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Oven Scrambled Eggs

These light and fluffy scrambled eggs are a snap to put together for a big crowd. I usually make 2 pans for our Christmas Brunch, and I never have much left over!

Author: Erin

Sausage, Egg, and Cheese Scramble

This is a tasty scramble of scrambled eggs, cheese, and pieces of sausage. Great for a Sunday morning family breakfast! You may use as much of whatever type of cheese you prefer for this recipe.

Author: Meaghan

Easy Fluffy Scrambled Eggs

These scrambled eggs are fluffy like no other.

Author: alfonso

Best Scrambled Eggs Ever!

These are the traditional scrambled eggs that everyone loves. It's a great and easy recipe anyone could learn!

Author: KANGAROOgirl

Scrambled Egg Muffins

These scrambled egg muffins with plenty of sausage and Cheddar cheese make a filling and fun treat at your next brunch. They're pretty, hearty, and fun to serve.

Author: aveal

Breakfast Pita Pockets

A good substitute for the plain old omelet. You can use a variety of ingredients; however, I like the all meat version. Serve with salsa and ketchup!

Author: SJKANG

Creamy Cheesy Scrambled Eggs with Basil

Sour cream makes these eggs rich and creamy and the basil adds a little kick of flavor. Sometimes I use pepperjack cheese and a little garlic and onion (powdered or fresh) for extra flavor.

Author: Elisa Stamm

Scrambled Eggs with Chorizo

This is an authentic Mexican breakfast. My husband is full Mexican and he taught me this simple and delicious breakfast. This is for two people and I use no more than six eggs for the both of us. You might...

Author: cupcake_sweetie

Extreme Veggie Scrambled Eggs

A variety of veggies combined with eggs make a great start to the day.

Author: EIORE

Best Scrambled Eggs

I've been tweaking my recipe for a while now and I've finally found the best scrambled eggs ever! My friends and family love it, and I make it almost once a week before school.

Author: mimo1099

Scrambled Eggs and Tomatoes

A fast meal of eggs scrambled with tomatoes, and then seasoned with some salt, sugar, and soy sauce. This was the very first recipe I cooked, with a little help from my parents...I think I was about 5...


Joe's Special Scramble

A delicious scramble great for any meal of the day! This is a Seattle favorite!

Author: JULIEP

Mexican Migas

This is an easy Mexican breakfast dish that everybody loves. It's also great for brunch.

Author: Shores

Creamy Cottage Cheese Scrambled Eggs

A nice change from regular scrambled eggs. These eggs come out creamy and soft. Perfect with a slice of tomato and turkey bacon for a delicious and fast low-carb breakfast.

Author: Kitchen Kitty

Richard's Breakfast Scramble

It is a great next day, leftover user breakfast that is hearty and fast! My brother came up with this recipe and it has become a breakfast mainstay when we get together! Serve with bacon, toast and fruit....

Author: heaty

Matzo Brei

Matzo and egg fried together. This traditional dish is great anytime, but everyone really looks forward to Matzo Brei during Passover!

Author: Janice Weisberger

Green Chili Eggs

Eggs, milk and chopped green chilies combine for a quick and easy breakfast or breakfast-as-a-light-dinner casserole.

Author: Nancy Scoggins Keithley

Sauteed Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

This is a quick and easy version of scrambled eggs that is both nutritious and delicious... hope you enjoy it!

Author: Mimi1989

Fluffy Microwave Scrambled Eggs

Light and fluffy scrambled eggs are easy to make when at home or traveling! Everyone will love this quick energy bite to start the day. Top with pepper and shredded cheese, if desired!

Author: Diana71


A quick and easy egg dish with Southwestern flair. Serve with picante sauce if desired.

Author: Janice

Scrambled Eggs with Wild Puffball Mushrooms

Puffball mushrooms are an edible species of fungi (calvatia gigante). The fluffy texture and earthy flavor is great in eggs, soups, and quiche. Be careful if you try to harvest wild puffball mushrooms;...

Author: TheUrbanAbo

Mexican Scrambled Eggs

So delicious and a great way to start the day!

Author: Claire

Curry Cheddar Scrambled Eggs

An American classic with a nifty twist!

Author: Dave Baker

Green Chile Tortilla Scramble

This was a favorite among our guests at the bed and breakfast where I cooked for many years. If you wish, add sautéed onions or diced tomatoes to the mix. I sometimes serve this dish with pinto or black...

Author: bakerbob

Spanish Chorizo and Tomato Scrambled Eggs

A Spanish-inspired scrambled egg dish, with cherry tomatoes and Spanish chorizo sauteed in olive oil before adding eggs. This is a deliciously different brunch dish, yet quick enough to make almost any...

