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Top recipes for "Lactose"

Dairy free potato leek soup

i love leeks, and leek soup, and wanted to introduce my significant other to the dish. but he is definitely a meat and potatoes sort of guy, so i compiled this version of the dish for him. remove the...

Easy chicken and rice

chicken thighs seared, then simmered with brown rice until tender and so flavorful. i threw this together one night and have been making it every since. the recipe will have less fat and fewer calories...

Corn dodger

johnnycake brought west. from the mississippi valley chapter of the united states regional cookbook, culinary arts institute of chicago, 1947. vegetarian if vegetable shortening is used.

Clear tomato soup

this recipe is so simple, but so yummy. it is very satisfying on a cold night, and comes in handy when you want to make something quick and flavorful. this is my own recipe which i developed because when...

Deliciously easy pork loin roast

this recipe is so simple but looks like you went through a lot of work! great for company. serve on a platter surrounded with the roasted vegebables.

Crock pot lamb shanks

modified version of a recipe i found on the 'net that i thought turned out great. apart from a few small changes to seasoning the original recipe called for a cup of wine rather than beer, sometimes i...

Crockpot breakfast casserole paleo

adapted from

Carnivore chili

courtesy of the oregonian- we make two chilis at my house: one for the vegetarians and one for the meatetarians. omnivores can just mix. this is also good with the addition of some veggies, such as zucchini...

Cranberry fruit jam

this doesn't use pectin. the recipe comes from ball canning products, and assumes you know and follow safe canning procedures.

Date nut zucchini spice bread

this is a delightful, moist, and flavourful treat. it doesn't feel or taste oily like most zucchini bread recipes. i created this recipe to use up those giant zucchinis. it is easily doubled and freezes...

Dairy free asian inspired coleslaw

this is a fresh, crisp coleslaw that my sis and me came up with one night to go with our dinner. its referencing some asian flavours and we think its really yummy. i hope youll enjoy it, too!

Double peanut butter swirled brownies

these brownies are the perfect marriage of chewy, chocolaty, fudgy brownie and smooth swirls of peanut butter. they are also milk-free for those with allergies. have a tall glass of ice-cold milk/silk...

Cowgirl stew

this gluten free, dairy free, vinegar free recipe is one of my favorite to fix for any company and to have around during the work week. it has great, easy to find and healthy ingredients. made in the...

Beef chop suey

easy to make, and also very adaptable. chop suey is the classic chinese-american dish. this one's mainly a vegetable dish with beef added for extra flavor.

Delicious dairy free sugar cookies

i found this recipe on the crisco website and was happy to have found a recipe that doesn't use butter or margarine as my son is allergic to all milk products. this is a delicious cookie and perhaps even...

Coconut flour banana bread gaps

yummy and easy, gaps and paleo friendly. you can skip the honey if you bananas are sweet enough or add more to taste sub walnuts for pecans or add dark chocolate chips

Dry onion soup mix replacer

many recipes call for a 40 gram (1.4oz) packet of french onion soup mix or dry onion soup mix. this makes a great replacement. can be made gluten-free with the addition of gluten-free stock powder or...

Curried cauliflower and potatoes

this is a simple vegetarian curry dish that you can make as spicy or as mild as you like. please feel free to experiment with the spices, or try different types curry powders to suit your taste.

Crunchy chocolate cookies

here is a recipe that i took in a french book for healthy recipes. this one is made with cocoa, so less calories. only 56 calories per cookie (that's what is written in the book)

Crockpot honey apple pork loin

paleo inspired recipe. serve it up with steamed carrots and sauteed zucchini! for more flavor, you may poke holes in the pork. then place the pork loin in a bag with honey and cinnamon and marinate it...

Dairy free cream of chicken

dairy free alternative to cream of chicken soup

Dairy free vegan cranberry muffins

these are wonderfully moist, healthy muffins perfect for vegans, or for those who, like me, are carnivores who are allergic to milk protein. it is 100% non-dairy, and low in fat.

Coleslaw with peanuts

a daily news copycat version from a coleslaw sampled at wood ranch bbq & grill

Coconut curried butternut squash soup

© 2014 turner broadcasting system, inc. all rights reserved. most restaurants prepare this perennial favorite with butter, plenty of oil and sometimes even heavy cream. use coconut milk for a dairy-free,...

