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Tea loaf

Enjoy a classic, fruity cake, packed full of plump tea-infused sultanas and raisins. Slice it into thick wedges and spread with salted butter for a satisfying treat

Author: Esther Clark

Lemon poppyseed cake

Lemon and poppyseed cake is a baking classic, packed with zesty flavours and drenched in icing for the ultimate treat alongside a cuppa

Author: Mary Cadogan

Coconut cookies

Make these coconut cookies for the perfect pick-me-up. They're coated in luxurious dark chocolate and toasted coconut sprinkles

Author: Liberty Mendez

Chocolate crunch

Indulge in these chocolate crunch squares whenever you need a sweet treat. They're lovely with a cup of tea or coffee

Author: Jess Whitehead

Chocolate marble cake

Marble cake is a classic childhood cooking memory. Whether using lurid colours for a psychedelic finish, or just chocolate and vanilla, it's a teatime treat

Author: Emma Lewis

Gingery plum cake

Serve this hearty fruit sponge with a dollop of something creamy- it would also work with raspberries instead of plums

Author: Mary Cadogan

White chocolate & raspberry cake

John Whaite shares his recipe for a light, fruity layer cake with chocolate ganache and simple sponge

Author: John Whaite

Citrus peach cooler

A refreshing non-alcoholic drink, perfect for a summer garden party. If you want to make it boozy, add a little peach schnapps

Author: Mary Cadogan

Homemade elderflower cordial

Fragrant and refreshing, springtime elderflower cordial is easy to make. Mix with sparkling water to create elderflower pressé, or add to wine, prosecco or champagne to start a party in style

Author: Jane Hornby

10 minute mincemeat

Make your own mincemeat this Christmas - and not just for mince pies. Try it in Chelsea buns or sweet samosas. You could also give jars of it away as gifts

Author: Good Food team

Easiest ever battenberg

This classic chequerboard cake wrapped in marzipan is easier to achieve than you think

Author: Cassie Best

James Martin Scone Recipe

James Martin's scones are made from only five basic ingredients and take approx 12 minutes to bake. It is a super easy recipe for traditional English scones that doesn't disappoint.

Author: Lea

Glazed Cinnamon Raisin Drop Biscuits

These sweet biscuits, loaded with cinnamon-raisin goodness, are great for breakfast or with afternoon tea.

Author: Betty Crocker Kitchens

Lime & ginger bars

This tangy teatime bake can be served as an alternative to cheesecake for dessert, served with a dollop of cream

Author: Jane Hornby

Easy Easter biscuits

Celebrate Easter and the start of spring with these easy currant biscuits flavoured with lemon and nutmeg. They're perfect served with a cuppa

Author: Esther Clark

Buttermilk & sultana scones

A classic teatime treat goes gluten-free- serve with butter, jam, fresh fruit, clotted cream or a combination of your choice

Author: Sara Buenfeld

Ginger lemon fizz

A refreshing alternative to shop-bought soft drinks, perfect for the summer

Author: Emma Lewis

Raspberry & white chocolate muffins

Indulge in these raspberry and white choc chip muffins for a sweet treat. Made with fresh or frozen raspberries, they're perfect served with a cuppa

Author: Liberty Mendez

Homemade pink lemonade

Mix up a jug of this refreshing, still, cloudy lemonade made from zingy lemons and plump raspberries

Author: Sarah Cook

Giant jaffa orange cake

Give the classic flavour combo of chocolate orange even more wow factor in this cake with zingy jelly and luxurious chocolate ganache

Author: Cassie Best

Caramel apple cinnamon buns

Balance the sharp flavour of apple with the sweetness of caramel and a tangy soft cheese icing to make these toffee-apple-inspired cinnamon buns

Author: Cassie Best

Crumbliest scones

Scones are wonderfully British, delicious, and so simple even a five-year-old could make them. There's a magic hour just after they come out of the oven when they are so heavenly I just can't imagine why...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Citrus iced tea

If you love tea, but you don't find it refreshing in hot weather, try this wonderfully fresh alternative

Author: Sara Buenfeld

Mary Berry's Granny's Gingerbread

This delicious, old-fashioned bake from Mary Berry is an all-time classic - perfect with a hot cup of tea! From her BBC2 series, Simple Comforts.

Author: Mary Berry

Soft gingerbread

Love gingerbread with a soft centre and crisp edges? This recipe is for you. It isn't meant for decorations or gingerbread houses - just bake, ice and enjoy!

