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Slow Cooker Venison Roast

Venison roast slow cooked with onion, creamy mushroom soup, a dab of this and a spice of that. Simple, tasty way to enjoy that game meat.

Author: sal

Emily's Marinated Venison Steaks

I threw this together one afternoon, as we needed to use up the venison we had in our freezer. We don't like the 'gamey' taste of some meats, and this marinade did the trick! I find it best to have the...

Author: Thorney

Bacon Wrapped Venison Tenderloin with Garlic Cream Sauce

This recipe originated via other recipe suggestions for filet mignon. I made this recipe on my own to celebrate my hunter-husband's Valentine's!

Author: Huntmom

Easy Canned Venison

Make easy and quick meals with canned venison in stews, soups, sandwiches, or just heat and serve with rice, potatoes, or noodles and vegetable. The meat can be warmed and eaten as is or used in stews,...

Author: EWEDIN31

Corned Venison

This is a delicious way to utilize the shoulders of deer or elk. The process takes a little time but is well worth it. The curing gets rid of the gamey flavor of the venison. You may add one tablespoon...

Author: Emily Tisdale

Instant Pot® Venison Pot Roast

Venison pot roast used to be a weekend only thing for me due to the 10 hours of slow cooking it took to get it tender. Then there was the guess work of when to add the veggies. If you added them in the...

Author: Soup Loving Nicole

All Day Venison Pot Roast

My step-daughters always refused to eat venison, so we had to come up with creative ways to disguise it. This very tender and savory slow cooker pot roast always had them coming back for more. It wasn't...

Author: Erin A.

Venison Stroganoff

This is an easy and very good recipe that my family loves, cooked with venison.

Author: Cathy

Venison Meatloaf

This is a yummy and moist meatloaf with a bit of a kick. Use more or less spices to suit your taste, I like it as is!

Author: angelamclamb

Beer Marinated Deer/Elk/Moose Steak

This is my favorite marinade after a good hunting season. The two days in the fridge really makes all the difference when dealing with fussy people who don't like the wild taste of a good hunt.

Author: Ben Sullivan

Slow Cooked Venison

My dad brings home venison each year, and my mom never knew how to cook it. When I was 16, I threw some venison and a few spices and sauces into the slow cooker before heading off to school. We were all...

Author: a

Venison Tenderloin

Marinate venison in a red wine based marinade for 12-36 hours depending on size of meat and age of deer. Then remove from marinade and grill or roast until meat is medium rare.

Author: REDWINE48

Fried Venison Backstrap

Tender venison backstrap is sliced thinly before breading and frying to make a savory crispy crust.

Author: Nicole Holland Green

Gramps' Venison Summer Sausage

This recipe has been going around in our family for years. Each year around hunting season, my gramps would make this for all the hunters and family that were visiting for the season.

Author: dcg3269

Deer Bologna

An easy and tasty recipe using 40 lbs. of ground deer meat.

Author: jdwags

Venison Pot Roast and Gravy

This is my favorite way to prepare a venison roast, it's quick and easy, and even works with the not-so-tender cuts.

Author: Ron

Venison Cheddar Jalapeno Summer Sausage

This is a nice change from regular summer sausage. The cheddar and jalapenos give it a bit of a spicy kick that is sure to please at gatherings. We serve this at the 'Beast Feasts' we host every year where...

Author: Emily Tisdale

Grilled Venison Backstrap

Tender chunks of venison are marinated twice, and wrapped in thick bacon before being grilled until crispy on the outside. A venison version of Filet Mignon. This is a heavenly use of the best part of...

Author: TIKCUF99

Easy Venison Meatloaf

Serve with potatoes and seasonal vegetables.

Author: MOTHERHEN1982

Marinated Venison

If you have a hunter in your home, but don't like the wild meat taste, this is great. My boys can't get enough!

Author: Angie Weikert

Slow Cooker Venison Stroganoff

My hubby and I love stroganoff. He asked me to make it one day before he left to go hunting, but I wasn't going to have time. I decided to try it in the slow cooker and served it to my hubby and his hunting...

Author: Angie Fuller

Venison with Mushroom Wine Sauce

Author: Ellie Krieger

Thick and Rich Venison Stroganoff

A rich, creamy venison stroganoff. This recipe uses a roux to create a gravy that is thick and rich. A little bit of zip is added using pepper flakes. Serve this over egg noodles.

