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Coriander chicken couscous for tunisia for zwt9

Butter bean hummus

like zaar needs another hummus recipe.......but-this is different cause it's made from butterbeans (lima beans) instead of the usual chickpeas. found the recipe on the net a while back and have made it...

Cinnamon saffron coffee

this is my current favorite coffee. i created it for my taste inspired by the amazing spices and flavors of north africa and the middle east. it's a bit indulgent and something that you can very easily...

Djemma el fna harira soup

i just came back from marrakesh and had to recreate the harira i had in the djemma el fna market. i read about 20 recipes and used what i thought was the best of all of them, then used my tastebud memories...

Coriander rice

an excellent side dish for a persian meal.

Couscous with fresh cilantro and lemon juice

this easy and simple couscous is a perfect side for a tagine. if you don't like the flavor of cilantro, try using fresh mint or parsley. for added flavor use broth for the water.

Grilled chicken moroccan style

from bon appetit. sounds good for summer! marinating time 6 hours

Dajaj muhammara

moroccan roast chicken. as found in my copy of 'the arabian delights' cookbook with one or two minor changes. chicken (parts) can be broiled, baked, grilled or roasted (on a spit/rotisserie).

Crock pot moroccan cornish game hens

this is a delicious way to serve something a little exotic without slaving over a hot stove with complex recipes. serve this with your favorite hummous and pita bread along side a spinach salad.

Moroccan style pasta salad

recipe i found on moroccan food on it states that you can add a variety of vegetables (your choice), so would i add carrots, celery along with the suggested bell pepper as my choices. here...

Couscous with spiced chickpeas and figs

a nice vegetarian dish with exotic spices.

Roasted pomegranate chicken

this is a favorite rosh hashanah dish for moroccan jews. it is completely kosher.

Moroccan vegetables

from wine bar food

Easy chicken tagine tajine with olives and lemon

from cooking light magazine, an easy way to prepare a dish like the traditional moroccan stew. this is great served with couscous.

Couscous date cake

a recipe from ricardo & friends.


middle eastern lemonade is something i've often drunk - and loved - in middle eastern restaurants, but this is the first recipe for it i've come across. the lemonade i've been served in middle eastern...

Moroccan rib roast or leg of lamb

we have cooked both types of roast, both on the bbq grill and in the oven, either way they are delicious, lots of taste, if you prefer rare, remove earlier. the veggies are wonderful and it is great to...

Deviled eggs moroccan style

recipe discovered on i fiddled with a few of the ingredients and the recipe was reduced by more than half.


moroccan preserved butter. smen (semneh, beurre ranci) is a moroccan preserved butter, often made from sheep and goat milk. it has a deep, pungent aroma and distinctive flavor that enhances many of morocco's...

Spiced vegetable phyllo parcels

this is a wonderful vegetarian appetizer from moroccan spice blend recipes can be found on recipezaar if you can't find it in your grocery. sobey's in canada sells it.

Hummus with chipotles a hint of orange

i kicked up my recipe #51535 rich, smooth, & healthy hummus by adding chipotle in adobo sauce and refreshing orange juice and zest! serve with toasted pitas. use as a spread in wraps. spread on toasted...

Moroccan spiced pastitsio with lamb and feta

dh and i enjoyed this nice twist on pastitsio last night for dinner. it gave me a good excuse to use up some of my ras-el-hanout spice that i have in abundance. i liked that there was very little prep...

Moroccan kefta kebabs

grilled with a nice charred flavor and exotic spice, these go great with a salad and a side of couscous. you can also cook these under the broiler as well as the grill.

My rough khoubz moroccan flat bread

this is a flat bread that we use for meals, sandwiches and breakfast. it is our daily bread here in morocco and is rarely made at home unless rurally as it is so inexpensive and available on every street...

Moroccan style spicy pickled vegetables

i love crunchy veggies & low cal options are always a plus. this recipe from chefbarrae caught my eye as a must try. i liked that it is diabetic friendly and think it would be picnic friendly. this...

