Curried cauliflower and chickpeas

this recipe was originally shown on a food 911 episode on food network. i have modified the recipe to use easy-to-find ingredients. this is even better the next day.

Curried garbanzo beans chickpeas

this is quick and easy because it uses canned garbanzos (chickpeas). serve with hot basmati rice and naan bread.

Deluxe three bean salad

i received a packet of dried beans from a friend, and decided to make a bean salad with them. this recipe is what evolved from my moment of creativity. i use a combination of chickpeas, cannelini and green...

E z chili

this is a very simple recipe that tastes like you spent all day on it.

Falafel from moosewood cookbook

an exotic vegetarian delicacy... it's so easy and so good! very flavorful and lots of spice. this only takes 5 minutes to put together and another few minutes of frying. put them in a pita with shredded...

Chickpea ratatouille

a simple, cheap and delicious recipe to suit anyone - i don't eat refined carbs so i serve it with a side of broccoli, but try serving it with cooked pasta or rice for a more filling meal.

Crispy cajun chickpea cakes vegan

i thought this recipe was not only easy to make, it was fantastic. i made it for my lunch today. it is from the while the chickpea cakes were good on their own, i thought they...

Djemma el fna harira soup

i just came back from marrakesh and had to recreate the harira i had in the djemma el fna market. i read about 20 recipes and used what i thought was the best of all of them, then used my tastebud memories...

Chole masala

its very tasty

Creamy chickpea curry

this dish goes together very quickly. you will have dinner on the table in less than 30 minutes. if you don't have cooked rice, start it before you make the curry and they should be finished at the same...

Easy bean soup

i made this on the stove top, but this is a delicious crock pot meal to have ready and waiting for you when you come home. recipe courtesy of maurine hutchings, boise idaho and the idaho press tribune....

Iraqi qeema stew of chickpeas and diced meat

qeema in the iraqi culinary lingo is a traditional stew of finely diced meat (and hence the name qeema, which, etymologically is an ancient akkadian word, which means 'chopped into small pieces) with split...

Cuban bean salad

cuban cuisine is a fusion of spanish, african and caribbean cuisines and closely resembles that of other caribbean nations such as puerto rico, dominican republic, and panama of central america. while...

Easy chickpea curry

this is a south-indian recipe. it goes great with plain white or brown rice.

Cilantro jalapeno hummus

a wonderful combination of flavors. this is always a huge hit at parties.

Cholay spiced chickpeas

indian recipe passed on by my favorite vegan, kittee from

Magical moroccan chicken and chickpeas

here's a way to transform a roasting chicken into an exotic feast. gild it with spices like ginger, parsley, turmeric and cinnamon and surround it with a redolent chicken-onion-raisin mixture. a one-dish...

Cilantro hummus with crispy garlic pita

a twist on plain hummus served with garlic pita.

Crock pot chulnt

i finally got a crock pot so i decided to try a recipe for chulnt. it's a hearty mix of beef, beans, and barley. great on a cold rainy night with fresh baked bread.

Cranberry walnut chickpea salad sandwich

delicious but with a sweet flair that you'll fall in love with! this will hit the spot and satisfy your craving for a chunky, sweet, peppery, crunchy style sandwich. full of texture and flavor, it's a...

Chocolate hummus

definitely serve for breakfast with toast to get your protein and fiber in! (a much healthier nutella). it’s more of a semi-sweet taste, probably because i used dark cocoa, but i’ll be experimenting...

Curried couscous with chickpeas

this makes a great lunch or snack and is low-fat. great for bringing to work or school and can be eaten hot or cold. i like it with braggs sprinkled on top (but i'm known to add braggs to any rice or couscous...

Coconut chickpea soup with tomato chunks and fried cumin

easy, yummy, warming, and simple.. with a hint of that something exotic...

Carol's hummous

a recipe i learned from two lebanese friends. this is my family's most requested dish at get-togethers.

Planet burgers

recreated from the good earth restaurant in cupertino, california by diana mcanulty's search for a veggie burger her kids would devour! adapted from vegetarian times magazine.


found this recipe on the net in response to a request. here's what the recipe said:

Classic hummus

i really don't care for the hummus on the market these days, so i make my own. the proper way to serve this to guests is to create a small well in the center and pour a little bit of extra virgin olive...


recipe by the honorable jane dee hull - governor of arizona

Okara hummus

since buying a soy toy soymilk maker about a year and a half ago, i have been an avid user of recipes that include okara, which is the by-product that is leftover from the soymilk making process. this...

Mini chickpea cakes

serve these with additional salad dressing for dipping if desired.

Happy humus

after years of perfecting this recipe, i think this one is a winner! it is always a great idea to whip up a batch at the beginning of the week to have on hand for sandwich spreads, or when you need a low-calorie...

Delicious hummus

this is so creamy and yummy! adapted from my cuisinart food processor book.

Falafel with tahini and cilantro sauces

this is a great vegetarian dish for lunch or dinner!! crisp on the outside, tender in the middle. add more pepper flakes to the cilantro sauce is you like more bite.

Moroccan vegetable and chickpea tagine

a north african meal with lots of flavour. don’t boil the tagine after adding the yoghurt or it may split. serve with couscous and a crisp salad.

Channa masala

this variation on the indian classic is cooked long and slow for maximum flavor development. adapted from a recipe by shiv at pithy and cleaver. (my slow cooker variation will take...

Yankee goulash ziti

sausage & pepperoni added in gives this pasta dish a scrumptious change of pace. fantastic for pot luck. throw some shredded mozzarella cheese in, give it a stir and viòla! (even better if you make it...

Easy breezy hummus

i made this hummus when i was on weight watchers. it's easy, inexpensive and delicious

Five bean salad

i am the third generation using this wonderful recipe. it is soooo simple and delicious. its not overly oily like most are. overnight chilling time not included in preparation time.

Easy crispy falafel

my favourite road side snack. it has a crispy exterior while the inside is soft and succulent.

Falafel waffles

falafel...made in a waffle iron! serve with tahini sauce or tzatziki sauce. or serve with your favorite sauce. from and veganmealplanning and kalyn's kitchen.

Almost hummus

not the way i've been taught to make it, but it's wonderfully flavorful. i use canned garbanzo beans, because it is much faster than using the dried ones, which must soak for a bit before cooking. if...

Falafel fried

you can serve falafel as a appetizer with tahinah for dipping or as a sandwich in pita bread with lettuce and tomatoes with tahinah and hot sauce

Fiery chickpea and yogurt salad

fiery chillies and cooling yogurt contrast beautifully with each other in this simple salad.

Eggplant hummus dip

this dish uses a combination of chickpeas and eggplant with garlic and warm spices. serve with flat bread or pita wedges.

Chana masala

indian chick pea masala. can be as fiery or mild as you want, tart with lemon or creamy with yogurt. i modified the original recipe by increasing the garam masala, ginger and garlic for my more adventuresome...

Chickpea broccoli casserole

from "vegan with a vengance". a basic casserole that can be modified with spices, vegan cheese, etc., to make it more flavorful...