Author: grncreek

Deer Chop Hurry

I personally am not a big fan on wild meat BUT my husband is! With this recipe it doesn't taste 'gamey' at all. It's very tender as well. I even go back for seconds!

Author: Jorin

From Scratch Venison Stroganoff

A venison spin on a classic dish my mother used to make. A wonderful dish. This is an oven dish, though a slow cooker or stovetop cooking can be done with this dish. It's wonderful served over rice or...

Author: cybes

Emily's Marinated Venison Steaks

I threw this together one afternoon, as we needed to use up the venison we had in our freezer. We don't like the 'gamey' taste of some meats, and this marinade did the trick! I find it best to have the...

Author: Thorney

Hunter's Venison Casserole

This delicious, one-dish meal was designed to be most flavorful when made with ground venison, but it's also fabulous when made with other big game or even ground beef.

Author: stef k

Slow Cooker Venison Stroganoff Meal

This easy version of stroganoff is delicious!

Author: Kristi Whittington

Chicken Fried Venison Steaks

I was looking for something different to do with my man's fresh kill, so I just whipped this up from stuff I had in the cupboard. My husband and children loved it. Serve with mashed potatoes and gravy...

Author: Lori C

Venison Salami

This is my grandmother's recipe for homemade salami, you can use ground beef also if you don't have any venison around. It's worth the effort to make it.

Author: Amy Miller

Big D's Mushroom and Cheese Stuffed Venison Loaf

A moist and flavorful comfort food. Very easy to make. A dish that would please anyone. My family never liked venison until now. I make my own venison burger (mixed with pork and smoked bacon) to die for....

Author: Dave Eilts

Slow Cooked Teriyaki Venison

My husband is an avid hunter and venison lover. I never really cared for venison roast until now. This roast is so tender and tasty it will have you coming back for more.

Author: KGora

Venison Steak with Peppers and Onions

This is my brother Bob's recipe. I've always been loathe to eat food made with Bambi, but I couldn't resist the smell of this. Know what? It was delicious! He brings this out at football watching parties,...

Author: Barbara Z.


And easy Biltong recipe. Our all-time favourite snack & dash; salty, spicy, dried meat - also makes a great garnish for salads, soups and vegetables when finely shaved with a sharp knife. Creative cooks...

Author: Lannice Snyman

Crispy Chicken Fried Venison Steaks

This venison version of chicken fried steak comes out crispy, and the flavor is as good as its beef counterpart. The caramelized onions and gravy make it a solid meal for the whole family.

Author: deercook

Mom's Venison Barbeque Sauce

We grew up on venison, and this is one of my Mom's great barbeque sauces to make with it.

Author: BK

Venison Tenderloin Bites

My husband loves venison, and I'm always trying to come up with creative things to do with it. This is by far one of his favorite dishes.

Author: reneebiscoe

Cherry Bourbon Burgers

Concocted for a neighborhood burger cook off. I used venison for the contest and enjoyed many favorable reviews. Serve with your choice of bun, toasted or not.

Author: wkdmh

Venison with Sherry Mushroom Sauce

I came up with this recipe after my father-in-law gave us a bunch of deer meat. It covers the gamey flavor, so if you aren't into gaminess this recipe is perfect for you. Plus, it's fancy enough to serve...

Author: Karen D.

Roasted Venison

Author: Holly Smith

Venison Scaloppini

If you are from a state where they hunt you will love this! I serve it with pasta and a crusty bread!


Venison Shish Kebabs

Grilled marinated venison skewered with vegetables with a kick.

Author: CHONKY83

Venison Pot Pie

Finally a dish I'm happy to post! Definitely a family favorite and not hard to make. I use a deep dish pie pan to accommodate all of the ingredients.

Author: nick_atnite

Venison with Blackberry Wine Sauce

A yummy way to spice up venison loin or steaks. Good with any red meat.

Author: Web Spinner

Ancho Chile Rubbed Venison Steaks with Lime Cilantro Butter

This was originally for T-bone steaks but it works just as nicely with deer. The rub helps minimize the 'gamey' taste and the butter just makes them delicious.


Roasted Venison with Fresh Cranberry Sauce

There's so much more to venison than tenderloins or burger. Many people don't realize that venison can be roasted successfully without making it tough or leathery; the key is to provide some of the fat...

Author: The Magpie

Venison Kabobs with Sweet and Smoky Sauce

A delicious, gamey take on an old BBQ favorite.

Author: SerenaBloom