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Top recipes for "Amish-mennonite"

Amish noodles

this is my dad's favorite noodle recipe. he makes them for thanksgiving and christmas every year. cooking time is actually the drying time. these can be frozen in zippy bags and used, as needed.

Dried beef casserole

here's some good, down-home pennsylvania dutch cooking for you--dried beef is very popular here. this recipe proves there's more that you can make with it besides 's.o.s.!' serve with salad or a green...

Crazy good cranberry baked oatmeal

ok, for all of those out there who are crazy about cranberries this recipe is crazy good and best of all, it is really good for you! this is the most delicious baked oatmeal you'll ever have. the berries...


russian-mennonite noodles, similar to spaetzle. good served with farmer sausage.

Amish baked oatmeal

this recipe came from an old amish cookbook of mine. it tastes like an oatmeal cookie. it stores well in the refrigerator and can be reheated in the microwave and served with milk. this has to sit overnight,...

Bohne beroggi

ok everyone, here is the recipe that i looked all over the web for for about a month, and no one knew what it was. well, i finally found it! this makes a really big batch, so you may have to cut it down...

Chocolate shoofly pie lancaster county pa recipe

wowza. if you like shoofly, here's another 'must-try' version.

Nubbly apple cake

another recipe from the 1980 version of the grace evangelical congregational church cookbook from muir, pennsylvania that was given to me by my nana when i became an adult. this recipe was submitted to...

Amish creamy coleslaw with boiled dressing

like the title says, this is an awesome amish recipe..we had this at a salad bar in ohio and begged for the recipe.

Amish potato rolls

these are so soft and yummy! they remind me of some i had as a child that a neighbor made all the time. i am so glad to have found this recipe. for convenience i use instant potatoes a lot and it works...

Amish friendship starter

this recipe was given to me years ago by a friend's mother along with 1 cup of starter. it's easy to keep and can be used to make a number of delicious recipes using "sourdough starter".

Amish cake

i love brown sugar cakes and this is one of the best. from amish cooking by pathway publishers. please note that buttermilk or sour milk can be used. sour milk is made by adding 1 tablespoon lemon juice...

Amish cornbread

here is one for cornbread using the amish friendship bread starter.

Chocolate cookies with creamy peanut butter filling

the title says it all! these are very fast, easy and with ingredients i usually have on hand.

Amish onion patties

a nice side dish. i love thise with the sweet onions (1015, vidalia, maui sweets).


a russian-mennonite dish similar to pierogies, but filled with cottage cheese, a defenite comfort food. freezes well. this is a great vegetarian dish, as well! they are very filling! this is one of the...

Crock pot amish dinner

this is adapted from an amish recipe for a 6 layer dinner.

Amish friendship bread and starter

many recipes have been posted for the amish bread, but none have included the starter, so i thought i'd send this along. happy baking! amish friendship bread and starter


this is an adopted recipe. original intro: "traditional russian-mennonite double buns: buns with a little knob or mini-bun on top." (thanks zenith/cornelia)

Amish halushki

entered for safe-keeping for zwt. from

Amish six layer dinner

this is simple to make and surprisingly delicious. it's my husband's favorite casserole.

Quick and easy cole slaw

another recipe from the 1980 version of the grace evangelical congregational church cookbook from muir, pennsylvania that was given to me by my nana when i became an adult. this recipe was submitted to...

Amish banana nut cake with penuche frosting

this is my dad's favorite birthday cake. old, even brown, bananas make a moister cake. this can be made a couple days ahead and covered tightly at room temperature.

Real scrapple

here is why you don't see any real scrapple recipes on zaar. this is not "the" scrapple recipe. this is a scrapple recipe. each family developed its own. when i was a kid, every family had its own....

Pickled eggs and beets

easy and simple way to make pickled beets and eggs. you can double the recipe for larger gatherings. my grandmother is ffrom pa dutch country and this is hoew she makes these easter-time favorites!

Amish potato salad

this is an authentic recipe from a family that makes it and sells it at a local market. amish potato salad is sweeter than regular potato salad. please pay careful attn to step 3! you do not pour...

Amish turnips

very good recipe! i never had mashed turnips before, but i loved them. servings are approximate. i can't really remember how many servings i got out of it.

Amish chicken corn soup

oh yes! this is a good, hearty, filling soup. you won't need much else when serving this dish.

Amish meatloaf

my husband normally hates meatloaf, but because of the sauce, he loves this one. i usually have left-over sauce after baking. i just sit it to the side for a topping.

Amish baked fried chicken

when i visited amish country in penn. i fell in love with the fried chicken they made. here is one of their recipes. very tasty!

Amish brownies

this will make 24 moist and chewy brownies..or 12 at our house!!

Verenika with ham gravy

here's another recipe that no one on this web site seems to have heard of, but i'm sure probably know another name for it. i think it's delicious! hope you like it!!:)

Amish lemon pie

this makes a most delightful lemon pie...

Amish sweet and sour red cabbage

an excellent side dish i usually serve with pork or ham. kids usually love it.

Cecily's amish asparagus in a bacon cheese sauce

my amish friend cecily is a wonderful cook. she grows her own asparagus and makes this often in the springtime

Amish cinnamon rolls

this came from an amish cookbook i've had since 1990. their breads are fabulous and their cinnamon rolls are out of this world. sorry there is no icing recipe included here. they either forgot to submit...

Amish endive or spinach salad

to make sure the greens are wilted before eating(covering the greens with a hot dressing only partially accomplishes this), drop them into a pot of boiling water. let tand for 5 - 10 minutes. then drain...

Mennonite style chicken broth

this broth recipe has been handed down for a few generations and it seems to change a little with each person. i found that i have been able to copy my mother's version pretty accurately. warning: don't...

Amish oven fried chicken

this is a great way to "fry" that chicken without all of the splatter on top of the stove. a good recipe, and i think it is good cold too.

Pineapple sauce glaze for hamloaf ham balls lancaster county

this is a popular topping for hamloaf / ham balls! wow! try my various hamloaf & glaze recipes till you find your 'fit!' this is almost always served at christmas, easter & thanksgiving here in the heart...

Black coffee cake

this recipe is from the 1980 copy of the grace evangelical congregational church cookbook from muir, pennsylvania. my nana saved a copy of the cookbook and gave it to be when i became an adult. the cookbook...

Amish vanilla pie

a traditional recipe that makes two 9-inch pies. you can really taste the molasses!

Pennsylvania dutch pork and sauerkraut

old time, simple recipe for pork and sauerkraut. delicious!

Old fashioned chicken corn soup

this is how i remembered it growing up in pa dutch country. there is nothing like a bowl of this soup when you're under the weather or just wanting some comfort food.

Amish lime salad

i am 12 and i can do it so obviously it is simple, easy and fun!

Amish macaroni salad

i really love amish macaroni salad, and this is my favorite recipe for it. amish macaroni salad is somewhat on the sweet side, so if you don't mind your salads sweet, i think you'll like it too. it's even...

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