tasted/baked scones. But 2 weeks ago I made a recipe and loved it. So now I'm in search of great looking recipes for scones. And this one seems to be delish and also...

Author: Boomette

Cornmeal Scones

Make and share this Cornmeal Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Derf2440

Banana Nut Scones

I made these up this morning when we were looking for a different flavour of scone for breakfast - and well, the very ripe bananas were calling me! I went easy on the sugar in the scones, and I sprinkled...

Author: Katzen

Easy Apple Cinnamon Walnut Scones

I made these up this morning when we were looking for a different flavour of scone for breakfast. I forgot to put sugar in the scones, so I sprinkled the top with Demmara Sugar - and I like them better...

Author: Katzen

Traditional English Tea Time Scones With Jam and Cream

Eat these hot, split & spread with fresh churned butter, fresh cream and homemade jam, preferably strawberry........not forgetting to lick your fingers afterwards - discreetly! These always made an appearance...

Author: French Tart

Cinnamon Sugar Chocolate Chip Scones

Great for breakfast, brunch, or just when you want a tasty snack. These biscuits are soft and almost cakelike and the buttermilk adds a rich undertone to the flavors.

Author: Cactuscat

Coffee Cake Scones With Pecan Streusel Crunch

Make and share this Coffee Cake Scones With Pecan Streusel Crunch recipe from Food.com.

Author: evelynathens

Hazelnut Scones

Make and share this Hazelnut Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Ashley U

Mrs. G's Fair Scones

This base of this recipe is called Puyallup Fair Scones (Recipe #183806)...I of course had to mess with a good thing and here's the recipe I came up with. These are even better! Here's some of the research...

Author: Mrs Goodall

The Bistro's Cherry Scones

Slightly revised from the Door County Cherry Scones from The Bistro at Liberty Square in Egg Harbor (wherever that is ...), original recipe is posted at: http://www.jsonline.com/features/food/40228777.html....

Author: Annz Recipez

Apple Scones

Make and share this Apple Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Amanda2

Cranberry Orange Buttermilk Scones

I couldn't find this exact recipe posted, so I am posting ANOTHER cranberry scone recipe. :) My mom makes these and they always turn out moist and flaky. They are especially good if you use dried cranberries...

Author: Al Al

Betty's of York Tea Room Fat Rascals Fruit Buns/Scones

When I worked in York, I used to nip down to Betty's of York Tea Rooms in my lunch break and treat myself to one of these delicious buns! Actually, they are a cross between a bun and a scone, and Betty's...

Author: French Tart

Irish and Scottish Gaelic Soda Bread Scones

Delicious and easy to make soda bread scones, which are perfect when served alongside soups, stews or an Irish or Scottish breakfast. These can be whipped up in a trice and make a nice alternative to bread.........they...

Author: French Tart

Scones / Tea Biscuits (Canadian Living)

Make and share this Scones / Tea Biscuits (Canadian Living) recipe from Food.com.

Author: Katzen

The Best Blackberry Scones

Love love the blackbery! These are really good with your favorite iced tea in the summer or hot tea in the winter.

Author: loveleesmile

Cinnamon Walnut Scones

Lovely scones that I personaly make with Splenda replacing the sugar and 1 tsp of cinnamon They look most inviting with a fanned strawberry on top for garnish,

Author: Annacia

Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Scones

Make and share this Brown Sugar and Cinnamon Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Steve_G

Scottish Buttermilk Oat Scones

This recipe was with Bob's Redmill Steel cut oats. I use the steelcut oats for oatmeal for breakfast and this seemed like a way to get fiber and a scone.

Author: Muddyboots

Oatmeal Cranberry Scones

This is one of my standard weekend breakfast recipes. It is basically the recipe printed in 1997 version of the Joy of Cooking.

Author: SusannaGail

Best Buttermilk Raisin Scones

Make and share this Best Buttermilk Raisin Scones recipe from Food.com.

Author: Raspberry Cordial

Eggless Tender Flaky Scones

This lovely textured scone is from a chef at Hastings House, Canada. The key to its tenderness is not overhandling the dough. Best served with clotted cream, whipped cream with a touch of powdered sugar...

Author: RotiJala

Oat Blueberry Scones

This is a slight variation on a Company's Coming recipe. I've substituted frozen blueberries for currants.

Author: Glitterhoof