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Top recipes for "No-shell-fish"

Deep fried calamari simple

this is so easy! just like the restaurants in spain! the coating is crispy though not overbearing, and the calamari will be tender. the trick here is that the calamari needs to be cooked either super quick,...

Crumbed calamari

i love calamari. this is how to crumb them at home. look for more calamari recipes coming soon. serve with tartar sauce and enjoy the experience

Gambas al ajillo shrimp w garlic catalonia

while this is usually served as a tapa, it is too good not to eat as a main course. after trying the ones that were posted here on zaar, i found myself still searching for the gambas we had in barcelona....

Chilli salt squid

this recipe is from australian chef neil perry. i haven't tried this yet but it looked really good. enjoy

Salmon fillets bathed in garlic

this is a recipe from the diabetic cookbook. it is easy and can be so elegant depending on the presentation.

Tuna melt with avocado on english muffins

this tasty tuna melt uses italian dressing and fontina cheese, broiled until bubbly.

Fried calamari with remoulade sauce drizzled with balsamic syrup

the balsamic vinegar is cooked and reduced to a syrup consistency then drizzled over the calamari, which gives this cajun calamari and zing!

Croatian octopus pod pekom

using “reverse engineering” i think i found out how mr. pero, a.k.a. “gardelin” is preparing this excellent meal. he also told me that you can use any kind of fish or crabs to prepare the same...

Chipirones en su tinta stuffed baby squid in its own ink

don't be put off by the color of the ink! this is one of the best dishes i tried while in spain, and is well worth the time it takes to prepare. my friend had to convince me to try this one, but once i...

Fried calamari

crispy, tender, mouthwatering calamari....need i say more?

Herbed habanero dip for calamari

can't take credit for this spicy dip. from food writer rich rubin. lots of herb, big bite. really neat on fried calamari or shrimp!

Ceviche tostada

salsa and seafood unite for a taste bud orgy. this colorful dish was a family recipe i got from a central american guy i use to work with.

Octopus meze

a traditional octopus meze to have with ouzo or wine.

Salt and pepper calamari

this is one of our favourite dishes. it can also be made with prawns in the same manner.

Pulpo a la gallega

if you've never tried octopus, this is a great way to start. delicious, tender and mouthwatering. this is truly one of my favorite ways to eat octopus.

Oktapodi toursi pickled octopus

a classic greek inspired dish.

Pissaladiere provencal onion tart

the provencal pissaladiere is an oven-baked (pizza-like) focaccia or torta topped with caramelized onions, black nicoise olives, and anchovies. a street food of nice, it is often sold by street vendors...

Lemon and mustard calamari

if you like calamari this is to die for. it is based on a recipe from the womens weekly. cook time does not take time for rice to be cooked

Seared salmon salad

source: better homes and gardens

Salmon salad with chive vinaigrette

source: better homes and gardens prep time is 1 hour soaking time and 20 minutes for the prep.

Conch fritters with coconut lime curry dipping sauce

raw conch is tough as a rubber tire, so it must be tenderized before it is consumed. today, most seafood markets tenderize and grind conch for the consumer. the conch does not come from the florida keys...

Salmon and chive stuffed mushrooms

calling all non-salmon eaters and mushroom haters...these are so delicious you can dislike the ingredients and still love these. yum!

Pancit lomi

flat noodles mixed with vegetables in a soup

Chipotle fish cakes with guacamole salsa

this chipotle fish cake recipe was "planned over" recipe when i needed to be frugal and quickly use-or loose- some delicious barbecue salmon (recipe on )....

Crispy squid with capers

very easy addition to a tapas evening, or just on its own as a snack. the crispy capers themselves are quite lovely! serve with garlic mayo and lemon wedges. to clean the squid, firstly remove the...

Encornets farcies stuffed small squid

a lovely recipe from the south of france, with all the flavours of provence!

Baconwrapped hoisin salmon

what a delicious meal with a great combination of salmon and bacon! a terrific and easy dish to make you look like you slaved over the stove all day. the sauce is wonderful - take advantage of it by serving...

