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Top recipes for "Copycat"

Outback rice

hey hey the ex prep guy kickin out a few more of my ungaurded secrets. today is rice. its a mess and it takes time but well worth it. let me know how you feel about this and my other recipes here on the...

Cracker barrel tartar sauce


Dry enchilada sauce mix substitute

i came across a recipe recently that called for dry enchilada mix but i couldn't find it at the store. i searched around a bit and eventually came up with this recipe to use in its place. one recipe is...

Copycat twinkies filling

posted in response to a request.

Copycat hungry girls guilt free peanut butter fudge

fudge unpluged (haven't tried yet, tell me how it is!) hungry girl has done it again. armed with nothing but pumpkin, some brownie mix and a very lowfat pb, she’s whipped up a version of chocolate...

Copycat skippers clam chowder

full of flavor and yummy goodness , it is the best i have ever made.

Creamed spinach from lawrys prime rib house of prime rib

i'm not sure if this is really the recipe they use but it sure is yummy!

Diet crepe

this is thicker than a regular crepe, but still an amazingly delicious substitute. suitable for low carb or just about any diet.

Coca cola

top secret recipe version, from todd wilbur. he says the secret ingredient is cinnamon (cassia) oil, and he says it can be found at health stores with the lemon and orange oils. he also specifies that...

Red lobster cheese biscuits

save some money by cooking one of your favorite restaurant recipes at home!

Curry flavored rice mix

once you do the prep, divide into 3 airtight containers, for here it is only 20 mins to the table whenever you need it. i have three-seasoned rice mix recipes see which one you like best. look for the...

Doggy relish

this is a variation on sabrett hot dogs that are enjoyed by thousands of new yorkers every day on almost every street corner, and by the tv character ben matlock. if you have ever seen the show, you'll...

Top secret reicpes version of kfc wings by todd wilbur

from the colonel decided that wings were going to be a good thing to serve and so he decided to create fried wings that are very tasty. the honey barbecue wings are tasty . after...

Creamy salsa

this is a very good and creamy salsa that my mom discovered. when i make it, i never seem to make enough. if you are a health nut, like all my recipes, please don't even look!!!!!!! ha ha

Copycat jimmy johns tuna salad receipe

similar to jimmy john's tuna.

Crunchy lentil walnut salad

this is a copycat of the fabulous lentil walnut salad from the kebab shop in california. you want to make sure not to overcook the lentils...they should have a little bite to stand up to the crunchiness...

Chinese buffet style donuts

we have all enjoyed these simple to make donuts. now you can make them at home. from (

Copycat starbucks passion tea lemonade drink

when you are looking for a refreshing drink this summer, try making this super easy to make copycat starbucks passion tea lemonade drink.

Copycat chick fil a chicken tortilla soup

my hubby loves the chicken tortilla soup from chick fil a. they don't have it in our area any more - so... voila! the recipe to make it ourselves!!! found on the internet somewhere...

Copycat starbucks shaken iced peach green tea lemonade

i hardly ever go to starbucks any more, after purchasing a keruig years ago. tried one of these a few days ago and have been back 3 times. last time, i thought this was crazy, so i questioned the...

Drambuie oranges

scottish celebrity chef nick nairn lists this as one of his all time favourite recipes. and he won't be alone in his enthusiasm for dishes served with drambuie

Cracker barrel chicken dumplings

this takes a long time, but it is worth the work. if you decide to use canned broth, cut the salt in the dumplings. (i'm guesstimating on the prep/cook time.)

Cilantro rice

this yummy rice is a great way to sneak some veggies into your loved ones who would otherwise pass on them. wonderful change from the usual red spanish rice usually served with tex mex or mexican foods....

Crushed gold

this is a cocktail with orange and vodka... well ingredians r same oreparation methods different, this gets the taste

Copycat john alden rollwich

if you've ever been to cape cod, you've almost certainly either seen or eaten at one of the many box lunch franchises in the area. this is my recreation of one of their famous "rollwiches", scaled down...

Coleslaw with peanuts

a daily news copycat version from a coleslaw sampled at wood ranch bbq & grill

Creole mustard

this is in response to a request from the boards. you could use this on your sandwiches or spread on chicken or roasted pork. any time you need some creole style mustard and don't have any on hand.


this is a copycat recipe my girlfriend and i made. it's originally from a restaurant here in new brunswick, called stuff yer face. it's basically potato chip nachos.

Homemade taco seasoning packet replacement

this mild taco seasoning replaces one of the store-bought packets. it is super-speedy to use with only four ingredients. no preservatives, no sugar, no msg, no fuss!

Copycat outback steakhouse chopped blue cheese salad

a compliation of several different recipes that i found - none were *quite* right. to save time and money, you can also sub in marzetti's blue cheese vinagarette - it is a pretty good dressing without...

Copycat sizzler rice

i concocted this recipe for my friend who loves the rice pilaf served as a side dish at sizzler steakhouses. you can tweak the seasonings to your preference and adjust the amounts of lemon juice & chicken...

Delicious vinaigrette

this recipe was was developed over many hundreds of trials and is delicious. perhaps the worst thing about this recipe is that the salt content is very high, but it is just too perfect to leave out.

Copycat ihop swedish pancakes

some of my best memories of my grandmother, were in the kitchen. one summer growing up i spent a week with my grandparents and she taught me quite a few recipes. we baked cookies, made candy, pickles and...

Cool whip

copycat recipe found on the net.

Cranberry almond raincoast crisps

i got this recipe from the blog they are a copy-cat of raincoast crisps, which i can no longer find in my town. since i prefer the...

D i y rice milk

make yer own rice milk! this is a homemade solution to rice dream and similar products. easy, nutritious and absolutely no preservatives or other "unknowns".

Dixie fry original recipe coating mix copycat

my reverse-engineered recipe for the classic 'dixie fry original recipe natural seasoned coating mix' yields 2 cups -- the equivalent of a 10 ounce, twin-pack box (although, i disagree about the "about...

Cracker barrel fried apples

i grew up eating fried apples and then as an adult i discovered cracker barrel and their fried apples. this recipe is from another site and is as close as i have seen to cracker barrel. the recipe says...

Cinnamon crispas

crunchy cinnamon-sugar snacks like my girls love to get at taco bell...yummy for snacks, dessert, slumber parties, football parties, or 'just cause.' great with mexican hot chocolate! :o)

A w chili dog copycat

i haven't had an a&w chili dog for years, but from what i can remember, this tastes just like it. this is listed as one serving, but the sauce makes enough for about 10 servings unless you use more on...

Copycat arctic orange shake

after seeing the recipe for the shamrock shake here i was reminded of another favorite of mine, the arctic orange shake. it has been even longer since i have seen these. :-( but i managed to dig this...

Drumstick torte

taste is like that of the ice cream drumstick but with out the ice cream. very rich. prep time is not freezing time so allow for that.

Chocolate lasagna

adapted from center cut cook

Better than del taco chicken soft tacos

this is very close facsimile to del tacos chicken soft taco. as good as their tacos are these have a lot more flavor. quick and simple to make.

Copycat costa vida ranch salad dressing

i'm mostly posting this here so i don't lose it again but this is really, really good dressing. i think there's a bunch of costa vida resturants out west but i went to the one in portland, me and am now...

Chocolate syrup for espresso beverages

make your own cafe mochas and mocha frappuccinos at home and stop spending so much money at those fancy coffee houses! :) this recipe has helped me save a lot of money and still enjoy what i love! this...

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