Author: Diana Moutsopoulos

Greek Scrambled Eggs

This classic Greek favorite adds a little zest to the standard breakfast. Not much salt is needed; feta is very salty.

Author: zzyygg

Florentine Eggs

A wonderful way to spruce up eggs using spinach, mushrooms, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese.


Scrambled Eggs with Mushrooms

Eggs and mushrooms are a great combination. All you need is parsley, lemon, and a bit of cream, and you'll have a killer breakfast.

Author: walburga

Feta Eggs

A very TASTY way to add zip to boring scrambled eggs.

Author: Kerry

Onion and Mushroom Scrambled Eggs

A recipe inspired from a local brunch restaurant. The Boursin® cheese gives the omelet an incredible creaminess. A great brunch/breakfast dish. I prefer a blend of exotic mushrooms and I like to serve...

Author: boonu

Chorizo con Huevos (Spicy Mexican Sausage with Eggs)

An extremely simple dish that requires no skill or added spices or ingredients! We eat this for breakfast and even sometimes for supper.


Scrambled Eggs with Zucchini

My Dad (who's Italian) used to rustle this anytime dish up for himself. When I was in my 20s in 1996, I flipped when I saw it being served in a trendy Greek restaurant as an appetizer. It's a perfect,...

Author: LinH

Joe's Special Beef and Spinach Scramble

This mammoth plate of food features three eggs, a half-pound of meat, and more than enough spinach. Apparently a late-night patron requested his spinach omelet include a hamburger patty, and this is what...

Author: Chef John

Breakfast Scramble

Eggs are scrambled with kale, harissa, bell peppers, and bacon for a quick yet flavor-packed keto breakfast done in one pan.

Author: Kim Nelson

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

These eggs are a great way to start out your morning! They are easy and fast to make!

Author: Whitney

Garlic Cilantro Scrambled Eggs

A blend of garlic and cilantro with scrambled eggs. A refreshing way to start your day.

Author: David Smith

Scrambled Eggs in a Mug

These delicious scrambled eggs are quick and easy to make, and for all the family.

Author: Delicious!

Eggs Creole Over Toast

Tasty egg scramble.

Author: cassiopeia222

Chilaquiles Scramble

My landlady in Mexico used to make chilaquiles when she had stale tortillas. She always scrambled the eggs in, instead of the more typical fried egg on top. It's a very flexible recipe, so use what you...

Author: tomboy

Scrambled Eggs with Zucchini and Feta

Feta, zucchini, and onions are scrambled with eggs to create a delicious yet quick and easy breakfast. These eggs don't need salt because of the feta , but if your feta isn't as salty, you might need to...

Author: ABcooking1

Pesto Scrambled Eggs

What more can I say ... it's delicious (might not sound it, but it is) ... try it! Serve on toast if you want.


Scrambled Eggs and Shrimp

I made this on a whim. I just had these things on hand. This is a wonderful combination of eggs, cocktail sauce, and shrimp. It is an interesting mixture of tastes that you wouldn't think would go together,...

Author: Cathy Shaw Ardman

Sweet Herb Scramble

Scrambled eggs with tarragon, marjoram, parsley, and cheese. Salt and pepper may be added at the table.

Author: Karen Skolfield

Scrambled Eggs with Sun Dried Tomato

Delicious, fluffy scrambled eggs with sun-dried tomatoes, onion, and Italian herbs. Serve warm with multigrain artisan toast.

Author: Christina Letts

Egg Scramble

A yummy mix of veggies and eggs, topped with cheese and hot sauce. You may also use Indian curry spice or garam masala instead of cayenne and omit the cheese if you like.


Scrambled Egg and Sausage Breakfast Bowl

I made this dish with random items I had in my apartment. It ended up tasting delicious so I decided I would share it with you. It is like a bowl full of deliciousness. You can customize it to your taste...

Author: adamdhunt

Super Easy Chilaquiles

This is Mexican comfort food at it's best! A fast, easy, and flavorful meal without meat. Serve topped with sour cream and a side of black beans. Delicious!

Author: Alona Sandoval-Grenacher

Scrambled Eggs Fraiche

This is a wonderful, slightly creamy egg dish. The chopped parsley gives it tons of great color! If you can't find creme fraiche in your grocery store, just combine 1 tablespoon of buttermilk with 1 cup...

Author: TnM

Scrambled Egg Omelet

Say goodbye to the days when you had to decide whether to make scrambled eggs or an omelet, since with this exciting breakthrough in the latest breakfast technology, you're able to have both at the same...

Author: Chef John

Sharon's Egg and Ham Scramble

This is my original recipe, although there might be a zillion egg recipes very similar to it. The number of servings depends upon your appetite and what else is on the table to go with it.

Author: Dinner Date