Kalamaria pilafi squid pilaf

this is from the frugal gourmet. i'm posting it for zwt 6. greece

Marmalade sauce for shrimp or calamari just like outback

this is an excellent orange marmalade sauce which i use for calamari. it tastes just like the outback sauce they use on their coconut shrimp! i hope you enjoy it as much as i do!

Citrus poached orange roughy

cilantro adds a wonderful flavor to this easy recipe.

Spicy stir fried squid ohjing uh bokkeum

serve with rice and kimchi. this dish can also be made with octopus, in which case, it would be called nakji bokkeum.

Simple seafood stir fry low carb

super easy and super quick. this is delicious, if you like seafood. i often get really tired of meat when i'm low carbing, so i make this to keep me going. i find i could eat this every day.

Salt and pepper squid or calamari with cucumber salad

this dish could also be used with calamari. i have been looking for a squid/calamari dish that does not have szechuan pepper as i am unable to find it. this recipe comes from the australian womans weekly...

Chilled calamari in a yoghurt curry cream

the south african waters are rich in kingklip, snoek, red roman, hake, cod, pilchards, sole, to name but a few. other delicacies from the sea include abalone, oysters, mussels, calamari, shrimps and crayfish...

Easy calamari cajun style with lime vinaigrette

very quick, tasty and simple to make. can also be used with prawns (shrimp) or fish fillets. garnish with lemon wedges. simply delicious

Calamari for a king

this is the only way to make calamari that will satisfy a true italian. the sauce you serve it with is your choice, but i recommend a marinara or wine based sauce, or none at all.

Jumbo shrimp with sweet and sour sauce

a simple and delicious shrimp dish. the sauce can be made ahead of time. i decreased th marmalade after reading kitz review because 1/2 cup was my typo. should be 1/4 cup marmalade, but feel free to...

Classic greek salad topped with grilled calamari skewers

this is a not your run-of-the-mill salad. very flavorful and refreshing and the calamari is a scrumptious addition! posted for zaar world tour ii '06

Pepper grilled tuna steak with parsley garlic butter

big pepper flavor! i love freshly cracked black pepper so this is perfect for me. i have to back off the pepper a bit for my son's steak, though---just too much pepper for him. so adjust to suit your own...

Crab cakes with chipotle peppers

these fresh, crisp & tender crab cake has a nice spicy smokey taste that has a southern kick to them. fresh lump crabmeat, mixed with celery, scallions, peppers and chipotle peppers in adobe sauce fried...

Szechuan peppered calamari salt and pepper squid

this recipe - which works as either a main dish or appetizer - is a result of combining some different "salt and pepper squid" recipes that i hadn’t made before. i was aiming for the taste i’d had...

Chtapodi ladorigani

a simple greek dish of octopus with oil (ladi) and oregano (rigani).

Chilli salt and pepper seafood

from the australian womens weekly after work feast.

Orzo with shrimp feta cheese and white wine

lovely dish from "bon appetit". very nice for a ladies lunch. sure to impress and easy to make. i like to add some toasted pine nuts to the pasta for texture.

Simple peruvian ceviche

the best and easiest ceviche recipe i've ever tasted (and i've tried them all over south america). it's quick, easy and disappears quickly. the habanero peppers make it spicy without giving it the distinctive...

Voodoo calamari ink pasta

this is a new invention at our restaurant; it's already receiving rave reviews. :0) much thx to our chief eric. ps. you can cook the sauce before hand and add the squid ink to the sauce when you are cooking...

Chilli lemon octopus

i love octopus and thought this recipe sounded amazing. have not tried this yet but wanted keep a copy so decided to store it here on zaar. prep and cooking time does not include time to marinate.

Sushi sandwich

convenient way to satisfy a sushi craving. i invented this delectable open-faced

Squid salad

squid simmered in wine and tossed with a tangy vinaigrette. perfect antipasti. don't forget the crusty italian bread and fruity extra virgin olive oil for dipping.

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