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Spicy cucumber pickle

Author: Charlie Clapp

Beef stroganoff

Author: Georgie Hayden

Mexican marinated pork tenderloin

A great Friday night recipe to share with friends by Maddie Rix from Jamie's food team.

Author: Maddie Rix

Barbecue ribs

Author: Christina Mackenzie

Beautiful lamb shanks

This is a killer dinner! Rehydrating dried chillies in apple juice with raisins releases their heat and infuses them with a sticky sweetness that goes insanely well with lamb.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Parmesan Brussels sprouts

Not just for Christmas. Good enough to eat from the bowl as a snack, these roast sprouts are so moreish we reckon they'll convert the haters! Make them into a vegetarian main by stirring through some cooked...

Author: Susie Theodorou

Brilliant brussels

I know sprouts can be divisive, but this recipe is so delicious. Chestnuts give it a holiday vibe. If there's anyone roasting them in your town, buy theirs! You can do this on the day, or on Christmas...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Broccoli soup

Author: Kate McCullough

Ham & peas

I love the combination of ham and peas. Ham hocks are fantastic value, and cooking them on the bone adds loads of extra flavour. This recipe is kind of like a quicker, more modern version of boiled bacon...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Cheesy leeks à la Oliver

If you want to take this dish to the next level, invest time in cooking your leeks super-slowly until sticky and sweet.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Classic crumpets

These require a little patience, but you just cannot beat a homemade crumpet. Making your own butter is optional, but it's surprisingly simple and satisfying to do.

Author: Maddie Rix

Spinach & ricotta cannelloni

An impressive yet simple pasta dish that kids can help you cook.

Author: Laura Fyfe

Cherry clafoutis

Author: Kate McCullough

Mango chutney

With its sweet, spicy flavour and generous chunks of juicy fresh mango, this traditional chutney is as good as any you'll get in your local Indian restaurant. Serve it alongside all kinds of curries or...

Author: Charlie Clapp

Beef stifado

In Greece, stifado is served with hilopittes (egg pasta) or orzo (rice-shaped grains of pasta). Once you've tried this a few times and become addicted to its intense flavours, you can try swapping the...

Author: Andy Harris

Green veggie fritters

This recipe works with all sorts of greens, and any cheese left on your cheeseboard. A soft variety, such as Brie or Reblochon, works particularly well.

Author: Anna Jones

Marmalade cake

This sticky orange cake is a joy, and it's simple to make. Even better, it contains mostly pantry ingredients, so is pretty cheap to make.

Author: Ginny Rolfe

Goulash soup

In cafés and restaurants throughout Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Hungary, you'll find this soup served at all hours. Spicy and restorative, it's just the thing for a cold winter.

Author: Andy Harris

Beef brisket with red wine & shallots

This stew is a version of the Greek favourite stifado. Normally the Greeks use diced beef for stifado, but whole briskets seem to work well, too. Brisket is one of the cheapest cuts you can buy, but this...

Author: Daniel Nowland

Chilli con carne with popped kidney beans

A good, slow-cooked chilli always goes down a storm and is great for feeding a crowd. I've also included popped kidney beans for fantastic texture. Serve it with whatever you fancy - rice, jacket potatoes,...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Bombay potatoes

This fragrant, Indian-spiced potato dish makes the perfect accompaniment to simple grilled fish and veggies.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Sausage pasta bake

The beauty of this dish is you can freeze any leftovers, ready for another day when you're short on time, or aren't feeling in the mood - it beats takeaways!

Author: Phillippa Spence

Roast carrot & fennel soup

A sweet and aromatic soup with super-easy flatbreads for dunking.

Author: Alice Hart


Florentines are a welcome gift at any time of year. Use this recipe to try our favourite chocolate and fruit flavour combinations - cherry and dark chocolate, orange and milk. Or create your own with crystallised...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Pear tart tatin

Some dishes need no introduction. Sweet pears, fragrant warming spices and crisp pastry. Heaven.

Author: Jennifer McLagan

Orange & polenta cake

This delicious cake is full of zingy flavour and the syrup makes it something really special - enjoy!

Author: Jamie Oliver

Braised veal

Author: Andy Harris & Georgie Socratous

Slow cooked pigeon

This is one of Luis Gallego's favourite pigeon recipes.

Author: Gennaro Contaldo

Crab cakes

Author: Andy Harris


A soft sponge with warming hints of cardamom, this spiced fruit cake is found in Austria, Alsace, Germany and Switzerland.

Author: Annie Rigg

Brilliant breakfast waffles

I love my waffle machine - if you haven't got one, put it on your Christmas wishlist!

Author: Jamie Oliver

Apple & celeriac soup

Earthy, sweet & delicious, this hearty soup is perfect for winter

Author: Anna Jones

Simple veggie & tofu stir fry

A brilliantly simple, flavour-packed supper for two - get stuck in to this tasty stir-fry!

Author: Phillippa Spence

Lemon roast potatoes

Squash a few of these crisp, golden babies on your plate and top with a lamb shank and some of the leek and wine broth. They're just as delicious with roast chicken or a whole baked fish.

Author: Anna Jones

Malaysian beef curry

This boldly spiced stew is seriously tasty but easy to make, so it's great for a relaxed weekend supper

Author: Andy Harris

Cherry brownies

Author: Paul Dring

Creamy seafood lasagne

It's said that Italians don't eat cheese and fish together, but I've often seen nonnas grating a wodge of Parmesan into a seafood risotto or a pot of pasta. And I thought, if they're doing it, it must...

Author: Jamie Oliver

Pumpkin & ginger soup

Author: Andy Harris

Keralan fish curry

A beautifully creamy South-Indian curry, packed full of flavour and spice.

Author: Georgina Hayden

Oysters Rockefeller

This famous entreé, probably the most popular oyster dish, has many versions.

Author: Ginny Rolfe

Saltimbocca alla Romana

Saltimbocca is thought to have been invented in Brescia, where the name loosely translates as 'jump in the mouth' - so you can be confident that it will taste great and the people you cook it for won't...

Author: Anna Jones

Thai style mussels

Author: Andy Harris

Tomato, red wine & chorizo risotto

Author: Kate McCullough

Omelette aux fines herbes

The original, and best, simple Sunday supper for one.

Author: Rebecca Rauter

Asparagus frittata

Use wild or thin asparagus such as sprue - the spears from the first picking.

Author: Andy Harris

English muffins

Author: Kate McCullough

Blackberry fool

Author: Jodene Jordan

Swordfish, cherry tomatoes & capers

Knock together this super-tasty swordfish steak recipe, bursting with summery flavours. What a treat!

Author: Andy Harris

Royal barbecued pork loin

Here you get the attitude of all those flavours on the outside of the pork - smoky, sweet, sour and spicy - with beautifully cooked, silky, untouched meat inside. The contrast is fantastic.

Author: Jamie Oliver

Chocolate Guinness Cake

With a heady mix of Guinness and chocolate, this cake is a grown-up treat. Rich and dark, the velvety bitterness of the Guinness brings out the flavour of the chocolate, so it packs a punch, while lending...

Author: Laura Fyfe