Cuban pork and sweet potato stew

lean pork, fresh sweet potatoes, canned black beans and traditional cuban flavors blend beautifully in your slow cooker to provide you with a healthy, easy weeknight meal that's special enough for company....

Easy asian style low fat microwave steamed fish

dead easy fish, always tasty and good! the flavours are vietnamese/thai/balinese. you can add any other favourite asian flavours to the marinade, get creative! australian measurements used (1 t = 20mls)you...

Coconut milk

why buy coconut milk when it's easy to make your own? i found this recipe in a book about gluten intolerance. it's great for the lactose intolerant!

Coconut chai

i love a good chai, but had yet to run across anything like this version which looked too good not to share. adapted from kimmie at

Easy crunchy chicken

i invented this recipe based on whatever i had in my cupboard, and when i cut into it to test the chicken for doneness...i heard a loud "crunch". this is really great, tasty and really crunchy. and healthy...

Dairy free sugar free chocolate mousse

adapted from

Crabmeat sauce

this sauce goes perfectly with a sea scallop ravioli recipe i have posted. it is also great with bow tie or penne pasta. stacey

Curry chicken pasta salad

another great recipe from penzey's spices. prep time includes refrigeration time.

Citrus dream smoothie

i haven't tried this yet, but some things you can just tell will be yummy! this recipie doesn't call for milk and can be made with orange sorbet to make this a lactose free beverage. i found this recipe...

Easiest smoothie

my kids adore this. (who am i kidding? i love it just as much.) i only specified measurements because i could not submit the recipe otherwise. we always just eyeball it. blueberries are our favorite.

Dairy free berry trifle

its always an issue when we entertain to make sure that the dessert meets the needs of the guests and that my dairy allergic child does not feel he is missing out. this recipe meets all needs. delicious...

Dairy free eggnog

this is a traditional eggnog with substitutes for the milk and cream. it's still rich, because it contains eggs and coconut milk. use pasteurized eggs, if you can find them.

Copycat john alden rollwich

if you've ever been to cape cod, you've almost certainly either seen or eaten at one of the many box lunch franchises in the area. this is my recreation of one of their famous "rollwiches", scaled down...

Chocolate raspberry mocha layer cake

a good go to chocolate cake. i've changed this basic recipe to accomodate many different flavours over the years but my favourite is the raspberry. has been enjoyed by many non-vegans who didn't even...

Homemade bread

a recipe i have made since i was three with my mom and brother. great for kids, because they will like to punch down the dough and can even shape it into teddy bears, like we did!

Dairy free cheesecake

a great cheesecake - without the dairy. heaven for the lactose intolerant.

Easy avocado salad

incredibly basic, yummy avocado-based salad; it's one of my new favorite dishes now that i'm on a restricted diet. dairy-free, yeast-free, wheat-free, and low carb. i like this recipe because the avocado...

Cranberry walnut banana bread

a very simple vegan variation on traditional banana bread. great for breakfast with a cup of coffee or as an afternoon snack!

Dole tropicasian salad

from dole... posted for safekeeping so i can throw the box away! looks good, i just don't usually have bean sprouts on hand.

Confetti rolls

colorful veggies, ramen noodles & shredded chicken will delight young & old when neatly packed into crispy egg roll wrappers. served with an easy homemade sweet & sour sauce, they make an impresssive...

Meatballs marinara

america's test kitchen recipe

Crock pot russian cabbage soup

my own rendition of the hearty sweet and sour soup that reflects my russian-jewish heritage. measurements are approximate and should be adjusted according to taste.

Pasta fagioli soup in a crock pot

we like to eat at olive garden because of their lunch menu of soup, salad, bread sticks. i found a recipe on internet for olive garden e. fagioli soup in a crock pot. it was delicious tonight.

Chocolate mousse pie can be made non dairy

i get rave reviews and many requests for this recipe when i serve this. it's delicious and creamy! since i made up the recipe, you might have a little chocolate mousse mixture left over - enough for two...

Coconut sauce cambodian for zwt 9

found at a cooking-by-country website, this recipe was entered to accompany another cambodian recipe i entered titled "khmer sweet corn pudding", but i foresee its uses being expanded to include more typical...

Non dairy pareve cheesecake

this is so good... the fact that it contains no dairy will just be your little secret.

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