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Crispy Whole Wheat Graham Crackers

My homemade grahams are buttery and crisp, with an incredible depth of flavor thanks to earthy whole wheat flour and the mellow maltiness of golden syrup-a type of light molasses.

Author: Stella Parks

Whole Wheat Scones

Author: Brian Yarvin

Caviar and Blinis

Author: Victoria Granof

Whole Wheat Oat Waffles

Mix the batter with a fork until it just barely comes together. A lumpy batter now means a light and tender waffle later.

Author: Deb Perelman

Seeded Whole Grain Soda Bread

"This moist, chewy soda bread satisfies all my starchy cravings but is so packed with seeds, oats, and whole wheat that it's also energy-sustaining. It makes beautiful toast, too."-Claire Saffitz, associate...

Author: Claire Saffitz

Algerian Flatbread

Author: Farid Zadi

Raspberry Chocolate Chip Scones

Meet my version of an energy bar. About 30 minutes before a workout, I'll grab one of these scones, plus some coffee and a gulp of kefir; the whole wheat flour gives me the sustained energy I need to make...

Author: Julie Smolyansky

Boston Brown Bread

Author: Mary Frances Heck

Cherry Apricot Cobbler

Author: Susan Reid

Grain and Ricotta Pie

Author: Lidia Matticchio Bastianich

Ballymaloe Brown Bread

Author: Eric Treuille

Whole Grain Pancakes with Blackberries

With all due respect to diner breakfasts and box mixes, the average pancake is about as satisfying as a bag of marshmallows. We'll take ours skillet-size, burnished from whole wheat flour and studded with...

Author: Chris Morocco

3 Ingredient Seeded Crackers

A quick spin in the food processor is all it takes to mix up these rustic whole-wheat crackers. The fennel seeds on top of them can be swapped out for caraway, sesame, flax, or any other seeds of your...

Author: Sam Worley

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls

These whole wheat rolls will impress everyone with how incredibly soft and moist they are. The secret ingredient? Instant potato flakes.

Author: Susan Reid

Coconut Date Power Breakfast Bars

Five different types of coconut, plus almonds, oats, and whole wheat flour go into our quintuple-threat, nutrient-dense breakfast or snack bars.

Author: Chris Morocco

Maple Oatmeal Sandwich Bread

Author: Susan Reid

Caviar and Salmon Blini Tortes

Author: Lillian Chou

Oat and Apple Pancakes with Yogurt

The oats, nuts, and fruit in this batter will start your day on the right nutritional foot-even with a generous glug of maple syrup poured over the top.

Author: Anna Jones

Cracked Wheat Pilaf

Author: Floyd Cardoz

Mini Whoopie Pies

Author: Tracey Seaman

Farro and Tomato Salad with Fish Sauce Vinaigrette

Mix up your summer sides with this salty, crunchy, and herbaceous grain salad tossed in an Asian-inspired vinaigrette.

Author: Joshua McFadden

Whole Wheat Bread Hayes

Author: Timothy J. Hayes

Whole Wheat Cranberry Orange Cupcakes

These cranberry orange cupcakes with an orange citrus glaze are the perfect way to surprise your sweetheart on a lazy Sunday morning, and the rest of the family will definitely enjoy them, too.

Author: Katherine Kallinis Berman


Author: James Beard

Whole Wheat Peanut Butter Waffles

Crunchy, healthy, protein-packed waffles made with whole-wheat flour and peanut butter.

Author: Melissa Clark

Blueberry Miso Crumb Cake

Whole wheat flour and miso make this crumb cake a little sweet, a little savory, and entirely delicious.

Author: Chris Morocco

Whole Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes

An easy Whole-Wheat Oatmeal Pancakes recipe

Author: Andrea Albin

Goat Butter Shortbread

Goat's milk butter makes an entirely different kind of shortbread than cow's milk butter. It is mildly tangy, with a wholesome quality that complements the whole wheat flour and wheat germ-like a new-age...

Author: Mindy Segal

Buckwheat Banana Cake with Yogurt Espresso Frosting

Earthy, nutrient-rich whole grain flours give this classic banana loaf cake recipe some added personality.

Author: Chris Morocco

Whole Wheat S'more Cookies

Author: Susan Reid

Whole Wheat Pizza Crust

This quick and easy whole wheat pizza dough recipe comes together in a flash with plenty of the yeast flavor of traditional pizza crust.

Author: Nava Atlas

Barley Bread

A rustic whole-grain free-form loaf barley bread recipe. Wonderfully rich and complex flavors with a hearty texture that's great when toasted and spread with your favorite toast topper.