Crabacado Salad Recipe

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Time: 32 minutes



  1. mayonnaise
  2. sour cream
  3. dijon mustard
  4. lemon juice
  5. worcestershire sauce
  6. celery
  7. capers
  8. hard-boiled egg
  9. pimiento
  10. parsley
  11. leaf lettuce
  12. avocados
  13. crabmeat
  14. paprika
  15. tomatoes
  16. artichoke hearts
  17. hard-boiled eggs
  18. pitted black olives


  1. in a bowl , blend together mayo , sour cream , mustard , lemon juice and worcestershire
  2. stir in celery , capers , minced egg , pimiento and parsley
  3. chill
  4. arrange leaf lettuce on four salad plates
  5. place one avocado half on each plate
  6. reserve a little crab for garnish and divide remaining between the between the 4 avocado halves , placing the crabmeat in the cavities of the avocadoes
  7. spoon a fourth of the dressing over each avocado
  8. place one piece of reserved crab on top
  9. sprinkle each salad lightly with paprika
  10. cut each tomato in half lengthwise
  11. place one-half of the tomato on the lettuce at each end of the avocado
  12. cut each artichoke heart in half lengthwise and place on each side of the avocado
  13. cut each egg in quarter wedges and place on each corner of the salad platter
  14. place one black olive alongside each quarter of egg
  15. serve immediately

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