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Top recipes for "Pies-and-tarts"

Dream pie

this is from a very old cookbook put out by the wives of some dental students at the medical university of sc in the early 70's.

Chocolate splodge

a favourite school dessert from the 70's and still popular in some school's today, it will bring back lots of memories for some ...

Chokecherry pie

from the colorado state forestry service. chilling time not included in preparation time.

Double delight banana cream pie

when i got tired of the traditional banana pudding, this is what i came up with. i hope you enjoy it. cook time is chill time. it's better if you can make it a day ahead of time.


i cant pronounce it right but it sure is delicious! these were the words from the original chef. i have just adopted this recipe (3rd august 2005) and have endeavoured to adjust the steps of making...

Cranberry meringue pie eating well magazine

if you’re a fan of lemon meringue pie, you’ll love this festive cranberry meringue pie recipe. for the fluffiest meringue, set your eggs out at room temperature for about 15 minutes or submerge (in...

Vermont maple pumpkin pie

a twist on the traditional

Easter egg hunt pie

a simple and quick dessert for easter or any time (you can change the candies to fit any holiday). i don't remember where i got this recipe, but it is so simple to make. the kids really love this one.

Cranberry pecan butter tarts

i make these every year for christmas...the cranberries give them a festive look. excellent flavor! these tarts freeze well too!

Double blueberry cookie pie

this blueberry pie uses prepared sugar cookie dough for its crust and decorative stars topping. it's perfect for a fourth of july gathering. feel free to use whatever shape you want for the cookie cutouts...

Easy chocolate pie

easy and yummy chocolate pie, i used to make it in college and everyone loved it--my roommate gave me the recipe and i have kept it since. it kind of tastes like french silk pie, but not as rich.

Cranberry pie

most cranberry pie recipes mix cranberries and some other fruit, since cranberries are so tart. this recipe uses all cranberries, mixed with a small amount of sugar and topped with a butter-sugar-oat...

Peppermint pie

this is a family favorite - even the skeptics are won over. it's easy to make, festive and yummy!

Chocolate strawberry slab pie

this sexy slab pie is packed with chocolates and strawberries.

Depression lemon pie

my granmother made this. it melts in your mouth .

Easiest lemon pie

this is so very easy to make, and you can substitute other types of fruit for the lemonade concentrate, such as frozen strawberries in syrup. just be sure to drain the strawberries well if you substitute...

Christmas morning breakfast tarts

unwrap this savory breakfast treat before opening all the presents under the tree.

Danish pastry

my mother-in-law gave me this recipe after we were first married. it is so easy and tastes so wonderful. it's well loved by many. i can't say for sure if it's authentically danish, but we served it at...

Chocolate mudslide pie

this is a chocolate lover's dream pie! hope you enjoy...i know we do! (chill time not included in prep time)

Chocolate dream pie

any chocolate lovers dream!!

Chocolate peanut butter bacon pie

francine robert bryson's recipe with corrections.

Frozen raspberry dessert

i got this recipe from my mil. it is a nice dessert for a bridal or baby shower. freezing times vary, so plan ahead of time.

Easy crepes

quite an easy and fast recipe to make. kids can help, i tried it with my nephew, he was happy helping and eating.

Chocolate crispy pie

this is a combination of two recipes. the chocolate filling is my son's favorite and i love the crispy crust.

Cranberry nut pie

this pie has become a holiday tradition for us. it has a nice tangy/sweet taste, and it is great with whipped cream. it's also pretty easy as pies go.

Creamsicle pie

recipe given to me by a co-worker. makes 2 pies.

Chocolate tart

i got the recipe for this chocolate tart from the show "the naked chef" by jamie oliver. i haven't tried it yet but it seems like a great easy to make dessert. see how you go with it. good luck!

Creamy blueberry pie

this was a favorite growing is quick,easy and kids love it and i often serve it when we have dinner guests

Chocolate pumpkin chiffon pie

if you like pumpkin pie, you will love this light and fluffy pie. this pie combines two favorites - pumpkin and chocolate. how can you go wrong! to save a little time, you can use a ready made chocolate...

Creamy mincemeat pie

delicious and rich, this pie is a wonderful additon for any holiday feast.

Christmas mincemeat and oat squares slices

a great and easy alternative to mince pies and these are healthy too! i always make a batch or 2 or 3 or 4 of traditional mince pies (!!) at christmas time, but these are always requested by my family...

Custard tarts

these are commonly found in chinese bakeries

Dream whip pie

i forgot how quick and easy and inexpensive this pie was! my sister made this a while back, and i'm so glad she did! this is such a great summer pie...light and fluffy and can be made with any flavor pudding...

Danish aebleskiver

found on the net in response to a request. this information came with the recipe: "aebleskiver - a danish dessert, like doughnut holes, but sweeter & much better traditionally served with glogg during...

Lobster tails

adopted from the recipezaar account. i haven't made these yet. a italian flacky pastry that resembles a lobsters tail.

Cinnamon blueberry crumble

serve a cinnamon blueberry crumble so scrumptious not a crumb will be left over! video instructions:

Cookie tarts

this is a recipe taken from my holiday dainty list. these are so soft, taste like a cookie, but made up as a tart with pie filling inside. use whatever filling you desire. our favorite is raspberry pie...

Creamy lemonade pie

summer is almost here and i love lemonade when it is hot! this will be good to eat!

Diabetic apple pie

i have not made this diabetic apple pie that was originally printed in the international menu diabetic cookbook entitled iablochnyi pirog as a russian apple pie. food exchanges are: 1/2 bread and 1 1/2...

Toffee apple tart rustica

this recipe was given to me by a friend in dallas, tx. it is delicious and makes a most impressive presentation.

Easy caramel pie

this recipe uses three simple ingredients,. it is perfect for entertaining, because it cooks on the back of the stove while everything else is being prepared for dinner. it can be made the day before....

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Easy cherry or blueberry cream pie no bake

you can really use any flavor of pie filling you desire to top this pie, it takes minutes to put together and it's delicious --- plan ahead this needs to chill for a couple of hours before serving.

Deep dish apple pie really deep

at the request of a fellow zaarian, here is the recipe for our 2005 thanksgiving apple pie - weighing in at 5.85 pounds! we all tend to like our pie on the tart side instead of sweet so i have already...

Coconut pie

recipe source: bon appetit (november 1992)

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