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Grilled Romaine with Blue Cheese

A nice alternative to the traditional wedge salad. Great for summer grilling. So original that your friends will be talking about it for weeks.

Author: Chicago Rob

Classic Restaurant Caesar Salad

I used to work at a very fancy restaurant while I was in college. The best part of the job was making table side salads, entrees, and dessert. This was the best Caesar salad I have ever had! If having...

Author: sarahcrites

BLT Salad

This recipe is reminiscent of the classic BLT or bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich. It's a great summertime salad!

Author: D. L. Mooney

Mandarin Almond Salad

A wonderful medley of flavors and textures!

Author: BDEGER

Classic Tossed Salad

This is a delicious salad that goes great with any meal, especially Italian!

Author: Toni Bankson

Caesar Salad I

A 'worth-the-effort' salad!! Always a winner, if you love Caesar Salad! The secret is the dressing and the croutons.

Author: Cathy Hofmann

Restaurant Style House Salad

This is a recipe from a St. Louis based pasta restaurant chain and I have served this many time to rave reviews. I always the double the recipe.

Author: BEBBEE

Greek Salad I

This is an incredibly good Greek salad recipe, nice and tangy and even better in the summer when you use fresh vegetables!

Author: Meesh

Orange Romaine Salad

Romaine lettuce and orange slices are tossed with a light honey vinaigrette.

Author: Justin Shepheard

Authentic Lebanese Fattoush

Fattoush is a Lebanese salad, good for hot weather. This recipe uses two unusual ingredients: sumac and purslane. Sumac, usually sold ground, is ground red berries and used in Middle Eastern, particularly...

Author: George

Strawberry and Feta Salad


Author: Andrea Longo Policella

Steak Salad

This is a quick and easy meal for those hot summer evenings.

Author: Linda

Caesar Salad Supreme

A wonderful, rich, anchovy dressing makes this salad a meal. Serve with crusty Italian Bread.

Author: Karen Weir

Poppy Seed Salad

Mandarin oranges add the color and the dressing adds the zing to this mixture of greens. You can use spinach or iceberg lettuce in place of romaine, or use a combination of any of them.

Author: Rhonda

Romaine and Mandarin Orange Salad with Poppy Seed Dressing

I always get rave reviews when I serve this simple salad with a zesty poppy seed dressing! I often don't use the full amount of dressing, as I prefer less.

Author: Joni B.

Glenda's Mandarin Orange Salad

This sweet and crunchy salad is very kid friendly! I first tried this when I visited my family in Newfoundland, and managed to get a copy of the recipe. Make lots, there won't be any left over. Any kind...

Author: SARAH W

Simple Romaine Salad

This is a take on a very simple and delicious salad I had at a Greek restaurant in NYC. It's so easy and the end result is super satisfying. Of course you can add your favorite herbs and toppings. But...

Author: FrackFamily5 CA->CT

Crunchy Romaine Salad

A wonderful combination of flavors in this very easy to prepare salad. A ton of crunch comes from ramen noodles, pecans, and romaine lettuce.

Author: Georgia Julie

Tangy Pear and Blue Cheese Salad

Romaine, blue cheese, chopped pears, walnuts, and red onions, combined with a tangy dressing, make this salad unforgettable. It is a sure hit worth trying!

Author: LARAL

Salade Lyonnaise

Here in Lyon, France there are little bouchons everywhere that serve pork as a specialty. One of the entry-meal items is a salad called Salade Lyonnaise. This salad is delicious in flavor and packed with...

Author: Snackybits

Grilled Chicken Citrus Salad

This is a wonderful refreshing summer recipe. Very good! A must try.


Grilled Romaine Salad

Romaine hearts are slightly charred on the grill, and served with a fabulous shallot-balsamic dressing. Accompanied with oven dried tomatoes. Whoever eats this will go nuts for it!!!

Author: JGLOTZ

B.L.T. Salad with Basil Mayo Dressing

Tangy, crunchy salad with all the things you love about the wonderful B.L.T. sandwich! You will make this again and again!