Moroccan spiced lamb burgers with beet salsa

we love lamb and the flavors are so wonderful. i have made this for company and even my 3 yr old likes them. i subscribe to bon appetite magazine and got the recipe from there.

Cinnamon oranges

this is a very simple dessert that we discovered in morocco. it was served in many restaurants for a light end to all kinds of meals and the combination of cinnamon and fruit is wonderful. the most important...

Dessert charosets

a modernised traditional moroccan recipe -from australian womens weekly moroccan cookbook. i thought these looked interesting and easily made gluten-free by ensuring gluten-free chocolate is used. you...

Fez carrots

carrots rich and sweet, a moroccan side dish that goes well with middle eastern-style dishes. very quick to make. if you don't like the idea of combining raisins with carrots, leave them out--it will still...

Orange yogurt smoothie moroccan

found this recipe on, under the moroccan food section, and i am posting for zwt. here is what is stated about the drink: "this drink is best well-chilled, so blend with a generous handful of...

Carrot soup moroccan style


Moroccan spiced olives

an easy marinade of garlic, lemon, thyme, and a dollop of the north african hot sauce harissa make these green olives memorable. if you can, prepare the olives ahead—they improve with age. from epicurious....

Harissa oil

i am a spice wimp but my husband loves hot and spicy food. so, i am proving my love for him and putting this recipe in my collection to make for

Morrocan potato cakes maakouda batata

this recipe comes from

Couscous salad with broccoli and raisins

from body and soul magazine sep 2008 this is for 1 serving but you can easily multiple the recipe :)

Crock pot moroccan lamb chops and prunes

this is from lou seibert pappas' cookbook, extra-special crockery pot recipes, "time saving meals for the gourmet appetite", i have to add that tagline since this recipe fits and does not disappoint! this...

Moroccan roast chicken with saffron hazelnuts and honey

this dish is inspired by a recipe from claudia roden's classic book, tamarind and saffron (viking, 1999). it's a favorite: it is easy to make, yet looks stunning, and has the most delicate and exotic combination...

North african orange salad

lovely fruit and nut salad.

Moroccan lentil stew with raisins

from vegetarian times. this exotically flavored stew can be stretched to feed a crowd when ladled over rice or potatoes. per 1-cup serving: 263 cal; 11g prot; 4g fat; 49g carbs; 0mg chol; 642mg sof; 13g...

Sharbat orange ice

a wonderfully refreshing drink popular throughout the middle east. this particular version of it is from iran, and is from the bay books' publication: 'the best of lebanese and middle eastern cooking'....

My lubia chala with kefta

this is classic moroccan home fare! it is a mix of fresh green beans with tomatoes, seasonings and kefta (ground meat), beef in this case. you can also omit the beef for a wonderful vegetable dish as we...

Moroccan chicken and date tagine

a taste of african cuisine...

Cumin spiced burgers with harissa mayo

harissa is a north african (tunisia) condiment and it is hot! therefore, use it slowly - so that you won't make it too spicy! the moroccan flavors in these burgers -- shaped into ovals instead of the usual...

My take carrot zrodia slata

this is a wonderful moroccan salad for summer and especially in winter when you crave that salad crunch and the salad vegetables are all puny and pale! keeps well and is also great for picnics. we prefer...

Sweet potato soup with harissa spinach

a rich, smooth, spicy soup. great winter warm-up. harissa is a moroccan chili paste

Moroccan fried eggs with cumin and salt

you'll be surprised by the delicious pairing of cumin with eggs. of course, you have to like cumin!. try an egg and cream cheese sandwich. spread some bread with cream cheese, add the prepared eggs, and...

Moroccan soup to fill the tummy

it's incredible hard for me to get lamb here so i made this soup using chicken and was very pleased with it. it's quite hearty and aside from being delicious it will keep you going for a long time.

Couscous stuffed bell peppers for the barbecue vegetarian

i made these to take to a barbecue last week, to satisfy the herbivores among us. they turned out really well - enjoy!

Chicken tajine with olives and preserved lemons

moroccan cuisine is superb. this is a wonderful dish that is sure to convert you if you've never tried it.

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