Custard tarts

these are commonly found in chinese bakeries

Toffee apple tart rustica

this recipe was given to me by a friend in dallas, tx. it is delicious and makes a most impressive presentation.

Christmas morning breakfast tarts

unwrap this savory breakfast treat before opening all the presents under the tree.

Chocolate tart

i got the recipe for this chocolate tart from the show "the naked chef" by jamie oliver. i haven't tried it yet but it seems like a great easy to make dessert. see how you go with it. good luck!

Coconut chocolate tarts

cute little individual tarts that are decadent tasting. from donna hay's food fast cookbook

Currant tarts

a holiday treat! everyone who has ever tried these luscious currant and butter tarts asks for the recipe. my grandmother made dozens of them every christmas. she called them "english butter tarts"....

Danish apple cake

this is the recipe for my mum's apple cake, the best apple cake and maybe the best cake i've ever eaten. it's great to eat as a dessert with vanilla ice cream or whipped cream with chopped hazelnuts,...

Linzer torte

this is based on a jacques pepin recipe of the same name. it's an elegant and scrumptious dessert that's simpler to make than it looks.

Cookie tarts

this is a recipe taken from my holiday dainty list. these are so soft, taste like a cookie, but made up as a tart with pie filling inside. use whatever filling you desire. our favorite is raspberry pie...

Caramel apple tart

this recipe is from bon appetit magazine. my husband loves apple pie, but i wanted to try something different. i made this and had one piece. my good friend had one piece. the next morning, it was completely...

Easy apple tart

my husband was going to be an hour late for dinner and i had everything all set to serve. i decided to make a tart while waiting for him to get home. this is what i ended up with.

Delicious lemon tart

i found this recipe in the frugal gourmet celebrates christmas. he calls it "nellie's lemon tart" and credits a friend of his from toulouse, france for gifting him this recipe as his favorite. it sounds...

Crustless milk tart

this is a firm family favourite. my mother use to make this with surplus milk (even if the milk was a little sour). it gets more firm the cooler it gets - so give it a chance to set once cooked. i don't...

Easy caramel apple tart

this is a recipe i found on pillsbury's web site which is easy enough for a weeknight dessert, especially if you premake the crust. you could probably substitue fresh apples for the canned and acheive...

Deluxe butter tarts

very good tart. i suggest "plumping" the raisins in some boiling water for a few minutes before adding them to the syrup mixture. another interesting thought, is to "toast" the walnuts, before using.(not...

Sour cherry frangipane tart

i found this recipe on a wonderful blog, the creator credits dorie greenspan for the crust and martha stewart for inspiring the filling.

Spiced autumn walnut and golden syrup tart pie

this sticky and lightly spiced walnut tart is absolutely perfect for any autumn gathering, especially thanksgiving, halloween or bonfire night. it combines walnuts together with warm spices and a hint...

Hong kong egg tarts

adapted from a recipe by wildcat at very common in dim sum restaurants as a dessert. original author's note: "very easy to make chinese style egg tart, you can put the leftovers in the...

Chocolate coconut tarts

to die for!! nice and quick for that morning tea with the girls!! * hint: use wet fingertips when pressing coconut mixture into patty pan. * shortcut: to make chocolate filling, place cream and chocolate...

Tarte tatin

traditional french apple upside down cake.yummy.

Lemon tassies

i love to have ready-made tassies in the freezer. if unexpected company drops by, these are great to have on hand. the recipe #59854 is excellent.

Two bite pumpkin pie

i found a similar recipe in a women's magazine but it called for 1 cup of pumpkin puree. i never know what i am supposed to do with the rest of the can! so i modified the recipe. they are cooking in...

Turtle tart

if you like chocolate and caramel, you will love this!

Mazarin tart

sweet and rich, this is a quintessential pastry of sweden. you can divide the pastry into 8 individual tarts using 1/2 cup size tart pans with removable bottoms.


simple delicious triangular filled flaky pastry tradition for the jewish holiday of purim. always delicious regardless of the time of year! the pastry from this recipe also works well in pies--modify sugar...

Blueberry cream cheese tarts

i just watched paula make this on tv. they look delicious! i reduced the sugar from 1 cup (personal preference) you can use other flavored pie fillings in place of the blueberry or even fresh fruit.

Brandy tart

a little slice of heaven! this recipe comes from the january 2006 o magazine. serve this tart with warm brandy sauce and it's perfect for any holiday celebration.

Lemon tart with almond crust

"our state products an abundance of lemons, and everyone is always looking for new ways to use them. this beautiful tart is my delicious solution to the excess-lemon problem!" submitted to taste of home...

Custard tart

light yummy dessert. i usually use low fat milk. when using a preprepared shell, i find these to be rather sweet for my taste but makes for quick easy making. my personal preference is to make a half...

Chocolate pecan ice cream torte

this delectable dessert layers my favorite ice cream (chocolate) and my husband's favorite (butter pecan) on a shortbread crust, along with chocolate candy pieces, toasted pecans and caramel topping.

Chocolate custard tart

rich, easy, and yummy!

Easy fresh fruit tart

this is one of my most favorite desserts. any combination of berries will work. use smooth jelly. this is easy and beautiful! enjoy!

Cranberry coconut tarts

something special for cranberry lovers. either makes 1 dozen 3-inch tarts or 2 dozen 2-inch tarts, your choice.

Azumaya cherry tartlets

these little cherry tarts are made with wonton wrappers.

Apple crisp tarts

a wonderful not-too-sweet apple cinnamon tart with a deliciously crunchy crust. makes 12 tarts.

Maine venison mincemeat

venison mincemeat is an old maine tradition. the deer neck is normally used, but any scrap bones can provide the boiled meat. moose or beef also makes good mincemeat if venison is not available.

Strawberry kiwi tart tartlets

this is a really nice dessert that is easy to make. i have made it like a pie but my favorite wasy is to make it in tart shells so each person can have there own. i have made this for several parties...

Apple puff squares

a different way to serve apple pie. i saw iain hewitson do this on tv.

Corn flake tart

this is my mums favorite pudding from school. she was thrilled when we found it. it tastes great covered in cream! cooking time includes chilling and setting time.

Pear tortilla

fruity and sweet

Chocolate tart with coconut macaroon crust

this rich tart tastes like a almond joy candy bar. from cooking pleasures magazine. chill time 4 hours, standing time 30 minutes not included in prep time.

Cranberry pear tart

this uses dried cranberries and fresh pears to make a quick and easy tart. serve warm with ice cream

Free form harvest apple tart k

dough must chill for an hour before rolling out. this is like a large danish, great with a hot cup of cocoa.

Mountain dew apple cobbler

treva casteberry, wbir tv

Cinnamon apple tart

this is a quick and easy free-formed apple tart that uses refrigerated pie pastry. i got this from the taste of home magazine. i use granny smith apples for this.

Butter tart filling

a perfect buttery sweet filling makes these irresistable! passed down by my great aunt who was french canadian. she cooked with approximate measures, so these amounts may vary to taste.

Mini lemon meringue pies

these cute little pies look so impresssive and are perfect to wow guests at a dinner party. the sweet lemon filling is what makes these bite sized delights disapper in seconds. but don't be put off be...

Clementine tarts

from canadian living, a traditional casablanca food. time does not include chill time.

Bavarian apple cheese cake tart

such a beautiful tart - just like from a european bakery, and delicious to boot! from worldwiderecipes i believe.