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marzipan that can be

Dill salsa

this is the easiest way to get all your favorite hotdog or hamburger toppings in one spoonful. i make this everytime i make hotdogs on the boat and get great raves. it's so good you can eat it as a side...

Citrus ice cubes

another one from rick stein's fresh foods cook time is freezing time.


now that i make these, i won't settle for the ones in the store. (i originally got this recipe from chef doozer, now that she is at zaar, it is sweet of her to review it for me!)

Choko pickles

this is a recipe i got from my grandmother who probably got it from her mother and so on. i have always love these pickles with corn meal, lamb chops and sausages. enjoy!

Dried onion slices

i haven't tried these onions but they apparently make a nice garnish for salads, roasted meats and soups.

Cilantro cream

found this recipe in one of my cruising cookbooks. it's a great garnish for hot chili . . such as my spicesea chili

Cottage dip

nice 'warm' dip to serve along with dry biscuits or personally i served on top of some puppodums.

Cinnamon nutmeg whipped cream

absolutely delicious homemade whipped cream. the perfect topping for pumpkin or apple pie. i serve this with dessert every christmas. this is my own creation.


from the website of june meyer who chronicles the home recipes of her mother on her website. rivilchas are similar to the german spatzle and commonly used to strech out hunagrian soups and stews. from...

Crescent city croutons

new orleans is called the crescent city because of the crescent curve the mississippi river makes there. these seasoned croutons are from chef emile stieffel. you may, of course, lessen the "heat" by...

Candied lime slices

right after joining rz, i tried & was not able to find a recipe for candied limes, but chef neta kindly helped me find this 1 at the food network website. twice since then questions have come up about...

Greek hot dog sauce

not tomato based and so close to what our local famous hot dog joints offer (here in toledo it's nettie's and rudy's)! passed along from my uncle bob who knew the owner of a local hot dog joint in the...


i crave sushi a couple of times a week so i bought a sushi maker to cut down on prep time. it's wonderful but i always end up with small pieces of sushi nori left over, they weren't any good for making...

Moroccan style spicy pickled vegetables

i love crunchy veggies & low cal options are always a plus. this recipe from chefbarrae caught my eye as a must try. i liked that it is diabetic friendly and think it would be picnic friendly. this...

Honey pecan candy

this is one of those heaven-on-earth experiences. this recipe was taken from and was originally used as a pumpkin pie garnish....but it is so amazing and so easy by itself that i just had...

Colored sugar

colored sugar to top cookies with, or roll them in .. sometimes i use it to top muffins when i make them for kids .. i usually use coarse sugar, and it works well ..

My own tartar sauce seafood sauce

tartar sauce is expensive, why not create your own? my tartar sauce is tastier than the bottled brands, and costs far less!

Croutons made in the wok

this was a readers tip in fine cooking. no recipe with it, but when i read the tip it made sense to me. the lady said you can make more croutons in the wok then on one oven tray....the amount of oil may...

Simply pure maple whipped cream

no "flavoring extract", no spices, just plain pure goodness of maple syrup in whipped cream. use as you would regular whipped cream

Mexican vinegar

herbal vinegars make good marinades. also try this with oil as a different flavored salad dressing. this also makes a pretty gift.

Easy candied cranberries

no boiling, no syrup, no mess. and if you have a silpat, even easier. these are great for decorating cupcakes, cakes, fruit tarts. good in cocktails, too.

Dipped marshmallows

this recipe was given to me by ruth a lady at my church. i haven't actually timed the recipe but it is about 45 minutes to and hour to do everything.

Writing chocolate

from alton brown and the food network. this is a great little tip for "writing" on your edibles. use it on cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, whatever. you're only limited by your imagination. i have also...

Goat cheese medallions

baked, breaded slices of mild, soft goat cheese make excellent additions to salad, garnishes or crisp/tender appetizers. very easy, very quick, very good.

Croutons with chevre and red peppers

from goodies to go. great served with tomato bisque.servings and cook time is an estimate.

Crispy fried shallots

garnish for recipe #108333 the mary milliken & sue feniger recipe.

Chocolate covered candied orange peel

from birds & blooms magazine, this reminds me of my mom, who always loved these.

Onion tarka

onion tarka is a traditional crispy brown onion garnish sprinkled over many indian dishes. this is a quick version that will keep in an airtight container for several weeks.

Best on bacon

this is how we eat our bacon in our family

Caramelized sherried onions

this is a kicked up version of my recipe #51649. garnish a steak or just top a good slice of bread as my dd would do. top those burgers for the super bowl games. i do love caramelized onions but this...

Awesome pecans

totally addictive... these pecans are sweet, spicy, salty and crisp. a friend gave me some pecans for christmas. i used the recipe she shared, a recipe from recipezaar, and another, from a third source....

Pear chutney

good as a side with curries. this one's mellow and has the influences of east indian and the caribbean.

Outback croutons

hi there folks. i used to be a hot-side and cold-side prep cook for outback and i never signed a confidentiality agreement. their loss is now your gain. i know all the recipe cards--you will, however,...

Cinnamon cream syrup

a couple of people told me i should post this. it is the recipe for the syrup from my fluffy waffles recipe #162586.

Tomato avocado salsa

serve with tortilla chips, or as a topping for fajitas burritos or quesadillas. ww 0 points upto 1/4 cup cook time is chill time.

Summer squash relish

this is a great early late-june or early-july recipe using some of the first of the summer squash and thai basil.

Chive and garlic croutons

i love croutons! i could just eat them as a snack!

Chocolate whipped cream

this simple whipped cream is great to garnish all kinds of espresso and coffee drinks. from the cappuccino espresso the book of beverages by christie and thomas katona.

Mojo rojo

mojo is a type of sauce; different versions are served all over the spanish-speaking world. this one comes from the canary islands of spain, where no table would be complete without a bowl of mojo on it....

Pear date compote

from alex guarnaschelli's cooking loft. serve with recipe #327541.

Nut chutney

adapted from mark bittman. fits south beach diet p1.

Garlic herb butter

for veggies, meats, bread, just about anything you want.

Basil butter

this recipe is from canada and from all recipes. posted for zwt4.

Chunky guatemalan guacamole

an authentic guacamole recipe we learned from guatemalan friends. we have been spoiled and will only eat guacamole with authentic fresh ingredients. don't cheat when you make this recipe!

Chocolate whipped cream i

this recipe was adopted by me in a whirlwind zaar adoption in september 2006. i myself haven't made it but as soon as i do i will update the description.

Praline dust

a coarse texture praline used to flavour items such as gateaux, souffles, ice-cream topping etc. the aroma from the nuts and caramelised sugar is incredible.

Fluffy dumplings

i use these in soup and stews, you can add chili powder, and parsley, then they are called parsley, chili fluffy dumplings, and you can also make them smaller.

Crispy shallots ina garten back to basics

this is for crisy shallots to serve on soup, steaks, in salads etc. delicious addition. must try. ideally paired with roasted potato and leek soup by ina garten (see my public recipes for the recipe)....

Caramel cream

this is from the imperial sugar website. nice to pour over bread pudding or cakes or straight into your mouth!!

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