Author: Kimber

Chinese Noodle Salad

I didn't like this the first few times I tried it but now I love it! It's got a tangy taste and goes well with Chinese food or sandwiches. Leftovers are softer but great as a snack the next day.

Author: DGRIFF718

Chinese Chicken Salad I

I devised this salad on my own...it's not only relatively low in fat but great in taste too! If sweet and sour sauce is unavailable, plum sauce can be substituted.

Author: JLWS

Salad with Prosciutto and Caramelized Pears and Walnuts

An amazing salad that blends different flavors to impress your guests. The salad dressing is an orange vinaigrette. Try to use Asian pears in this salad, as they are best for flavor. But if you can't find...

Author: Megs

Spicy Tex Mex Salad

This is an unusual salad that everyone in my office loves. I get requests for it time and time again.

Author: Taseia Armstrong

Arugula and Romaine Salad with Red Grapes

I looked into my refrigerator to see what I had...and the ingredients jumped to my imagination. I thought: I think this has to taste good and go well with my baked grouper dinner...and it was not only...

Author: Iker Aceves

Black Bean Salad with Avocado Lime Dressing

This colorful salad features a quick dressing made from creamy avocado, tangy lime juice, and zesty cilantro.

Author: AR Cook

Russian Garden Salad

This delicious Russian garden salad is one of the most popular and traditional salads in Russia.

Author: Gianna Petrosyan

Unique Fruity Green Salad

Various types of lettuce greens & fruit meld for a unique flavor. Everyone who tries it asks for this recipe.



This is a light, refreshing Middle Eastern salad dressing that has been served at family functions since I was a baby.

Author: Leslie

Strawberry Salad I

This is one of our favorite salad recipes. The combination of Romaine lettuce, toasted pecans, and fresh strawberries is unusual, but sooo good.

Author: Tina

Strawberry Salad

An easy, delicious salad that is sure to please!

Author: Kay

Jenny Allen's Fruit Salad

This light and refreshing salad has been requested by my family for years! The sweetness from the fruit combined with the zesty dressing and crunchy lettuce makes this salad a beautiful beginning to any...

Author: Jenny Huntington Allen

Za'atar Chicken Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing

Experiment with Middle Eastern flavors in this nutritious dinner salad. Use purchased za'atar seasoning blend or use your own.

Author: Bibi

Deliciously Sweet Salad with Maple, Nuts, Seeds, Blueberries, and Goat Cheese

My mom began making this salad a few years ago and, as soon as I tried it, I just had to get the recipe. This is my version, but can be varied in many different ways because it's all about the dressing!...

Author: Monica

South Sea Salad

This is one of my favorite salad recipes passed on to me from my friend Pam D. A wonderful light and crunchy salad. Great with seared Ahi tuna.

Author: lillianes

Tri Pepper Salad

A crisp green salad with subtle flavors!


Tossed Romaine and Orange Salad

This is a light and flavorful green salad that combines oranges and almonds.

Author: Pam Somers

Cool Summer Salad

With the weather getting way too hot in Texas, the search is on to find food that goes great with BBQ and light enough not to weigh you down in the heat. I had this recipe on my phone for quite some time...

Author: sibleya

Feta Garlic Salad with Mushrooms

A simple salad I mixed up, reminiscent of a Caesar salad but with a kick of garlic and feta.

Author: teacupped_mouse

Roasted Artichoke Greek Salad

A roasted artichoke Greek salad.

Author: Heather

Southwestern Caesar Salad

Delicious Southwestern twist on the classic Caesar Salad (Cesar in Spanish) with chipotle dressing. It makes a beautiful presentation for you and your guests. Serve with warm flour tortillas.


Summertime Chicken and Pasta Salad

This is one of my favorites. My best friend makes this, but I have tweaked it to suit my family's tastes.

Author: Andrea Parker

Candied Cashew and Pear Salad

This easy and tasty salad is great for a meal or a side with a snappy and sweet taste.

Author: Gloria Dempsey

Romaine with Garlic Lemon Anchovy Dressing

Flavorful green salad. Can be prepared in 10 minutes or less.

Author: Hong Quan

Greek Veggie Salad II

My new favorite salad, thrown together by me and my sister, Beth.

Author: Lauren Brown