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Outback Steakhouse's Dipping Sauce

Make and share this Outback Steakhouse's Dipping Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: Diana Adcock

Old Fashioned Macaroni and Cheese

This has been one of my favorite side dishes. Make it a meal by adding leftover ham or some smoked sausage.

Author: Douglas Poe

Company Casserole

Good 1 dish meal for potlucks--very versatile--you can use your imagination and add many other ingredients to make it different. I often add mushrooms and do with bread crumbs.

Author: Darlene Summers

Easy Crock Pot Pork Roast

Make and share this Easy Crock Pot Pork Roast recipe from Food.com.

Author: tamibic

Baked Meatball and Pasta Casserole

This is one of those super easy delicious weeknight meals. The pasta actually is cooked in the oven to add flavor. You can use homemade meatballs or precooked frozen meatballs. Yummy!

Author: MCsOnTheSquare

My Dill Dip

This is a great tasting Dill Dip that I have used for years. I usually double this recipe and keep it on hand. Cook Time is Chill Time

Author: KimmieOH

Shrimp De Jonghe

This recipe come from a 1947 issue of Gourmet Magazine. Created at de Jonghe's restaurant in Chicago, this dish is a memorial to a time when we were afraid of garlic but not of butter. The amount of garlic...

Author: Bev I Am

Cheesy Tater Tot Casserole

I hate tater tot casserole but my husband loves it so I had to come up with one that I liked too. This is it! It's nice and creamy with lots of cheesy goodness!

Author: sassytxnmama

Tasty Low Sodium Chili

Make and share this Tasty Low Sodium Chili recipe from Food.com.

Author: Nesta

Pigs in a Blanket (Blankies from Scratch)

I have been using this recipe for blanketed piggies since I first came across it almost 15 years ago from either my sister or my grade 9 home economics class. I'm so glad I have it since it's so hard to...

Author: ReadyForThe80s

Baked Macaroni

I suggested using a glass dish because you can see how brown the casserole is getting (and brown is a good thing). My family loves the crispy sides and topping.

Author: dojemi

Crispy Tofu and Cabbage Stir Fry

This tumble of crisp tofu, charred cabbage and citrusy coriander includes a couple tricks you'll want to employ in other dishes. The flavor of the stir-fry is propelled by using the coriander plant multiple...

Author: Ali Slagle

Baked Stuffed Haddock Filets

I was given this recipe at least 30 years ago and have yet to find anyone that doesn't love it. (Providing they like seafood) I always use haddock as I'm from Maine. Fresh is expensive right now but as...

Author: Ragdoll Frankie

The Marlboro Award Winning Spicy Chili

Make and share this The Marlboro Award-Winning Spicy Chili recipe from Food.com.

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Creamy Seafood Casserole

Rich and flavorful with shrimp and scallops. Served with rice. This dish will wow your guests when you entertain. From Southern Living.

Author: PalatablePastime

Cottage Cheese Lasagna

Make and share this Cottage Cheese Lasagna recipe from Food.com.

Author: Bertha C.

Chicken Delight

Make and share this Chicken Delight recipe from Food.com.

Author: Trisa

Easy Baked Chicken With Stuffing & Gravy

Simple & easy, but comforting dinner that smells wonderful cooking. Stove top stuffing (2 boxes) works very well. You may want an extra small jar of gravy for serving.

Author: Queen Puff

Easy Shrimp Pasta Salad

A quick and easy 6-ingredient pasta salad that is perfect for workplace potluck or family dinner. Best served chilled.

Author: jessiewei

Spinach and Cheese Stuffed Chicken Breast #RSC

Ready, Set, Cook! Hidden Valley Contest Entry. I love creating my own recipes and menus for people. I have been doing this since I was about 12 years old. I put together a birthday party with lots of freshly...

Author: Chef Jaylin Hawkins

Chili Dog Ala Sonic

This recipe appeared in Issue #1 of Archie Comic's Sonic the Hedgehog as the Blue Blur's favorite snack.

Author: Arctides Regalis

Fish Tacos With Mango Avocado Salsa

What is so good about these are a fresh fruit salsa, avocado cream, grilled fish, and I love a light cabbage to bring it all together. Now, you can add tomato, or black olives which is one of my favorites...

Author: SarasotaCook

Old Fashioned Clam Pie

Make and share this Old Fashioned Clam Pie recipe from Food.com.

Author: Mamie37

Mama Mia's Macaroni Salad

This is a copy cat from The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS. I've not made this yet but it sounds good. Got it from a BBQ web site.

Author: Bill2395

Baked Fish With Parmesan Sour Cream Sauce

Make and share this Baked Fish With Parmesan-Sour Cream Sauce recipe from Food.com.

