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Top recipes for "Savory-pies"

Crustless salmon quiche

this recipe is likely from a magazine ad as it contains a bicks product. it has been copied in my book for a few years. it is a nice meatless meal.i serve with a colourful garden salad.

Cornish pasties

we could buy these at a local bakery where i was growing up. i loved them and would often detour by the bakery after school to get one.

The classic steak and kidney pie

this is gary rhodes recipe for a great steak and kidney pie, which also allows you the bonus of making the filling the day before you need it. cover it and bake the following day for 45 minutes to 1 hour...

Artichoke and broccoli frittata crustless quiche

a frittata (also known as crustless quiche) is a perfect palette for colorful vegetables and strongly flavored cheeses. what i love about frittatas is that they are one of the few egg dishes that are delicious...

Colorado pie

this is my adopted recipe and i haven't made it yet. this main dish pie is a family favourite from the more-with-less cookbook. make 2 pies and freeze one for a busy weeknight.

Easy chicken pot pie pies

comfort food all the way and a pleasant surprise for the family to boot. these pot pies will satisfy a "man-sized" appetite. i was astounded as to how nice they turn out!

Hurry up chicken pot pie paula deen

this is a quick chicken pot pie recipe from paula deen. it is so easy to make, and you could modify this recipe in so many ways.

Crustless crab quiche

i just threw this together and it was delicious! i made it in a muffin tray for individual servings. i am sure it would be just great in a pie dish also.

Clam chowder pie

i got this recipe from a bh&g casseroles cookbook. it is so yummy.

Easy chicken or turkey pot pie

for those who do not want to bother making a cream sauce from scratch then this is for you and it's pretty darn good too, fresh mushrooms may be used in place of canned, although the golden mushroom soup...

Creamy turkey pot pie

a quick and easy recipe that helps use up that leftover turkey (or chicken) from the holidays. this tasty dish is from the campbell's soup website and is made with puff pastry shells.

Cottage pie oamc

another recipe from "don't panic- dinner's in the freezer"- with some alterations. the original recipe calls for cheese sprinkled on top and canned veggies. i have always made it without cheese and never...

Country beef pot pie

i just got this in my email from pillsbury and it sounds so yummy. personally, i don't like corn in pot pies, so i'm thinking peas and carrots instead of mixed veggies.

Easiest chicken pot pie

great on a cold night when you want comfort food!

Classic deep dish chicken pot pie

forget mini pie pans and individual crusts. getting all the flavor and warmth of classic chicken pot pie is even simpler in an all-in-one casserole.

Classic pot pie

a good, old-fashioned comfort meal! i believe this recipe came from the pillsbury refrigerated pie crust package, but don't let that fool you. it's the best pot pie i have ever tasted and a great way to...


my friend rachel was visiting from israel last week and made a delicious pashtida for us. unfortunately, she left before i could get her recipe, though i will try to track it down. while looking for...

Deep dish pizza quiche

this is another low carb winner! this is perfect to serve any time of day, even breakfast. pile on your favorite pizza toppings, such as onions, peppers, mushrooms, even pepperoni or sausage.

Canadian pork pie

this was given to me by my canadian friend and she says it's traditional french canadian food. you can top individual servings with ketchup or mustard if you like. you can also add chopped onion to the...

Curried quiche

this is a very tasty quiche that i put together for a tea-time spread. we had samosas, indian sweets, and this- it was a huge hit- and very simple. a great last minute addition to any menu.

Cranberry sausage quiche

i'm going through recipes i've collected over the years and posting ones that sound interesting here, so i'll be able to find them later! i don't even remember where this one came from. i've never made...

Creamy chicken and garlic picnic pasties parcels with boursin

delectable litle pasties or pastry parcels filled with tender chunks of chicken breast and french boursin cream cheese, delicious! these are so easy to make, as they use cooked chicken breast, making them...

Perfect dosa

when i was 16 years old, i moved in with a indian guy ...he taught me to make these dosa's.i found them be real simple, compared to the long process of making it traditionally.i hope you enjoy this


this is southern france's answer to the pizza. delicious!

