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Top recipes for "New-zealand"

Coconut ice

every new zealand child learning their way around the kitchen makes this at one time or another. classic supersweet confectionery.

Chocolate colada

pineapples, chocolate what more do you need?

Curried kumera

another alison holst recipe which i'm posting for zwt. i haven't made this yet, but i intend to make it very soon.

Curried pumpkin soup

this recipe came from 'joan bishops's new zealand crockpot and slow cooker cookbook'. it is very easy and not as high in fat as some pumpkin soups, but doesn't lose any of that great flavour. the author...

Crazy patties

a delicious and slightly zany take on your usual meat patties... really great for burgers.

Curried salmon and rice slice

this is very very good, my aunty's recipe--we love this in my house. this may seem like a lot of ingredients, but it is too good to miss out on.

Chocolate oranges

serve oranges with whipped cream and mint leaves.

Cream of the crop

cream soda is a sweet carbonated soft drink that has a vanilla flavouring. its name originated in the united kingdom from "ice cream soda" as it was traditionally served with a dollop of ice cream floating...

Fresh nectarine cake

this also works well with fresh apricots, peaches, apples or plums. great for afternoon tea or as a special dessert.

Downunder cheese puffs

these are not popovers and have nothing to do with bread. these are very quick snacks that you can whip up during commercial breaks when you are watching tv and you feel like something cheesy. vary the...

Coconut cream truffles

i ripped this out of a magazine i was finished with while traveling abroad... they looked so tempting.i'm not a big fan of white chocolate or coconut flavour but made them for a party and thought hubby...

Coconut ice cream with tropical fruits

a recipe from the cookbook delicious ice cream. posted for zwt. you can do this ice cream even if you don't have an ice cream machine. instruction for ice cream machine is there and also for if you...

Coconut slice

this can also be made as a chocolate coconut slice. one for the lunchbox or with a nice cup of tea or coffee. ice/frost with your favourite lemon icing for plain version or chocolate icing/frosting for...

Curried chicken salad with mangoes and cashews

we enjoyed this during the summer on croissants.

Orange carrots and kumara

tasty carrot and (sweet) potato dish

Branston pickle and cheese sandwich

soo good, i always got this at school, i will have to thank our chefs for this one. this only tastes good cold, so i wouldn't recommend trying to heat it up

Best on bacon

this is how we eat our bacon in our family

Grilled mustard ham and pineapple sandwiches

i like to use a butter lettuce for this recipe. you can also subsitute think leg ham for the ham steaks.

Coffee and sour cream cake

this is a nice cake which is quick and easy to make. great with afternoon tea or a cuppa.

Big fruit salad

after an overly hearty, boring, rich, oily meat and potatoes kind of meal i really truly feel that everyone only wants one thing; something that's not overly hearty, boring, rich, and oily! that is why...

Easy broccoli soup

i saw this being made on tv (aww) and thought it looked really good. on the programme they said to serve with toasted slices of french bread which were topped with crumbled blue cheese and grilled. i...

Chocolate fingers the bar to beat all bars no bake

this recipe has been in my family recipe book for more than 20 years... i can't remember if i got it off a friend or out of the newspaper or if it was from my mother.... it's an "always been there" recipe...

Churchill squares

from the nz women's division of federated farmers cookbook in 1965.

Microwave treats in seconds

these are simple ,quick, easy, yummy and very popular

Lentil tomato pie

a deliciously filling pie loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. perfect for taking to picnics and potlucks or served with soup on a winters day. a pre baked bought pie crust can also be used. the...

Creamy tomato cauliflower pasta

califlower cooked in tomato puree with garlic, chilli and cream and mixed with sea shell pasta.

Crispy crab pizza with rocket salad topping

made for good things are cooking here!! (a non-cooking game) in the australian/new zealand cooking forum - chef #547750 wrote "i had a pizza with a base...

100 year old new zealand lamb dish i have used deer w this

a unique and exotic dish for the acquired taste of lamb . not just any lamb only imported lamb from new zealand (because of the type of food the lamb eats) australian lamb will do as well. it has a kick...

Chicken with cranberries and orange

i got this recipe from 'joan bishop's new zealand crockpot and slow cooker cookbook'. it's very easy to prepare and is really tasty. the chicken turns out really tender and the dried cranberries come out...

Citrus tahini

another from taste nz, sounds like a nice dip for vegies.

Brown stuff chocolate slice don t be put off by the name

the "brown stuff" name is what happened when mama let papa name the new recipe 35 years ago. well, don't let the name put you off! it's an easy one and has become a *real* family favourite. apparently...

Braised lamb chops

this is a huey recipe.

Crab open grilled sandwich

we call these toasted fingers in australia. this is a north west us recipe.

Ginger crunch

this is so simple to make! if you like ginger, you'll love this. think crunchy biscuit base, smothered with ginger flavoured icing topped with crystallised ginger. it's from an old australia & new zealand...

Lamb leg stuffed with herbed leek dressing

most supermarkets do offer boneless butterflied lamb leg for sale. it is usually already tied; you will have to remove the string and retie this recipe with your own string. preparation for this cut has...

Easy caramello chocolate mousse

a friend in new zealand taught me this recipe. it's great because anyone can make it & there are only two ingredients.

Nana muffins

this is a recipe from on line and tweeked by a couple in whitianga, new zealand.

Frozen yogonanas

watch the look on young ones faces when you give them this healthy treat, its great for all ages, the name suits it perfectly

Mango freeze

now this is what i call a shake! tweeked from the

Veggies and egg in a bread roll

just found this and though it would be a great way to get kids to eat veggies!

Curried pickled onions

the curry sauce can be used as sauce for cold meats etc.

Creamy cola spider

this refreshing drink is great served throughout the summer, it's so yummy

Apricot balls

my grandma makes these at christmas, it is now a tradition that we make these and then take them round the neighborhood and give out with recipe #182365. they are good any time of the year

Herbed rissoles with mushroom sauce

entered for zwt 5 - round 1. in portugal, rissoles are known as rissóis and are usually filled with cod, minced meat, shrimp or (less frequently) chicken or a combination of cheese and ham. the australian...

Gherkin dip

i eat this non-stop with corn chips when i go home to new zealand and stay with my grandma, the only reason i don't eat it in england is because i can't find all the ingredients

Easy phyllo fruit tarts

these are just so easy to make using what you have on hand for a fast dessert. just multiply ingredients by how many you want to serve.

Banana carrot pineapple cake aka sunshine cake

this is a lovely iced cake (lighter version of a carrot cake) or have as a buttered loaf. i can kid myself that it is good for me because of the ingredients :) i saw this made on tv on the aww fresh...

Coke to float your boat

can be substituted with sprite, but is a perfect cool down for hot days, my brother and i would always rush home and make these after school when we were little in new zealand, we loved it

Perfect oatmeal

this nutritious oatmeal is so yum and so good for you, tuck into this every morning and feel the difference

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