Author: Katie Hiscock

Amaretti biscuits

Enjoy these moreish amaretti biscuits that are crisp on the outside and deliciously chewy in the middle - they'll go down a treat with guests at an afternoon tea

Author: Cate Dixon

Vegan flapjacks

Choose your favourite nuts and dried fruits in this versatile dairy-free flapjack recipe, or change it up each time you make them - be adventurous!

Author: Anna Glover

Yorkshire Tea Loaf

A delicious moist, fruited tea loaf recipe. The fruit is soaked overnight in Yorkshire tea. Often served on its own or with Wensleydale cheese. A perfect addition as part of an Afternoon Tea menu. It may...

Author: Lynn Hill

Sticky treacle, ginger & lime cake

This moist and sticky layer cake tastes better the longer you leave it in the tin, so make ahead and enjoy for up to a week

Author: Cassie Best

Lemon drizzle scones

We've combined two of your favourite baking recipes to create one tea party treat - zingy lemon drizzle cake and traditional English scones

Author: Cassie Best

Fancy iced biscuits

Edd Kimber talks through how to master piping and flood icing to create these cute cookies with a distinct decoration

Author: Edd Kimber

Classic crumpets

These require a little patience, but you just cannot beat a homemade crumpet. Making your own butter is optional, but it's surprisingly simple and satisfying to do.

Author: Maddie Rix

Mary Berry's Blueberry Muffins

Mary Berry's recipe for Blueberry Muffins is my personal favourite. Quick & easy to make they are not overly sweet and perfect for lazy weekend breakfast, as a snack or just because! They are the...

Author: Jo Allison

Tahini banana cake

Try tahini as a secret ingredient in banana cake - it works brilliantly. Decorate it with our tahini buttercream topping and chocolate chips

Author: Diana Henry

Chocolate and Vanilla Marble Loaf

Mary Berry's pretty, indulgent chocolate and vanilla marble loaf makes a perfect British tea-time treat. The light sponge and sweet icing work perfectly together.

Author: Mary Berry

Rock Cakes (Rock Buns)

Despite their name, Rock Cakes or Rock Buns are deliciously soft little fruit cakes. They are quick and easy to make and take only 15 minutes to bake.

Author: Lynn Hill

Chocolate Tiffin

Chocolate Tiffin is a no bake confection consisting of crushed biscuits, sugar, syrup, dried fruits, and cocoa powder. It's often covered with a layer of melted chocolate.

Author: Lynn Hill

Caraway Seed Cake

Dated? Old-fashioned? Maybe, but our tasters all gave it the thumbs-up and said please include it

Vegan Welsh cakes

Make a vegan version of Welsh cakes, with all the flavour of the traditional recipe but free from dairy. Sprinkle with sugar to finish and serve warm or cold

Author: Esther Clark

Old fashioned Cherry Cake

OK. It is an old-fashioned, very English kind of cake, and yes the cherries sometimes sink but believe me there are many people who are still very attached to it. If you're one of those, we have found...

Very Best Chocolate Fudge Cake

The very best chocolate fudge cake recipe from Mary Berry. With a decadent chocolate and apricot filling, this cake is not one you're going to want to share.

Author: Mary Berry

Cherry brownies

Author: Paul Dring

The best coffee & walnut cake

This cake is a favourite afternoon pick-me-up, but you can use decaf coffee if you are baking for children or anyone sensitive to caffeine.

Author: Georgie Socratous

Mary Berry cheese scones

These easy Mary Berry cheese scones are a great, simple bake for children. With only a few ingredients they don't take long and are delicious straight from the oven.

Author: cookingwithmykids

Old Fashioned Yorkshire Parkin

This sticky old fashioned Yorkshire Parkin recipe contains oatmeal. It keeps really well and improves with time. Therefore, it can be made a couple of days before it's needed.

Author: Lynn Hill

Chocolate Guinness Cake

With a heady mix of Guinness and chocolate, this cake is a grown-up treat. Rich and dark, the velvety bitterness of the Guinness brings out the flavour of the chocolate, so it packs a punch, while lending...

Author: Laura Fyfe

English muffins

Author: Kate McCullough

Dorset Apple Cake (Traybake)

This simple Dorset Apple Cake (Traybake) made with cooking apples (Bramley) and gently spiced with cinnamon is incredibly moist & delicious. Perfect on its own with cup of tea or slightly warm with ice...

Author: Jo Allison

Chai teabags

Fill teabags with spices and tea leaves for a gorgeous bespoke gift. They're a lovely present at Christmas

Author: Esther Clark

Cherry & coconut flapjacks

Spruce up your flapjacks using cherries and coconut with this easy recipe. A perfect afternoon tea treat that's sure to become a family favourite

Author: Candy Ethrington