Easy cheddar spinach and mushroom pie with puff pastry crust

this is a perfect luncheon dish! you will need a 9-inch deep-dish pie plate, i used fresh sliced mushrooms in place of canned that i sauteed firstly when i made this, and i also added in a small chopped...

Lentil tomato pie

a deliciously filling pie loved by vegetarians and meat-eaters alike. perfect for taking to picnics and potlucks or served with soup on a winters day. a pre baked bought pie crust can also be used. the...

Alsatian quiche

who eats quiche? make one and watch it disappear. makes a great brunch item.

Light and fluffy spinach quiche

i found this recipe online a while ago and have made it many times. it is delicious! it is very easy to make and reheats quite well. my girlfriend is on weight watchers and has asked me to make this...

Easy yet awesome chicken empanadas

i came up with this recipe by mixing a few different ones that i have used. i think it's awesome and has great flavor. i like to put cholula hot sauce on mine and dip in sour cream. hope you like it!

Easy bisquick chicken pot pie

this is so good and easy to make. the recipe came from the back of the bisquick mix package.

Scallop pie

this recipe was demonstrated by a fellow classmate at an evening course on fish cookery that i took over 30 years ago. it sounded odd - who puts cheddar cheese with scallops!? but tasted delicious. only...

Crunchy nut pie pastry

savory and crunchy and super nutritious, this crust is a great base for russian carrot tart, spinach quiche, butternut squash and leek tart, and other vegetable or cheese tarts. the recipe is from the...

Vietnamese crustless quiche steamed

we've been eating this way in my house for who knows how long. it's definitely a lot lighter than the traditional quiche, and faster as well. you can add basically anything to the mix. my parents call...

Crustless broccoli and cheese quiche

weight watchers: 1 point per serving

Crustless chicken pot pie

soooooo easy...soooooo tasty and even more heart healthy than the original version...a reminder: dont forget to cover tightly with foil b4 baking or the stuffing could dry out! meal tip: add a tossed salad...

Cod pot pie pies with dill biscuit crusts

gourmet magazine showcased this recipe years ago and i've always loved making it for both family and friends. it's so easy, but really delicious.

Little crawfish pies

this recipe is basically by emeril lagasse. i like it because i can fix it in the oven although he deep fried them. but he gave instructions for oven. also, there is a recipe for preparing the pastry from...

Christmas quiche

a delicious breakfast casserole that is our family's traditional breakfast meal every christmas. can top with sausage, bacon, or ham. we always use ham.

Flavorful and comforting chicken pot pie

not just your average pot pie, this dish is full of flavor and so wonderfully comforting on a cold winter night! add whatever vegetables you have on hand, almost any will do. i served this with a simple...

Spoon bread chili pie

this recipe tops a basic chili with a corn meal cheese biscuit.

Colombian tamales

this is one of my husband's favorite "comfort foods" (he's colombian). he even said i made it right the first time i tried! the process is relatively involved - overnight marinating is recommended and...

Classic cottage pie

a glorious cottage pie full of hearty flavor. same as shepherd's pie but beef instead of lamb makes it a cottage pie. classic comfort food, nothing hits the spot like this one when you need a soothing...

Cheese and onion pie

cheese and onion are old friends and were made to go together. this delicious savory pie is super easy to prepare with store-bought sheets of puff pastry, and is great for brunch, or for dinner with a...

Burrito pie

this is a lot like a lasagna but tex-mex style. it can be make with low fat ingredients and it's very versatile. quick and easy to fix. i love it. i got the recipe off of all recipes.

Beef red wine pies

individual pies with a slice of onion pressed into the pastry. very elegant for a dinner party and they could be fully assembled beforehand and just placed in the oven to cook when you are ready. this...

Torta pascualina argentine spinach pie

this is a really interesting sounding recipe from doris janzen longacre's


a beef filled pastry.

Spicy empanadas

i threw all these ingredients together when i was bored one day and man, do they really kick! tone 'em down with less peppers if you can't stand the heat. they can be made ahead of time and frozen, and...

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