Author: Recipe Junkie

Wild Cranberry Jelly

Make and share this Wild Cranberry Jelly recipe from Food.com.

Author: Linda M

Quick & Easy Mushroom Cream Sauce With Pasta

So fast its ready by the time the water boils and pasta cooks. This is a very tasty cream sauce that isn't murder on the waistline. Its amazingly customizable with adding in fresh veggies, coooked shrimp...

Author: Meghan

Worlds Best BBQ Sauce

Rich tangy BBQ sauce that is good on everything. Original recipe is very old and cannot remember where it originated.

Author: Glittergirl

Tortellini With Creamy Mushroom Sauce

You can use any kind of tortellini, and mushrooms for this recipe. You can make this a vegetarian dish, or not.

Author: Katanashrp

Jalapeno Pickle Relish

Make and share this Jalapeno Pickle Relish recipe from Food.com.

Author: Diana Adcock

Easy Cheesy Chicken Fettuccine

This dish is really easy to put together. If desired, you could replace the fettuccine with any other pasta that you choose. Also the chicken can be replaced with turkey if you wanted to.

Author: Kittencalrecipezazz

Saucy Salmon Wellington

Make and share this Saucy Salmon Wellington recipe from Food.com.

Author: Mr. Bill in TN

The Best Nacho Dip Ever

I found this recipe on the web and modified it to include fat-free or low fat ingredients, when possible. It is absolutely the best nacho dip ever. I think it's the cocktail sauce that makes all the difference....

Author: R E Taylor

Grilled King Prawns With Lemon, Garlic And Chilli

Make and share this Grilled King Prawns With Lemon, Garlic And Chilli recipe from Food.com.

Author: Kate in Katoomba

Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta

Make and share this Chicken and Angel Hair Pasta recipe from Food.com.

Author: Nimz_

Easy Chicken Fettuccine Alfredo

I got this recipe from a Taste of Home magazine. I always wanted to know how to make alfredo. It was sooo fast and easy. Even my picky eaters liked it!

Author: lisasverker

Orange Ginger Glazed Salmon

Salmon is one of the world's healthiest foods. Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamins D and B12, and protein, it's an absolute powerhouse of good nutrition. Better yet, it tastes great! Perfect...

Author: Crafty Lady 13

Clams and Pasta in White Wine Sauce

This recipe will serve 4, but if you want to make it stretch you can add along side a salad or garlic toast and it will feed 6 :)

Author: daisygrl64


My sister makes this at Christmas time and gives it to all her employees. They look forward to it each year. I made this last year and it was a real hit. Love it.

Author: Nimz_

Easy Balsamic Honey Mustard Glazed Salmon

Make and share this Easy Balsamic-Honey-Mustard Glazed Salmon recipe from Food.com.

Author: Melanie B.

Mom's Overnight Macaroni Salad

When I got married this was one of the first recipes I asked from my mom. Prep and Cook Times, Servings are my guesses... It does make a lot!

Author: Melanie M

Sweet Cranberry Almond Trail Mix

I suggest filling a holiday-appropriate container with this yummy mix and giving it as a gift or include it in a care package. It's cheap and easy to make and you could easily make more than one batch...

Author: TiaGem

Hidden Valley Ranch White Pizza With Spinach and Chicken #RSC

Ready, Set, Cook! Hidden Valley Contest Entry. This recipe is a take on a "White Spinach Pizza." We are substituting alfredo sauce with a Hidden Valley Greek Ranch sauce.

Author: VanessaNLana

Grilled Shrimp Caesar Salad

Using a bottled Caesar dressing makes this quick. Marie's Caesar Dressing is great for this recipe.

Author: gailanng

Grape Jelly Meatballs

I don't know where I got this recipe but I've been making them for years. My family loves them and every Christmas they always ask if "I'm gonna make those meatballs" !

Author: Little Bee

Shrimp cakes

these are great with remoulade sauce over greens. they also make a great club sandwich with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, avocado. the prep time includes 1 hour of chilling

Author: chia2160

Crock Pot Ravioli Casserole

This is a perfect dish to carry to potlucks; at home, add crusty bread and a salad and you have a great meal!

Author: Joy1996

Taco Bean Dip

An easy dip to make ahead of time. It can easily be made low fat if you prefer. The 4 hour cook time shown is actually refrigeration time.

Author: Junebug

White Chocolate Apricot Squares

Make and share this White Chocolate Apricot Squares recipe from Food.com.

Author: Graybert

Onion Compote

Onion compote can embellish broiled fish fillets or steamed vegetables. Great on pizza! Cook time can vary.

Author: Sharon123