funny name for a boiled pudding from the caribbean that is reminiscent of tamales dulces. posted for zwt, untried by me. adapted from "around the world in 450 recipes".

Coconut ice

every new zealand child learning their way around the kitchen makes this at one time or another. classic supersweet confectionery.

Coconut bars

i found this recipe on a can of a storebrand sweetened condensed milk.


------white chocolate, coconut milk and aromatic citrus and spice combine with coffee to create a drink that is warming, rich and decadent. in brief - a winner! an added plus - if you're lactose intolerant...

Coconut snow fudge

this is a wonderful fudge recipe!

Coconut tequila

yummy, even if you don't like coconut

Coconut waffles

recipe is from better homes and gardens.

Coconut pralines

i've been making this favourite square recipe for over 25 years.a brown sugar shortbread base with a mouth-watering, deliciously sweet coconut-pecan praline filling. these are always a hit!

Coconut logs

these are like a shortbread cookie.

Coconut custard squares

haven't tried this recipe yet.

Double dunk chocolate coconut cupcakes

moist cake is dunked in a syrupy frosting. then, it takes a roll through crisp, toasted coconut for a layer of crunch. from "retro desserts". prep times are guesstimates because i didn't time myself.

Nigerian coconut shrimp rice

don't have two coconuts? use a can of coconut milk with water to make 2-1/2 cups.

Delicious healthy truffles

these make a great snack or dessert. i keep them in a bowl in the fridge, covered, for about three days, and my family munches one or two when they want a bit of something instead of having a piece of...

Coconut curry chicken

this recipe from food & drink magazine isn't an authentic thai dish but its delicious! you can add diced potato, diced tomato or sliced green beans instead of or in addition to the red peppers. my hubby...

Costa rican delight

send yourself to the tropics when you sip this easy-to-make smoothie-style banana-rum drink.

Coconut kisses

melt in your mouth treats!! i use parchment paper sprayed with veggie spray (pam), have never had them stick or burn.

Coconut sugar syrup

i have seen alot of recipes on zaar using coconut syrup but the only recipes for the actual syrup are all milk based, this is a simple sugar one i came up with.

Coconut condensed milk cake

a very quick, easy and delicious cake to make that comes from a friend, mrs. betty mccall.

Coconut dream dessert

i love coconut. add cream cheese and nuts and who can go wrong? you can play around with this to suit your taste. i make mine with real whipped cream, and if you are in a hurry you can substitute the...

Coconut bites

our family lived in mexico in the early 60's. my brother remembers jicama bites and cucumber bites using the same seasonings as coconut bites. we use to buy these off the street vendors. i know the seasonings...

Coconut and corn griddle cakes

i found this little gem in a 1978 cookbook called

Coconut loaf

recipe came from a quick cooking magazine in 2002. i just got around to trying it today! i used it instead of the usual recipe for 'shortcakes' wow it was great with strawberries and cream! i think...

Coconut toast

so simple, but so good! my kids (18 and 12) loved it. should be on a hawaiian breafast buffet! served ours with some cheesy scrambled eggs and oj. from the collection.

Coconut candy

three ingredients are all you need to make this candy and have a bit of paradise.

Coconut bread guyana caribbean

this recipe comes from the internet website [note: on 29 june 2009 i edited the ingredients, changing the pounds & ounces of flour & sugar to cups.]

Coconut fudge filled cupcakes

anything with a fudgy filling is tops in my book, and these definately fit the bill!

Coconut prawns

from australian house and garden. a wine suggestion: a white wine with tropical fruit flavours eg a sauvignon blanc semillon. i've also posted the dipping sauces.prep and cooking times are guestimates...

Coconut cherry scones

i tried these after seeing the recipe on the back of a land o lakes low-fat half-n-half container and they are yummy.

Coconut basmati rice

this is from the

Coconut blondies

these are awesome. i can't wait to try the chocolate chip version. from "the all new good housekeeping cookbook"

Cake mix christmas cookies

this is quick and easy! chilling makes handling these easier. option for a lemon glazed cookie--all you have to do is in place of the water use the frozen lemon concentrate for a real tart cookie and/or...

Easy coconut drops

if you like coconut, you'll love these cookies! after making them the first time, they were established as a favorite. very easy to make, and even easier to eat. the recipe comes from nick malgieri's book...

Chicken satay goes to rio

this is my third attempt at a main dish recipe for rsc#9. my tasters gave the other two recipes four stars. this one got five. it has been inspired by recipes from brazil and malaysia. there are a lot...

Coconut chutney

this chutney is nice and spicey. it adds wonderful flavor to any indian meal. i like to couple cocunut chutney with a nice tamarind chutney.

Coconut syrup cake

my friend's greek neighbor gave this recipe to her. i tried this cake and had to ask her for the recipe, so here it is.

Coconut balls

easy to make, kids favorite treat after school.

Coconut custard

posted for the zwtii.

Coconut snowflake cookies

this is a wonderful no-bake cookie ball with a crispy peanut butter, rice krispies and nut center covered with coconut. maybe more a candy than a cookie. very tasty!

Coconut crisps

from the jr. league of portland maine's cookbook-rsvp.

Coconut sorbet

really easy -- almost idiot proof! i was always looking for a non-dairy recipe, but could never find one. i finally just came up with this on my own, and it tastes great!

Chocolate coconut peaks

a must every holiday (or any time in between). i think this came from a milnot can, but i am only guessing. i like them fine without the chocolate. time does not include set times.

Coconut pie

recipe source: bon appetit (november 1992)


recipe courtesy sandra lee i saw this on semi-homemade last night and thought i might try using up some of my coconut rum this way.

Coconut creamed corn

from eatingwell: july/august 2008. creamed corn goes tropical with coconut milk, cilantro and lime juice. we love this with the kick of crushed red pepper, but it's great without it if you don't enjoy...

Coconut oat bars

this is currently quite popular in my wee town and the recipe is being circulated. thought i'd share it here. one of the ladies brought it back from her vacation and now everyone seems to be making it....

Coconut bread

a bread recipe straight from haiti. prep time is an estimate as i haven't tried this recipe yet.

Coconut shrimp wontons

creamy coconut shrimp wrapped up in a wonton bundle and served with a sweet cocktail sauce.

Coconut cupcakes

the barefoot contessa cookbook.

Coconut stuffed rice dumplings

one of the many breakfast prepared in a south indian home. i am crazy about it--do try this!