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Breakfast Waffle Sandwich

My sons "LOVE" when I make these sandwiches for on the go and weekend breakfast.

Author: Samantha Shirley-Peoples

True Belgian Waffles Recipe

This is the note that came with the recipe. I want to thank Rose for a keeper of a recipe! These are the best waffles I have ever eaten! It was on a visit to my husband's relatives in Belgium that I was...

Author: Marie Ward

Lemon Poppy Seed Waffles With Blueberry Sauce

Homemade waffles are an easy breakfast. These lemon poppy seed ones with a simple blueberry sauce on top are amazing. The waffles themselves are slightly lemony. Just enough to give them a fresh flavor....

Author: Jamallah Bergman

Ham, Egg & Cheese Chaffle

There as so many waffle variations both savory and sweet. You can even use the waffles as a substitute for bread. You can make them ahead, freeze them and then heat them in the toaster. This recipe is...

Author: Sandy Miller

Orange Cinnamon Roll Waffles Dee Dee's

These waffles are just oozing with creamy sweetness with a nice pleasant hint of orange. If you love cinnamon rolls, I'm positive you will love these waffles. I found a wonderful recipe for Cinnamon Roll...

Author: Diane Atherton

Wonderful Waffles

This makes a very tasty, light and fluffy waffle that's crisp on the outside.

Author: Amy H.

Cheesy Hash Browns with Country Sausage Gravy

I worked on this one a bit and played about with the ingredients, and cooking method. The country sausage gravy is pretty traditional. I got it from my ex mother-in-law, man can that lady cook. The hash...

Author: Andy Anderson !

Banana Nut Waffle Cookies

Inspired by Kellie Shulver's Chocolate Turtles Waffle Cookies, these are a great way to use up dark bananas and much faster than banana bread. They are slightly crisp on the outside and moist on the inside....

Author: Aurora McBee

Easter Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

These breakfast sandwiches were a big hit in the Test Kitchen. They have the perfect balance of savory and sweet. In our mind, putting an egg on any sandwich and it's an instant winner. We love the basic...

Author: Susan Feliciano

Fruity Waffles

In this recipe, I am using strawberries. But you could use most any other fruit you like that is in season...like peaches or blueberries, etc... If you make it using low fat or non fat ingredients, it...

Author: Cathy Nunn

Banana Walnut Waffles

I love this waffles recipe! They are everything a waffle should be... light, fluffy and a little crisp on the outside. These are a great way to utilize overripe bananas. They are delicious and can be whipped...

Author: Linda Smith

Grandma's Norwegian Oatmeal Waffles

From Cabbagetown Cafe Cookbook by Julie Jordan. Here's what she says about this recipe. Back in the good old days, my grandmother and grandfather ran a Norwegian waffle house in Brooklyn. There were lines...

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Brownie Waffles

Yummy chocolate waffles! Great for breakfast or dessert. Makes awesome waffle ice cream sandwiches.

Author: Melissa Turner

Malted Milk Waffles

These are a favorite to make ice cream sandwiches a little different. They are also great for breakfast. I make them from an old recipe I have but they can be made with any recipe or any pancake mix, just...

Author: Suzanne Marzano

Christmas Morning Rum Raisin Belgian Waffles

This is a wonderfully, delicious way to kick off Christmas morning. Impress the adults in your family with this sophisticated, yet easy recipe. If preparing for children, you can leave out the rum add...

Author: Tiffany Bannworth

It's a Secret!: Mixed Berry Waffles

Me and my dad love waffles!

Author: Silvia Anonymous

Chaffles BLT

Stop the press. If you are following a Keto lifestyle, you'll be in heaven with this chaffle recipe. Buying a mini waffle maker is well worth it for this recipe. But, they can be made in a traditional...

Author: Cassie *

Cinnamon Roll Waffle Iron Style


Author: Missy Wimpelberg

Irish Belgian Waffles

These are the perfect waffle! They are fluffy and delicate on the inside while nice and crisp on the outside. The Irish cream really gives these a unique flavor. They're great all by themselves, but try...

Author: Janet Scott

Dutch Cream Waffles with Maple Honey Butter

I love breakfast for dinner, and that's what we had last night after I came across this recipe for waffles. I couldn't refuse trying these...They were a hit, I served them with Honey Maple Butter and Maple...

Author: Wendy Rusch

Red Velvet Waffles With Cream Cheese Glaze

Who wouldn't love to be served this darling (and decadent) breakfast! We're obsessed with the glaze, the vibrant color, the flavor and... well... everything about this recipe!

Author: Nicole Hood

Light n Krispy Belgian Waffles

Growing up we would always have breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights. I continue that tradition with my family. I came up with this yummy little waffle recipe that my kids love! There are so many kinds...

Author: Leah Stacey

Fluffy Waffles With Cinnamon Cream Syrup

Found this recipe in a taste of home magazine and I've made them several times. The homemade syrup is the best.

Author: Nancy Allen

Strawberry / Banana Belgian waffle smores

Impress your guests with these delicious waffles. Kids love them to and they'll be getting their fruit.

Author: Mary Lee

Good Night Waffles

My better half absolutely LOVES Belgian waffles. Appropriately named, Good Night Waffles are started the night before. In the morning, you simply add the eggs, vanilla and baking soda. This recipe came...

Author: Sherry Blizzard

Big Fluffy Waffles

Not sure where I found these but I adjusted to my liking. I always make a double batch and then I freeze what is left over. A double batch will make 8 fluffy waffles.

Author: Jamie Franks @cookie1960

Chocolate Chip Banana Belgian Waffles

these are very yummy. I always love chocolate and banana together

Author: Laura Mattingly

Chocolate Brunch Waffles

Recipe is from one of my old Taste of Home magzines.

Author: Daily Inspiration S

Sweet n Crispy Cheesy Jalapeno Corn Bread Waffles

I love my waffle iron and this is a fun way to serve your favorite corn bread. Not to mention easy! Adding a whisked egg seems to be the trick for these wonderful and crisy waffles or maybe it's the club...

Author: Diane Atherton

Chocolate Waffles

You can serve these with vanilla yogurt, strawberries in syrup, bananas foster, or simply whipped cream, fresh raspberries and sprinkle of powdered sugar.Source unknown

Author: Lynnda Cloutier

Jalapeno Popper Cornbread Waffles

Got this from Rachel Ray! I bought a new waffle iron just for this recipe! ha I tweaked it a little. I'll share how in the recipe.

Author: Leah Robertson

Light Crisp Vanilla Waffles

This recipe requires a little extra fuss, but the airy texture is worth it. source unknown

Author: Lynnda Cloutier

Cheddar Bacon Waffles

Here is a hearty waffle that is great for a Father's Day Brunch! My husband use to love this served with a fried egg on top... and he would eat it on the go! I liked it with the egg served on the side...

Author: Colleen Sowa

Banana Nut Waffles by Susan


Author: Susan Feliciano

Chicken and Waffles

These chicken and waffles were a hit in the kitchen! Soaking the chicken in the buttermilk makes the chicken tender. Paprika and garlic seasoning in the batter is the perfect contrast to the sweet syrup....

Author: Adriana Torres

Carrot Cake Waffles With Cream Cheese Butter

These carrot cake waffles have a few more steps than most, but they are fabulous and well worth the effort. This waffle's fluffy and tender on the inside but crisp on the outside. The flavor mimics a carrot...

Author: Mangialicious Food

Peanut Butter Waffle Toast

If you like peanut butter or toast you will love this for the kids in your life. Enjoy !!!

Author: Gloria Gasperson'Giddings

Red Sweetheart Waffles With Strawberry Sauce

Homemade waffles are super easy to make and this recipe has minimal ingredients. A delicious way to treat your sweetie to a special breakfast. Turning the waffles red makes these fluffy waffles fun. The...

Author: Lisa G. Sweet Pantry Gal

Oatmeal Waffles my Way

I watch Dr.Oz everyday and his daughter made this, I liked it but I tweaked it to my liking and it came out good so I thought I would share. We all are looking for healthy food recipes and low calories...

Author: Jamie Franks

Breakfast Essentials: Cornmeal Waffles with Chili

This is a very hardy breakfast, or lunch, or dinner... up to you. The recipe gives you the ingredients to make the cornmeal waffles, it is up to you what you top them with. My choice was chili, and a nice...

Author: Andy Anderson !

Edna's Waffles (my great grandmother)

This is my great grandmothers recipe. I never got to meet her but my mother made these waffles every Thanksgiving Eve for dinner and every Christmas morning,( we had leftovers for breakfast on Thanksgiving...

Author: Linda Woodham

Lemon Waffles

These waffles are so good. They are full of citrus flavor and great served with blueberries or other fruit too. I hope you like them.

Author: Pat Duran


When I make chili , I usually have left overs to freeze. So later, instead of serving chili alone or with ole corn bread, I thought why not make cornmeal waffles, and top it with the left over chili. Bingo!...

Author: Nancy J. Patrykus

Coconut, White Chocolate, Macadamia Nut Belgian Waffles

We like to eat Breakfast for dinner on Sunday nights. One night I wanted to mix in some different ingredients that I had on hand. I mixed in these and it tasted great! They had a perfect flavor and I didn't...

Author: Leah Stacey

Healthy Belgian Waffles (Whole Wheat, Flax, Chia)

I used Leah Stacey's recipe for Light N Krispy Belgian Waffles as my inspiration. Just added a few ingredients to contribute to the "healthy" factor. My 9-year old is a HORRIBLE eater, but he loves eating...

Author: Vanessa Robertson

Norwegian Waffles

From Breakfast Recipes at Cooksrecipes.

Author: Vicki Butts (lazyme)

Pumpkin Waffles with Cider Honey Syrup

The smell of these on Thanksgiving morning just gets you in the holiday mood! My family is originally from the South and we like our sweet potatoes; so substituting sweet potatoes for the pumpkin is a...

Author: S I

Banana Buttermilk Waffles

The bananas give these waffles a delicious flavor -- makes a great breakfast or brunch item.

Author: Daily Inspiration S

Sweet Potato Waffles w/ Nut Topping

Family Favorite

Author: Janell Smith

French Toast Waffle

I wanted to make just a little bit of French Toast for breakfast, and didn't want to drag out the griddle. My waffle iron was sitting on the counter, having just been cleaned the day before. I decided...

Author: Susan Feliciano